FOOD SAFETY - The #1 concern for all food

BRADY ToughWash™
FOOD SAFETY The #1 concern for
all food processors.
Food Safety - Regulation
Food Safety - Sanitation
Workplace Safety
CI - Waste Reduction
CI - Worker Education
Safe Food Australia is the guide
to the mandatory standards. The
following standards are mandatory
for all food businesses.
3.2.2 Food Safety Practices
and General Requirements
3.2.3 Food Premises and
Source: Australian Government Department of Industry
ToughWash™ label material on a steel surface
during washdown and abrasion scrubbing test.
Up to 40% of food processors fail to label all hazards due to food safety concerns.
As a result, 59% of employees are more likely to be injured on the job.
Keeping processing facilities and products safe for employees and end customers can be
a challenging endeavour. When you add importunate competition and stagnant economy
into the mix efficiency, consistency and quality can be compromised. Irrespective of industry
type, every organisation faces compliance requirements around safety identification and
labelling to support accident prevention.
Food and Beverage (F&B) production is a particularly exigent environment characterised by
extremely rigid Workplace and Food Safety Standards. Most industrial manufacturers use
labels and signs but F&B production facilities are mostly precluded from these to guarantee
food purity and quality. Unfortunately, workplace safety is then compromised.
The nature of the industry requires F&B processing plants to undergo multiple wash down
cycles, where pressures of high heat, harsh chemicals and high pressure sprays causing
quick deterioration of safety labels made mandatory by the Food Safety Standards.
CASE STUDY: Inghams Pty Ltd
As one of Australias premier poultry suppliers and producers, and like many others within
the industry, Inghams faces the combined challenges of stringent Food Safety Standards
and the constant pressure of cost reductions.
When asked about the prevailing sources of frustration around safety labelling and
identification, Mike Drobiszewski, Inghams Plant Engineer immediately identified three key
points - “Availability, durability, cost.”
Despite stringent budget restraints, compliance pressures have driven the company to look
for a long term solution for their facility safety identification, which they were able to find with
Brady ToughWash™.
ToughWash™ Harsh Washdown Labels & Signs
Brady has created ToughWash™ Harsh Washdown Labels &
Signs to help huge industry players such as Ingham's and Tip Top
Bakeries reach their quality, productivity and food safety targets.
“Stringent hygiene requirements and the thorough cleaning
process that does with it, prevented food and beverage
industries from enjoying the benefits of durable and long
lasting safety signage in their production units.”
says Tim Van den Eede, Brady EU Materials Product Manager.
CIP Return on pipemarker valve
connect area.
The ToughWash™ labels however, have “outstanding durability and survive harsh cleaning
processes due to specialty topcoat, a strong facesheet, engineered label interfaces and
edges and superior adhesive.” This ensures the symbols and messages remain legible on
the labels, which are printed on thermal heat transfer printable ink ribbons with a topcoat to
produce permanent print.
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ToughWash™ Metal Detectable Signs & Labels
“As an extra safeguard, Bradys Toughwash™ label also comes in a metal
detectable version that can be recognized by standard metal detection equipment
in the F&B industry.” says Mr. Van den Eede. The product uses steel instead of
aluminium and in-line detection equipment which will recognise the label without
fault due to steel's stronger alternating current field generation.
CASE STUDY: Tip Top Bakeries
Tip Top Bakeries, part of George Weston Foods and one of Australia's largest
bakeries with brand names such as Tip Top, Weston Milling, Don KRC and
Jasol have recently purchased a Brady BMP71 Printer with Toughwash™ metal
detectable stock to re-label their Dandenong production facility. During the initial
implementation phase, after weeks of testing the labels under their standard
washdown conditions and metal detectors, Tip Top Bakeries were very impressed
with the ToughWash™ metal detectable feature.
When asked what prompted their decision to choose Brady ToughWash™, over
other labelling materials currently saturating the market, both Tip Top Bakeries
and Inghams found the washdown resistant and metal detectable features equally
important, adding value to overall convenience and effectiveness.
Metalized ToughWash™ material going through a F&B metal
Brady ToughWash™ materials are available in a variety of formats that can be
used with Brady's thermal transfer printers
BMP™ 71 Portable Printer
BBP® 31 Sign and Label Printer
BBP® 33 Sign and Label Printer
As Brady ToughWash™ material was designed
to meet Food Safety Regulatory requirements
both of Inghams and Tip Top Bakeries made
significant strides towards meeting compliance
criteria and are expecting to see benefits in
several areas:
GlobalMark®2 Industrial Label Maker
Improved effectiveness in meeting Food
Safety Standards
Increased quality and productivity
Waste reduction and improved yield
Reduced re-work and enhanced
employee training
Decreased long-term consumption of
safety identification and labelling solutions
According to Mr. Drobiszewski, typically companies purchase pre-made signs
as required. However, to improve availability and decrease costs a Brady
printer is a must - BBP31 and BBP33 printers being the preferred options for
Inghams facilities.
“The purpose of the Brady printer in long term will be customising labels for
use in factory. It will supplement the purchase of standard signs and/or labels.”
says Mr. Drobiszewski.
Since implementation, over the last few months
Tip Top Bakeries have managed to successfully
use Brady ToughWash™ materials to re-label
their Dandelong production facility. Stay tuned
for more information as we follow up with the
company for a more comprehensive overview
of their experience.
Hoses connected to switchboard in F&B facility.
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