Self-Check Your Writing

Self-Check Your Writing
Before You Draft: Assess Your Intentions
You may wish to answer these questions in writing AFTER you analyze
the writing task assigned and BEFORE you begin writing.
Why am I writing?
Who are my readers? What key characteristics of these readers are important?
What is my main point?
What do I want readers to do/believe as a result of reading this?
What general strategy am I taking?
What role am I assuming?
After You Draft: Assess Your Writing
Let your draft sit for several days. Print a copy, and go back to the draft,
reading like a READER. What works? What is confusing? Read through
steadily, annotating in response to the following questions.
▪ Where do I make central points or questions clear to readers?
▪ How is each section/paragraph related to the central point?
▪ Will readers understand/believe points or do I need additional definitions, evidence, or
▪ Where might the readers raise questions or challenges? Have I addressed them?
▪ What is the general pattern of organization?
▪ How are ideas grouped?
▪ Is the organization logical?
▪ At any point does the organization become unclear?
▪ Do I have key points in the best order (i.e. least important to most important)?
▪ Is the tone appropriate for my purpose/audience?
▪ What sentences seem most effective?
▪ What sentences could use work?
▪ Are there persistent grammatical/mechanical problems or questions?
▪ Is the APA perfect?
You may wish to have somebody else help you with this section. It is VERY difficult to
recognize our own mechanical problems.
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