PDF format - 9th Int`l Symposium on Image and Signal Processing

Sponsored by:
IEEE Region 8
IEEE CAS & SP Society
Croatia Section Chapter
IEEE Computer Society
Croatia Section Chapter
University of Zagreb
Chair, Image Processing:
Sven Loncaric
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and
Unska 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
e-mail: [email protected]
Chair, Signal Processing:
Hrvoje Babic
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and
Unska 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
e-mail: [email protected]
Program Committee:
N. Ayache, France
H. Babic, Croatia
A. del Bimbo, Italy
I. Bloch, France
G. Borgefors, Sweden
J.-L. Coatrieux, France
A. P. Dhawan, USA
J. Duncan, USA
B. Jeren, Croatia
J. Kittler, United Kingdom
W. Kropatsch, Austria
A. Kuba, Hungary
M. Kunt, Swiss
F. Leberl, Austria
A. Leonardis, Slovenia
S. Loncaric, Croatia
W. Mecklenbräuker, Austria
S. K. Mitra, USA
H. Niemann, Germany
M. Petrou, United Kingdom
A. Pinz, Austria
I. Pitas, Greece
S. Ribaric, Croatia
R. A. Robb, USA
V. Roberto, Italy
A. Santos, Spain
T. Saramäki, Finland
G. Sicuranza, Italy
F. Solina, Slovenia
M. Sonka, USA
S. Theodoridis, Greece
A. Todd-Pokropek, UK
J. Udupa, USA
A. Uhl, Austria
M. Vannier, USA
M. Viergever, Netherlands
Call for Papers
2nd IEEE Region 8-EURASIP Symposium on
Image and Signal Processing and Analysis ISPA'01
June 19-21, 2001, Pula, Croatia
in conjunction with 23rd Int’l Conf. ITI'01
Int'l Workshop on Spectral Methods and Multirate Signal Processing 2001
ISPA'01 is sponsored by EURASIP, IEEE Region 8, CAS & SP Society Chapters,
and Computer Society Chapter of the IEEE Croatia Section, and by University of
Zagreb. The scientific program of the symposium will consist of lectures presented
by invited speakers and contributed papers. The aim of the symposium is to foster
interaction of researchers and exchange of new ideas.
Topics of interest
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
image processing
computer and machine vision
medical imaging
image and video coding
image formation
pattern recognition
knowledge-based vision
visualization techniques
content-based image retrieval
image scanning and printing
digital filter design and structures
analog SP and circuits
multirate filtering and wavelets
adaptive signal processing
spectral analysis
blind separation of signals
radar and sonar signal processing
speech coding and processing
DSP in communications
speech analysis and synthesis
array signal processing
architectures and software
Invited speakers
Alberto Del Bimbo, University of Florence, Italy
Arild Lacroix, University of Frankfurt, Germany
Sanjit K. Mitra, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Rudolf Rabenstein, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
Andreas Uhl, University of Salzburg, Austria
Special sessions
Special sessions will be organized on the following topics: Machine Vision; Medical
Image Analysis; Multimedia Content Protection; Nonlinear Image Processing;
Telemedicine; Unsupervised Adaptive Filtering; and Wavelets, Filter Banks, and
Their Applications. Please see ISPA web site for respective Calls for Papers.
Instructions to authors
Final (camera -ready) papers should not exc eed 6 A4 pages. Detailed instructions and
templates for electronic submission are available on ISPA web site. All papers will
be peer-reviewed. At least one author of each accepted paper is required to register.
Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings.
Important dates
Final (camera-ready) papers: April 1, 2001
Notification of acceptance:
May 15, 2001
Symposium registration:
May 31, 2001
The symposium will be held in a 3000-years-old town of Pula which is located on the
penisula of Istria in the northwest part of Adriatic coast. Istria is a popular
Mediterranean resort with many attractive tourist destinations.