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Principal: James Brake
Vice Principals: Tammy Horton
Holy Cross
Catholic Secondary School
MODESTY ~~ “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10.31
Susan Mooney
Principal’s Remarks...…
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School Council Meetings:
All parents are welcome to
attend, held on the second
Tuesday of the month.
Next meeting: Wednesday,
September 14th @ 6:45 p.m.
Holy Cross Secondary School
Police Liaison Officer:
Parents or students with
concerns are welcome to call
Constable Andrew Hatton
1355 Lansdowne St W
Peterborough ON K9J 7M3
Phone: 705-748-4861
Director of Education:
Barbara McMorrow
Superintendent of Schools:
Joan Carragher
Chair of the Board:
Michelle Griepsma
Christine Dunn
Helen McCarthy
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The end of the 2015-16 school year is upon us. June brings together a sense of accomplishment as we reflect on the year. As a staff and as a student body, we can identify so many
excellent accomplishments. We are truly blessed at Holy Cross to have so much talent at
our disposal, and to see such a dedication to success from everyone.
This June has been an excellent celebration of great things at Holy Cross. This month has
seen Holy Cross receive a City of Peterborough Civic Award for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability and the official launch of our newly approved Specialist High Skills
Major (SHSM) in Sports Excellence and Athletic Leadership (SEAL). Our Turtle Island
Medicine Wheel Garden outdoor classroom saw the interpretive signage created and installed in time for National Aboriginal Day in Canada. We graduated students from our
CASA and Learning For Living classes, Centre for Success classroom at Fleming College
and we look forward to celebrating the achievement of our Graduates.
June is a time to say goodbye to our graduates, who leave Holy Cross to pursue the next leg
of their life’s journey. It is also a time for continuing students to review their plans for future success and growth at secondary school. It is a time of excitement and new beginnings
and renewal.
I want to thank all parents and guardians for their continued support of the student body of
Holy Cross. The students are the element that certainly make Holy Cross the special and
unique place that it is, and it feels good to be confident that they leave our school for the
summer with further developed skills and talents to share with the greater community.
On behalf of all of the Holy Cross staff, I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer!
God Bless,
Mr. James Brake
Final Report
will be
mailed home
June 30th, 2016
Our annual gently used school uniform sale organized by the
School Advisory Council will take place on September 1st from
noon until 3 pm in the main forum of the school. Cash only
sales. All clean, gently used uniform clothing may be dropped
off in the Main Office during regular school hour from 9:00
am—2:00 pm. Monday to Thursday until the sale.
The Parent Council thanks you for your support. Money from
the sale helps to support Graduation Awards, Youth Emergency Shelter, Guatemala, Breakfast Club, musicals and many other great causes.
Dates to Remember
From the Music Room…….
Jun 29 Graduation
Jun 30 PA Day
Jun 30 Final Report Cards
mailed home
Sept 1
Gd 9 Orientation AM //
Used Uniform Sale PM
Sept 6 School’s Back!
Sept 7 Gd 10 Assembly
Sept 8 Gd 11 Assembly
9 Tim
Gd 12
Sept Principal:
12 Gd 9 Catherine
Sept 14 Opening School Mass
Sept 14 Catholic School Council
Director: John
Meeting 6:45 pm
Sept 15 PictureDeirdre
Day Thomas
Whibbs, Lorne
Sept 23 PA
Corkery, Christine Dunn
The room itself has been pretty quiet, no classes second semester. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t
been busy. The Spring concert was short but very sweet. Jazz Band wowed us with some great solos from Joel
Tellier, Riley Wagar, Elisabeth Main, Victoria Hunter and Christine Baek. Our Senior Flute Quartet did a wonderful job at the concert and then a week later at our Speakers Forum as they greeted our guests. “Somewhere
Over the Rainbow” seemed like an appropriate piece as the refugee family described their circumstances in Syria. Canada did seem like a dream come true for them. Concert Band ended the evening as is tradition (more
about the number of people on stage rather than save the best for last).
