Loka FCC Version

Loka FCC Version
Multi-functional Sigfox system
Multi-functional connectivity in Sigfox solutions
The Loka Module System is revolutionary in its ability to be
both flexible and scalable. The system is composed by a multi-purpose board, a device
management and geo location tool. The objective is to be the
IoT platform of choice due to low cost, high flexibility and
- The multi-purpose module, whose main function is a standalone low cost tracker, can be used as a mother board or a
daughter board (allowing to connect a variety of sensors)
- The device management allows the configuration management of the LoKa devices as well as other devices
- The geo location allows the tracking to done without GPS
but by scanning for Wireless Network information to determine the location of the Sigfox device
The above 3 components can be purchased separately. This revolutionary concept, It addresses the cost and the Time
to Market problem to introduce the many new services that
are made possible by low power, low cost Sigfox
network. More importantly, LoKa’s platform allows to add
these important functions with the ability to scale to the millions of units the IoT market needs
Plug-and-Play, Extensible (configure-to-order), Flexible.
Flexibility and expansible hardware
The centerpiece of the LOKA System is the LOKA-W board.
This board is both a motherboard and a daughterboard module
The Loka Board can work as a standalone Sigfox device or can be
mounted on top of already existent systems in order to provide
connectivity. As a standalone board, the LOKA-W can act as Geolocation Device
(using WiFi ) , Temperature sensor, Motion Sensor, Magnetic sensor
Device Management
or a Push-button alert.
The LOKA-W functionality can be extended over a daughter board.
The LOKA Mini-Boards have access to all of the LOKA-W pins in a
20mmx15mm form factor.
The 3.3V power supply to the mini-board can handle up to 200mA.
The mini-board architecture is open spec, allowing anyone to develop mini-boards so long as they remain compliant to the specification. The mini-boards can be run by generic drivers or with fully
Loka device can be combined with a solid centralised cloud device manager able to manage millions of devices.
LOKA-System provide a centralised backend where firmware and
configuration information is kept for each and every device.
WiFi & Geo Location
With 802.11 b/g/n support, the LOKA System board is heavily
targeting geolocation of objects in a low power consumption.
This feature allow also the ability to preform firmware upgrades
and a local wifi interface to configure and manage the device.
customizable routines as an extension to the LOKA-W soſtware.
Support includes:
• A competent help-desk;
• Personalised design and development of hardware and soſtware;
• Training Workshops.
Engineering in the field, a dedicated team
of R&D technology specialists and professional development services are the hallmarks of our offering.
• Dimensions: L: 65mm; W: 20mm; H: 5mm
• 3D Sensor , Magnetic Sensor , Temperature Sensor
• Operating temperature: -10ºC to +65ºC
• Input VCC: From 1.8V to 3.3 V
• Sigfox FCC :
• Output power: 24dBm, Rx Sensitivity: -124 dBm
• Power consumption:
• Sleep: 5uA
• Uplink Frequencies: 902.2 MHz & 920.8 MHz
• WiFi 802.11b/g/n transceiver
• Running: 1mA
• Transmitting: 450 mA (~1 sec)
External Interfaces
• 2 Analog IO lines
• 8 Digital IO lines
• SPI / I2C / 1-Wire Support
• 3.3V input / output
• UART / Serial Port
• Power control
• All the features of the product are available from the API
allowing the fast development of applications
• The SDK provides the tools that use the API to extend the
functionalities of the product
• Sigfox P1, P2 on going
• FCC (on going) CE mark (on going)
• WEEE, RoHS compliant
15 mm
50 mm
20 mm
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