PC Power Management Fact Sheet

Business PC Power Management
Give Your Pcs A power nap
PC Power Management can cut annual energy costs by $25 to $75 per PC
Energy Trust of Oregon
can help with solutions
•Reduce annual energy costs by an estimated $50 per PC •Provide cash incentives of
$10 per license (20 desktop
•Reduce annual air conditioning
costs by up to $10 per PC
•Decrease electric peak load
demand charges
•Enhance data security by reducing the risk of unattended
PCs displaying valuable
•Increase productivity because
users don’t have to wait for the
daily computer boot-up
If your business has 20 or more personal
computers, PCs, you can take advantage of an
easy, inexpensive way to cut energy costs—
and it’s unlikely anyone in your company will
notice except for the person who pays your
electric bill. PC power management uses
software to power down your PCs during
periods of inactivity, and wake them up
within seconds when they’re needed again.
According to ENERGY STAR®, PC power
management can cut annual energy costs by
a national average of $25 to $75 per PC. For
a typical computer and monitor in Oregon,
estimated annual energy savings are $50 per
What you don’t know about your new
PCs is costing you
Although most new PCs are ENERGY STAR
rated and have power management features,
ENERGY STAR estimates that only five
percent of PCs actually have those features
activated. That’s costing your business money
that you could put to better use. Consider the
facts: The average desktop PC wastes half of
the energy it consumes. Lawrence Berkeley
Laboratory reports that the typical PC is in
use only four hours each workday and sits idle
for more than five hours. Up to 40 percent of
PCs in an office are left running unnecessarily
at night and on weekends. And if you thought
screen savers were helping to save energy,
think again.
Energy wasted by idle PCs is significant,
particularly because it brings no real value.
Computers and monitors represent 60
percent of the electrical load in the average
office. According to Forrester Research,
information technology professionals report
that PCs use about 10 percent more electricity
than data centers. The bottom line is that your
PCs, although valuable and necessary, also
can be an unnecessary drain on your bottom
PC power management works behind
the scenes with no loss of function
PC power management software centrally
controls the power management features
on the individual PCs on your network,
automatically putting monitors and computers
into a low-power “sleep” mode after periods
of inactivity. It operates reliably with little
maintenance and without interfering with the
needs of PC users or your IT staff.
PCs can still receive email, Internet
downloads, faxes and phone calls. When
users return from being away, they can bring
their PCs out of sleep mode within seconds.
You can set PCs to “hibernate” at night and
power up before users arrive at work. You can
customize software settings to accommodate
different users. Some features even save work
in the event of a power loss.
Some software does double duty to meet other IT needs
Many PC power management products offer additional functionality,
ensuring that administrative software updates (such as Windows
updates and antivirus definitions) are applied to computers that
And because some client management suite technology comes with
PC power management capabilities, you may be able to achieve both
with a single product, helping to improve your return on investment.
Energy Trust approved PC Power Management products*
• Verdiem (Surveyor)
• VOB (Energy Saver)
• BigFix (Power Manager)
• Promisec (INNERspace MSP,
• 1E (Night Watchman)
• Verismic (Power Manager)
• LANDesk (Power
• Lightspeed (Power Manager)
• Faronics (Power Save)
• Absolute Software (Absolute
• Lakeside Software (SysTrack
• ScriptLogic (Desktop
Earn cash incentives
of $10 per license
Experts at Energy Trust can help
answer your questions about PC
power management, including
which software products work
best with your system. We also
offer a cash incentive of $10
per software license when you
install a qualifying PC power
management product on at least
20 desktop computers. We’re here
to help you reduce your energy
costs and make your business
more sustainable.
• Symantec (Altiris)
*If the software that you wish to use is not on this list, please contact
Energy Trust to discuss whether your software can meet program
energy-efficiency requirements. Energy Trust does not endorse
specific PC power management products.
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