Lots of fun music including the two pieces we played at the Kiwanis Festival (receiving a silver national standing): African Festival with loads of extra percussion and G-Force (not related to the guinea pig movie). Another tradition at the concert is the acknowledging of our graduating students. This is always a bittersweet moment. We are so proud of all you: your commitment to the program, your leadership, the personalities
that added to the pot that makes up our music crew stew. At this time I would like to thank Saad Alam, Sarah
Berthelot, Ben Bozec, Jus De Leon, Claire Doris, Maddie Hepburn, Elisabeth Main and Daniel Vos for sharing
their talents with us over the years. A special recognition was given at graduation to Claire and Elisabeth. Their
commitment of time and talents in Concert Band, Jazz Band, Musicals and Liturgies demonstrated a dedication
that goes above and beyond. We wish all our grads well in the future. You will always be welcome at Holy
Cross and you can now officially be considered at concert MC’s!!
But things did not finish with the concert! 44 staff and students from HC and St. Thomas Aquinas hit
the big apple for a few days of jam packed activities. I would still say the big hit was Phantom of the Opera and
our workshop. Lots of time in Times Square (maybe too much if that’s possible), lots of McD’s and street meat,
displays of talent (great back flip Chris!) and lots of laughs. Thank you to all the students for being such a great
group to travel with.
Community Service
Students can hand in their
completed volunteer hours as
soon as the task is completed. They do not have to wait
until they have accumulated
40 hoursR.J.orMcCarthy’s
more. Extra
forms are available
461 GeorgeinSt.the
Main Office andPeterborough,
We returned to Peterborough to get ready our last performance of the year at the Catholic Student
Leadership awards ceremony hosted by Holy Cross. A rehearsal, free pizza and a performance to an appreciative audience…what more could a musician ask?
What’s up for the fall? Book November 30th on your calendar, we have tickets to go see the award
winning new musical “Matilda” based on the Ronald Dahl book. And, speaking of musicals, start working on
your audition pieces!! It is a musical year at Holy Cross and we are very excited to tell you that we will be doing the new
musical THE ADDAMS FAMILY! It tells the story of a young couple who have decided to get married, but they haven’t met
each other’s family yet. Mayhem ensues. Will love prevail?? Auditions will be held starting in late September with
rehearsals beginning after Thanksgiving. No word officially yet on the title but I guarantee there will be places
for members of all levels of ability. It’s a wonderful experience filled with hard work but lots of fabulous memories that you will have for the rest of your life.
Wishing you all a wonderful summer break and “see you in September” (yes, that is a song cue!)
Please encourage your student to hand in his/her form.
Mrs. Kraus
News from the Chaplain…..
In May we hosted our grade 12 retreat at Beavermeade Park, which was a great success. We also celebrated our grads with our Closing Grad Mass on June 2nd. Congratulations to all of our grads!
In May, Holy Cross also collected food for our food drive for St. Vincent de Paul. A special thank you to
all who donated food items for the drive.
Guatemala was a great success this year. Our students presented to the school the video and shared
their experience. We have also chosen our team for next April 2017!
CANCELLATIONS can be found
on the Transportation website:
Next fall we will be having a drive for Guatemala. Over the summer, if you have the opportunity to
start gathering up, in good condition, children’s clothes, baby clothes and teen clothes……... and women’s SIZE M clothes and also children’s shoes, we will be collecting these in late October - November, to
be shipped to Guatemala. Also, gently used backpacks and school supplies, so please keep this in mind
over the summer.
Have a wonderful summer!!
Teresa Cosentino
From the Guidance Department……
Summer can be a wonderful chance to refresh, reset and experience some well-deserved rest to prepare for the demands each academic year brings both students and families! Consider exploring new stress-management techniques
that you have never tried, and putting in place organizational systems for the fall. In terms of operations here, the
Guidance Department will be closed for the summer and open again in the fall.
Student timetables will be made available the first day of school: student homeroom lists will be posted and students
will receive their timetables in their homeroom. Additionally, if you are travelling this summer, consider visiting a postsecondary institution: most college and university campuses will welcome visitors all year, and often you can schedule a
tour, particularly if you phone ahead of arrival. Summer often provides the time and space to consider future plans-we encourage students, particularly students who are going into grade 12 in the fall to take advantage of this opportunity!
We wish you a wonderful summer!
News from HC Eco-club…..
Once again we had a busy year with Eco-schools. Students started vegetables in our
greenhouse which have now culminated with their planting outside in our Community
Garden. Our bees have arrived and are adjusting quite nicely to their new hive on our
green-roof. Hopefully our pollinator plants and vegetables in the community garden will
benefit from their presence at HC.
Unfortunately, our East Gardens which contain our Pollinator garden have been over-run
by the invasive Dog-strangler vine. It is with much gratitude that we thank ARC Tree
Experts for their donation of wood chips that we will use to cover the
invaders with the hopes of replanting our gardens again fresh next
year! This year HC was on a renewal cycle in the provincial Eco-school
designations and so we will be maintaining Gold Status. It is with great
pleasure we announce that Holy Cross was presented with a special
award, Civic Award, presented by the City of Peterborough for our leadership in sustainable initiatives.
Have a great summer and stay green!
Water Bottles
Holy Cross is getting ready to Ban the Bottle! Students and staff are
being encouraged to use reusable water bottles to decrease the ecological impact of our school community.
These water bottles can be purchased using School Cash Online
for $12 each. There are only 40 of each colour……... so don't wait
too long! Bring your receipt to Mr. Halloran to receive your bottle.
Let's make HC just a little greener!
From Administration……….
Every day Counts! All absences, late ar r ivals and/or appointments must be communicated to our Attendance Secr etary, Mrs. Debbie Perdue. You can report any absence 24/7 by calling the school at (705) 748 6664 – ext. 304. Parents
calling regarding absences should: state student’s name, date of absence, and reason for absence.
If you have been unable to call the school to report the absence parents are asked to send a note with the student upon their return to school, prior to the 8:25 am bell in the main office. A voice message system is currently in place which will automatically call parents of those students who have an unexplained or unreported absence.
Attendance is the number one factor directly related to your child’s success at school and is required under the Education Act.
PLANNED ABSENCE: If you ar e going to be away for a known per iod of time (ie – vacation) you must contact the
school to inform the school and complete a Leave of Absence for BEFORE the planned absence.
MEDICAL ABSENCE: Any absence for a medical r eason, of 5 consecutive days or mor e, must be validated with a doctor’s note upon return to school.
Dress Code
Dress Code is very important to us at Holy Cross and all students are expected to be in full McCarthy’s issued clothing at all
times during the course of the school day. NO other clothing retailer is acceptable for school wear purchasing.
For return to school in September a typical student would have:
3 shirts
2 pairs of pants
1 pair of shorts
1 sweater/hoodie (a hoodie is essential as the building is cool at all times)
At Holy Cross we have Spirit Wear Fridays! On these Friday’s (see schedule in A genda Book calendar) students are allowed to
wear Holy Cross team clothing, physical education clothing and Holy Cross special event clothing.
Please remember that if Friday is a holiday than there is no spirit wear day in that week. *Thursday does not become Friday! In
addition, we have Dress Down Friday’s, usually the last Friday of the month. Dress Down costs $2.00 and the monies raised
always go to charitable causes established at the beginning of the school year.
For further details of our Attendance procedures
Please Refer to the 2016/17 Agenda Book.
PVNC has a 3-year plan to:
increase student confidence, proficiency and achievement in FSL;
increase the percentage of students studying FSL until graduation;
increase student, educator, parent and community engagement.
Each month PVNC will share resources with the school community to support student learning and engagement in French as a second language.
This month's feature is "Top 7 board games to enrich French language
was this year’s big winner of the House League.
Thanks to all for the participation, excellent attitudes and fantastic school spirit!
We look forward to next year when even more events and opportunities to earn points will
be available.
Who will be next year’s winner of the House Trophy???
To the two business classes this year
who raised $465.73 on behalf of the
Lakefield Animal Welfare Shelter.
This was a grouped effort of the grade
10 Business and grade 11 Entrepreneur
classes on our Business Day, May 2016.
Online Out-of-Boundary/Space Available Transportation Application Process
Families who wish to apply for Out-of-Boundary/Space Available bussing permission may do so by visiting
the Student Transportation Services of Central Ontario (STSCO) website, www.stsco.ca and following the instructions to apply online, or call the STSCO office at (705)748-5500 or toll free at 1-800-757-0307 ext. 260.
The permission application would be for next school year. Space available applications, as in the past, are processed on a first come, first serve basis from closest bus stop serving transportation eligible students. Please
note that new stops are not added for out-of-boundary/space available students. Please also remember that the
application request has to be made annually.