Applying to the University of Illinois at Urbana

Applying to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:
What’s New in 2012?
 U of I (UI) is no longer using a transcript as part of the admission process.
 You (the student) will create a Self-Reported Academic Record [SRAR] online.
 If you are admitted and matriculating (going) to UI in Fall 2012, an official
transcript will be required to verify SRAR information.
 Applying is a two-step process:
o You must begin a UI application before you can access SRAR;
o UI recommends completing the SRAR after you complete your application.
 Read directions on UI’s website about new SRAR and watch tutorial video.
Some Tips on the UI Application
1. UI will NOT accept letters of recommendation; any letters that are submitted
[termed “unsolicited documentation” by UI] will NOT be attached to your file.
(These letters will be shredded!)
2. Be sure to print a copy of each section of your application as you complete it
online. Once you submit your application, you will NO LONGER HAVE
3. Application has ten steps, most of which are self-explanatory. Be sure to read
the description of requested information on each page of the application.
4. Step #9: Additional Information
• Format might appear confusing; you are asked to list all activities in a
prose format, not in a chart format
• We suggest you create a format and use it for each activity listed
Ex: Activity, Position Held, Years Involved, # Hours/Week, #
• This section also asks for name and email for every sponsor/coach of
every activity listed; we suggest you list names and emails only for 3-4
individuals who best know your leadership style and character.
5. UI must be notified of any course audits and changes that are made to your
senior schedule/dual credit schedule. The forms to make these changes can be
found at:
Some Tips on SRAR Completion
1. To access SRAR, log in to UI admissions site, click on “Check Your Application
Status”, access “Application Summary” and click on “Self-Reported Academic
Record.” (There are other ways to get to SRAR.)
2. You need a copy of your transcript and senior year courses in order to complete
the SRAR. It is very important to have correct course titles!!
3. SRAR takes 30-45 minutes to complete; you can save and return to SRAR at a
later time; you must print prior to submission; very detail-driven document
4. First question asks what level of foreign language you will complete by
graduation from high school.
[UHS’s 3-4 = UI’s level 2; UHS’s 7-8 is = UI’s level 4; UHS’s AP = UI’s level 5]
5. Second question asks about high school; follow prompts online
• Indicate “class rank” and “class size” and check weighted. (class rank and
class size are on your transcript)
• Indicate your grade point average and check weighted.
• Verify the graduation date (should default to “05/2012”)
• Check that you are graduating from UHS.
• “Grading legend” does not have to be completed.
6. “Courses and Grades” Section replicates transcript; you must list every course
taken and grade earned, along with senior year courses in progress.
Subject: Choose from 1 of 5 categories (read descriptions carefully)
Course: List title exactly as it appears on transcript
Grade: List semester grade [Senior courses – “In progress”]
Term: Two-step answer: must click on year taken and semester
Type: You must indicate the type (level) of each course you enter:
 UI’s “AP” = UHS’s *AP
 UI’s “Honors” = UHS’s *AP Prep and other non-AP classes
marked with an * (asterisk)
[Ex. *AP Prep Geometry, *Psychology, * Anatomy]
 UI’s “None” would apply to all other UHS courses.
Repeat: Click only if course has been repeated
[Most students will not complete anything in this column]
7. Some UHS-specific tips:
• If you completed summer school prior to freshman year, list “Term” as
“Pre-High School” and “Summer”
• If you received credit for Algebra I at UMS and it is on transcript:
“Course” = [list course name as is printed on transcript]
“Grade” = “Pre-High School”
8. Accuracy is key!
Course title must match transcript, check year and terms, be sure to
indicated level of class if Honors or AP
You will not be able to access SRAR once you submit to UI!
***It is YOUR responsibility to check application status for completeness and
to notify UI of any changes in courses or demographics!
The forms to make these changes can be found at: