Altéa Self-Service Check-in

Implement your self-service strategy through all channels
with Amadeus Altéa Self-Service Check-in
and empower your customers to check in as they want.
Altéa Self-Service Check-in
Empower your customers
In a short time span, self-service
check-in has practically become
“the norm”. Airlines are adopting it
at a rapid pace as a means to save
costs and increase efficiency, while
today’s tech savvy travellers simply
expect to check in when and how
they wish.
Flawless performance through all
channels is key since the smallest
dysfunction can have a negative
impact on your operations and on
your brand.
A system you can trust
Your check-in system simply can’t fail.
Smooth running is what counts, and as
with all aspects of departure control
there’s no margin for error!
Altéa Self-Service Check-in has been
conceived as an integral part of Altéa
Departure Control, leveraging the
robustness of its architecture, and
providing the highest levels of resiliency.
Multichannel: let your customers choose
Your goal is to provide the best possible
customer service. However, you want
to keep it simple. That’s why you’d like
one answer for all self-service check-in
Start today, upgrade as you go
In this competitive, fast paced industry
you can’t afford to trail behind with your
offer. To implement your self-service
check-in you want minimal delays and
easy upgrades.
Managed through a single interface,
Altéa Self-Service Check-in provides a
seamless service through all channels,
allowing passengers to check-in via the
airline website, smartphone, SMS or at
the airport kiosk.
With Altéa Self-Service Check-in, a
dedicated Amadeus team will work
with you to deliver your self-service
application in a timely manner. Later,
all new enhancements will be initiated
upon a simple request.
It’s simple: you decide, we apply
Self-service check-in is an integral part
of your business strategy. Your concern
is how to make sure this strategy is
consistently applied across all channels.
Our solution is designed to be flexible
and easy to customise to fit your needs.
And as an Altéa customer, your business
rules defined in Altéa Departure Control
will automatically be applied to Altéa
Self-Service Check-in if relevant.
With Amadeus Altéa SelfService Check-in you can:
Internet Check-in
__ Offer multiple self-service
The first self-service check-in option you can offer your customers.
check-in options to your
__ Limit your airport footprint
and save on associated costs
__ Ensure consistency
throughout your self-service
check-in operations
__ Perfectly integrated with your booking engine
__ Matches your website look and feel
__ Varied boarding pass choices: printed immediately online, sent to traveller by email or by
SMS. Three formats to choose from: standard PDF, mobile boarding pass optimised by type of
mobile device or offline mobile boarding pass compatible with html5 or Apple Passbook
__ Multi passenger check-in
__ Easily manage all your
check-in channels (agent and
self-service) through a single
administration tool
__ Get new revenues through
advertising and ancillary
Multi passenger check-in
Kiosk Check-in
A ‘must have’ to better control passenger flows as they go through check-in at the airport. With
kiosk check-in, you can also cut down on the airport space needed and reallocate your staff to
other customer centric services.
__ Kiosk monitoring interface
__ Central rollout of updates to limit onsite deployment efforts
__ Includes calculation and payment of excess baggage at kiosk
__ Bag registration and bag tag printing
Excess baggage payment at the kiosk
Mobile check-in
Your customers want to be able to do it all on their
smartphones? Choose mobile check-in.
__ Check-in flow and display optimised by type of device
__ All standard online check-in features available on mobile
__ Varied boarding pass choices also available (online and
__ Seamless customer identification from mobile booking to
mobile check-in
__ Interactive seat map
__ Updatable frequent flyer information
Offline boarding pass
Altéa Self-Service
Bag Drop
Offer your customers to drop off their bags without the
assistance of an agent after they have completed their kiosk
check-in and printed their bag tags.
__ A two step process to better control queues at the airport:
(1) Kiosk check-in with boarding pass and bag tag printing
(2) Self-service baggage drop off
__ A thin-client application that can be installed on any type of
self bag drop hardware
__ Full integration with Altéa Departure Control
Fast and easy baggage drop
Automated check-in
Check-in can also be fully automated without any action
required from your customers.
__ Checks passenger eligibility
__ An SMS is sent to the travellers to inform them that they
have been checked-in automatically
__ Includes the possibility for travellers to change their check-
in details
Offline boarding pass compatible
with Apple Passbook
Various customisation capabilities
__ Personalise the look and feel on any channel
__ Define the right self-service channels and options for you and
your customers
__ Personalise the messages for automated check-in, email
confirmations, SMS
__ Choose at what time before departure you want your
messages to be sent
__ Configure all your business rules into the system for a tailor-
made self-service check-in solution
Central administration tools
__ Central management of your check-in channels
__ Same interface as Altéa Departure Control – Customer
__ Full history of logs for troubleshooting
__ Dynamically selected advertisements and partner offers
online and on boarding passes
__ Generates new revenue flows
Trusted technology partner
As the global travel industry’s leading
technology partner, Amadeus is
committed to helping you overcome
your biggest business challenges by
continuing to provide innovative and
advanced integrated solutions, plus bestin-class support and expert consulting
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__ Notify your customer via e-mail or SMS that check-in is open
on your internet or mobile channels
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