Recommended Websites for Read Alouds

Recommended Websites for
Read Alouds
Don’t forget to participate in the
Governor’s Reading Challenge this summer!
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Summer Reading
Great Schools
Fordham Institute
Cheshire Public Schools Summer Reading
List for Students Entering First Grade
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Summer Reading Journal 2015
Did You Know…you can access Destiny
Quest and read e-books from your child’s
home school library? Simply go to:,
choose your child’s school, and then use
your student’s login (first initial last name,
cps… and the student’s number) when you
go to your school’s home page.
(Kdg. parents may fill out the journal with books read aloud
to the chlld AND books read by the child independently.)
Message to Parents and Students
Summer shouldn't mean taking a
break from learning, especially
reading. Studies show that most
students experience a loss of
reading skills over the summer
months, but children who continue
to read actually gain skills. Efforts
should be made during the
summer to help children sustain
reading skills, practice reading, and
read for enjoyment.
Parents should remember that
children need free time in the
summer to relax and enjoy the
pleasures of childhood. So,
summer reading should be fun.
Independent Reading
Important Practice Time
The Importance
of Reading Aloud
to Your Child
“The best predictor of reading achievement is
the amount of time children spend reading
books on their own.” —The National Reading
Panel (2000)
How You Can Support
Literacy at Home
Set a good example! Parents
must be willing to model behavior
for their children. Keep lots of
reading material around the
house. Turn off the TV and have
each person read his or her book,
including mom and dad.
Let kids choose what they want
to read. This is most successful
when students choose a text that
is also within their reading range.
The Cheshire Public Library has
partnered with CPS to provide leveled texts for your young readers.
Your kindergartener read independently each
day at school for between 10-15 minutes,
sometimes even longer! Kindergartners will
read several of their leveled books during this
The right time of day for reading varies for
each family. Find the time that works for you
and keep it consistent.
Parents do not need to TEACH their child to
read. If your child is reading a book at the
appropriate level, he should be able to read
and problem-solve on his own with only occasional help from you.
Buy or borrow books on tape.
Listen to them in the car, or turn
off the TV and have the family listen to them together.
Have a space at home where
your child can create, draw, and
write. Kids will choose to write if
they have a supply of cool pencils,
markers, a stapler! Think of it as
their home office.
Take your children to the library
regularly. Most libraries sponsor
summer reading clubs for schoolage children. Check the library
calendar for special summer reading activities and events.
It can be motivating to some children to set a
goal for number of
minutes read each
day and keep a chart
of their progress.
Be sure to take advantage of your
access to leveled readers via CPSsponsored e-books by Capstone. Consult your child’s
teacher for his/her recommended reading level range.
Download the Overdrive app
for online access to your public
library’s e-books.