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Hazardous Waste Collection

Please provide full details of the items that you have to be collected, as well as your full contact details.

Please use this form to provide the necessary information. All items marked with an asterisk must be completed to enable us to process the order.

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Details of items to be collected (Please see guidance overleaf)

(We will only collect items that are listed on this form. Additional items will not be collected)

Acids & Alkalis

Engine Oil & Associated Motoring Waste

Pressurised Containers

Oxidising Substances

Paint & Varnish (solvent & water based)

Garden Chemicals and Fertillisers

0-1 Litre (Small) 1-5 Litre (Medium) 5-10 Litre (Large)

Petrol and Diesel

Organic Solvents & Solvent Based

Products (liquid and solid)

Toxic (poisons)

Non Hazardous, but difficult waste

Any other hazardous item

(Please give details):

* Please tick this box to confirm that the waste has not been produced as a result of any commercial or industrial activity. (We may refuse collection if the waste appears to be of commercial origin)

If you have requested a collection of asbestos please tick here to confirm that you have read and understood the attached guidance regarding to asbestos.

Office use only:

Payment Ref: Ref:

Hazardous Waste Collection

Hazardous Waste category examples:

Acids & Alkalis

Spirit of salts (hydrochloric acid), lime scale removers, descalers, toilet cleaners, drain / sink unblockers, brick cleaners, path and patio cleaners, silver dip, rust treatments, degreasers, pH minus and pH plus for swimming pools, wheel cleaners and some photographic chemicals (e.g. stop bath and developers), household ammonia, lime wash (slaked lime).

Engine Oil &


Motoring Waste

Engine oil, gear oil, brake / clutch fluid and other hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, antifreeze and engine coolant, lead acid batteries.





Non pesticide / pesticides aerosols, non-returnable gas cartridges (e.g. small camping gas cylinders and gas lighter refills), Halon / BCF only fire extinguishers.

Nitrate containing fertilizers, sodium chlorate weed killer, swimming pool chlorinating chemicals ( Fi – chlor granules, hypochlorites), household cleaning products containing bleach, hardeners for resins.

Paint and





Paint (including bitumastic paint), varnish, woodstain and fence paint

Pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Rodenticides (mouse / rat bait), slug pellets, wood preservatives and treatments, algicides, hormone rooting compounds, fertilizers and feeds

Petrol and


Organic solvents,solvent based products

(liquid and solid)

Petrol / diesel (inc mixtures of), 2 stroke fuel, paraffin and small quantities of heating oil

White spirit (turps substitute), genuine turpentine, methylated spirit, acetone, cellulose thinners. Solvent based products such as stabilising solution, paint / varnish remover (containing methanol and methylene chloride), water proofers, wood dyes, contact adhesive, felt adhesive, car / floor waxes, car undershield, linseed / teak / danish oils, resin based fillers car wax and windscreen wash.

Toxic (Poisons)

Any other hazardous item

Sodium cyanide (trade name cymag), potassium cyanide, arsenic, strychnine, mercury and their compounds

Adhesives (e.g. PVA), asbestos, carpet shampoo, upholstery cleaner, car wax shampoo, water based dyes, emulsion based water proofers, window cleaners, UPVC cleaners, swimming pool water clarifiers & liner cleaners etc

Please note that we cannot collect the following:

Fireworks / Flares, Explosives, Radioactive waste, Returnable gas cylinders, Helium Gas Cylinders, Flammable Film Stock (cellulose acetate), Construction and Demolition Waste, Fibrous Asbestos.

Please return the completed form to:

By Post:

Waste Services Team

Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Council

Creeting Road Depot

Creeting Road West



IP14 5AT

By Email: recycling@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk

Contact us on 01449 778678 if you have any queries about what can be collected.

Hazardous Waste disposal options and current charges 2016

Hazardous waste

– free disposal:

Some types of Hazardous waste are accepted free of charge at the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Suffolk.

Private householders, educational establishments and charities can take the following items to any of the

HWRCs in Suffolk free of charge:

 Engine oil and Cooking oil

 Fire extinguishers (But not BCF or Halon types)

 Fluorescent tubes and energy-efficient light bulbs

 Gas cylinders (Calor and Flo gas.) Other makes should be returned to the manufacturer.

 Household batteries

 Car batteries

 Refrigerators / freezers

 Televisions and computer monitors

 Water based paint if it has been dried out (can use soil or sand)

Empty containers of paint or chemicals can be put into your black (refuse) bin for disposal. Water based paint that has completely dried out can also be put into the black bin for disposal.

Hazardous waste – chargeable disposal (£45.13):

Most types of Hazardous Waste can be collected by the Council for a charge of £45.13 per collection. This includes items such as:

DIY products e.g. varnishes, paint, paint stripper

Flammable liquids e.g. white spirit, paraffin, wood stains.

Garden chemicals/pesticides e.g. weed killers and insect killers

Household cleaning products and chemicals e.g. toilet / drain cleaners & bleach

Poisons e.g. rat or mouse poisons

Motoring products e.g. antifreeze, brake/clutch fluid, petrol, diesel.

Very large amounts of the above items may incur additional charges.

Bonded Asbestos (£75.13):

(Such as corrugated sheets, guttering/downpipe, water tanks & asbestos pieces)

We can collect up to 50kgs of bonded asbestos for a charge of £75.13, providing it is from a domestic source and has been removed by the householder and not by a contractor.

The asbestos must be securely wrapped or bagged (unwrapped asbestos will not be collected) using heavy duty 1000 gauge polythene which can be obtained from most builders merchants and DIY stores.

To avoid manual handling problems sheets should be wrapped as single sheets and not together. The wrapped sheets must be sealed with tape.

Sheets should not be broken, but in the event small broken pieces should be placed in a heavy duty polythene bag.

The packaged asbestos must be of a weight that can be easily lifted by one person and all packages must be labelled ‘’ WARNING – CONTAINS ASBESTOS – DO NOT INHALE DUST’’

Punctured or split packaging will not be collected.

Larger quantities of bonded asbestos sheets/pieces as well as dismantled bonded asbestos sheds, garages and outhouses can be collected and are charged at a different rate depending on quantity. Please contact us for further details and prices.