2. TOR for PRO - Nepal Electricity Authority

Terms of Reference
Background of Project: Kabeli Corridor 132 kV Transmission Line Project is designed for
evacuation of Electric Power generated by the potential hydroelectric power plants to be constructed
by IPP'S in the Kabeli, Hewa and Mai river basins. The Project is funded by the World Bank/IDA.
In addition to power evacuation this transmission line will also improve reliability of power and
quality of supply in the eastern region of the country and provide ample transmission capacity for
future generation in the vicinity of the Kabeli HEP. The project also aims to construct of electricity
distribution facilities to electrify 2.5 km either side of the transmission line.
The proposed project is located in the Mechi zone in the Eastern Development Region of Nepal.
The proposed project will traverse four districts of Nepal namely Panchthar, Terhthum, Ilam and
Jhapa of Mechi zone. The proposed transmission line alignment passes through 25 Village
Development Committee (VDC). The Transmission Line is 90 km long and will be connected with
4 Substations.
Communications Objective: As the Kabeli Corridor Transmission Line Project enters the
construction phase, the NEA wishes to ensure that all stakeholders, especially local communities
likely to be impacted by the Project, are kept informed about the Project on an on-going basis
and that their concerns and inputs regarding the mitigation measures planned for any negative
impacts of the Project reach the Project authorities.
To this end, NEA wishes to hire a Public Relations Officer (PRO) who will have the
responsibility to of handling the day-to-day public communications and media handling needs
arising out of the Project. The PRO will need to devise and implement a Project Communications
Strategy that will ensure that effective two-way channels of communications are set up with the
primary stakeholder groups, especially the local communities.
Scope of Work:
The Public Relations Officer will be responsible for all public communications activities for the
Project, including but not limited to:
Devising and implementing, in consultation with the Project authorities, a
Communications Strategy for the Project
Acting as the Project’s interface with local communities and other stakeholder groups
Publicising and disseminating relevant initiatives of the Project through various
communication channels and media
Disseminating relevant impact management/mitigation plans among local communities
Handling day-to-day media and PR requirements
Operating the Project Information Center at the NEA Regional Office at Ilam
The PRO will have to coordinate and collaborate his/her activities with the Project authorities as
well as with the local Environment and Social Unit based in the field. The PRO will be based in
Ilam or any other location within the Project area. The assignment is for two years, with the
possibility of extension.
Qualifications Required:
The PRO is expected to be a graduate/post-graduate with professional qualifications in the area
of public relations/communications/journalism. He/she is expected to be able to show relevant
professional experience of at least three to five years and to have demonstrated verbal and
written fluency in Nepali and English. Working knowledge of local languages prevalent in the
Project area will be an added advantage, as will a familiarity with the socio-political dynamics of
the area.