A secure file sharing and collaboration solution, TitanFile puts

Security and Technology
A secure file sharing and collaboration solution,
TitanFile puts security concerns to rest.
Protection at the application level
TitanFile’s sharing protections ensure you
only share what you want, with the recipients
of your explicit choosing. Unlike other file
sharing services, files uploaded to TitanFile are
private by default. You control what is shared
in communication Channels, and have the
power to remove shared files at any time. Audit
logs also provide a detailed trail of all activities
surrounding your documents.
Additionally, search engines and web spiders
are blocked from indexing your files, profiles,
contacts or account.
On TitanFile login pages, your web browser
establishes a secure SSL connection between
your computer and our platform. When you leave
a secure portion of our platform, you will get a
notification from your Internet browser that you
are leaving the secure section and returning to
an open section.
All communication between client and server is
performed over a 256-bit SSL connection. This
is the strongest, most secure form of encryption
that is generally available in Internet browsers on
the market in North America today.
Protection at the system level
All files uploaded and shared through TitanFile
are encrypted before being stored on our
servers. The file encryption uses algorithms
and schemes that have been approved for
encrypting and storing classified information up
to the Top Secret level by all US government
departments and agencies.
Protection at the network level
External penetration testing is performed
for system security on a regular basis. More
information on these tests is available upon
Our file encryption uses a combination of the
AES encryption algorithm and the SHA-512
hashing algorithm. The AES algorithm that we
use relies on a 256 bit encryption key, which
provides for a much stronger protection than
the 128 bit key typically used in commercial
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Security and Technology
and consumer applications. The key itself is
never stored on the same servers as the files.
Therefore, if someone gains physical access to
the servers and the storage disks, the data will
be useless for them without the encryption key.
The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) was
published by National Institute of Standards
and Technology (NIST) in a Federal Information
Processing Standards Publication FIPS PUB 197
in 2001. SHA-512 is a secure hash standard that
was designed by the National Security Agency
(NSA) and published by NIST in FIPS PUB 1802 in 2002 and FIPS PUB 180-4 in 2012.
The system has network/carrier neutral access
to multiple Internet backbone circuit providers
and transatlantic fibre-optic services.
As of the date this document was last updated,
average server uptime over the last 12 months
was 99.95%.
Protection at the facility level
Unless otherwise requested by the customer,
TitanFile servers reside in Canada. They are
behind a firewall that controls access to network
resources. Access to the servers is only possible
with a key-card. Key-cards are distributed on a
“need to have” basis.
The facility has CCTV monitoring, modern
access controls and is built with a concrete and
steel frame. It also has 24/7 monitoring and
trained technical staff. The facility features N+1
redundancy, modern, energy efficient cooling,
and a Fire Suppression Rapid detection system
with FM-200 Inert gas. A high capacity in-line
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) prevents
spikes, surges and brownouts. Backup diesel
generation provides continuous power in the
event of a utility failure. Multiple-path power
distribution, including maintenance bypass
circuitry, ensures non-stop service.
TitanFile democratizes security
by offering a service that allows
even novice users of technology
to transfer files over a secure
connection. Cloud-based, TitanFile
offers real-time transfers with
end-to-end encryption. With a
built-in reporting feature, tracking
data is simple - confirm who has
accessed the file, and the exact
moment it entered their hands.
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