Unit Websites Places to Visit Electricity and Magnetism

Places to Visit
Science Kids - Electricity
Fun facts, videos, games and
experiments! Learn about circuits,
lightning, batteries, conductors and all
kinds of interesting electricity topics.
Museum of Science and Industry
Visit Fremont Libaray andheck out
“Museum Adventure Pass” for free
general admission.
Electricity for Kids
Unique informational modules about
electricity ranging from Benjamin
Franklin to Frankenstein’s Lighting
laboratory (Includes safety tips.)
Illinois Railway Museum
Originally called the Illinois Electric
Railway Museum, the name was
changed to IRM in 1961 to reflect the
museum's expanding scope.
US Energy Website
Learn the history of energy how to
safe and use electricity. Includes fun
games and activities.
3/11/13 9:19 AM
Homep DuPage Children's Museum
Check out the “AWEsome Electricity”
exhibit. Also video online. .
College of Lake County
www.clcillinois.edu STEM (Gr. 3-5)
Click on Continuing Education/Noncredit Programs, Personal Enrichment,
XPLORE! Programs for Youth –
Example of class below:
Take on the role of an engineer and
put science, technology and math in to
action. This hands-on course will focus
on different topics each week
including electronic circuits, kinetic
and potential energy, simple machines
and buoyancy.
Living Things
Places to Visit
Animal Classifications
Morton Arboretum
Great website that has graphic explanations as Children can explore the 1,700
well as games.
acres and learn about both
plants and animals. Think
about having a birthday party
Biology4Kids.com: Plants
Chicago Botanical Gardens
Learn about plants and animals through videos This beautiful setting even
and other activities.
offers weekend family classes
as well as a “Winter Break
Camp” for kids.
John G Shedd Aquarium
Lake County Forest Preserve
If you can’t visit the Aquarium, or even if you A huge variety of activities,
have visited, this is a wonderful interactive both structured and
website with lots of fun activities.
unstructured, right in our own
Animal Activities
Volo Bog
This site includes animal crafts, coloring, A truly unique outdoor
worksheets and games for a whole bunch of adventure featuring a lake,
animals. There are crafts and coloring pages for plants and animals.
every age available
Brookfield Zoo
Also offers classes, year-round
camps and programs.
3/11/13 9:19 AM
Lincoln Park Zoo
Offers many exciting programs
including “Sleep Under the
Racine Zoological Gardens
A smaller zoo which offers a
wide variety of exhibits and
activities A
John G Shedd Aquarium
Located in Chicago, one of
the top aquariums in the US.
3/11/13 9:19 AM
The Scientific Method
Places to Visit
Scientific Method for Kids | Scientific Method
Steps Made Simple
A simple science for kids guide for applying the
scientific method steps. Real world science for
children made simple.
The Scientific Method for Kids - Rader's
The scientific method is the way scientists learn
and study the world around them.
3/11/13 9:19 AM
Water and Weather
Places to Visit
Kid Zone - Water Cycle
This site includes age appropriate
information, crafts, and coloring pages.
Local lakes, pools and streams.
NASA Website - Water Cycle
Through water and energy cycle research we
can improve hurricane prediction, quantify
tropical rainfall and eventually begin to
balance the water budget at global and
regional scales.
Lake County Forest Preserve
District website: www.lcfpd.com
A wide variety of activities and
opportunities as well as hands-on
programs and field trips.
Water Cycle Game
An on-line interactive game showing the
steps in the water cycle.
Water Cycle Interactive Demonstration
An on-line interactive depiction of the
water cycle
Web Weather for Kids: www.eo.ucar.edu
Learn what makes weather wet and wild and
do cool activities and become hot at
forcasting the weather.
The Water Cycle www.neoK12
pictures games and puzzles, including a
“Weather Cycle” Song
3/11/13 9:19 AM
Web Weather for Kids: www.eo.ucar.edu
Learn what makes weather wet and wild and
do cool activities and become hot at
forcasting the weather.
3/11/13 9:19 AM