ChemControl Automation

Chem Control Automation
Easy to Use and Program;
The web interface identifies the facility which is being
automated along with the controller and location
information. You can name each pool, spa or water
feature as you would like it to appear in email and text
message alarm notifications. You can easily communicate
with each controller to check and adjust set points, low
and high alarms, configure optional sensors, and filter
information for reporting.
The Rx Series Chem Control system is comprised of a
System Control Unit, A System Interface Unit and A flow
Cell mounted on a poly pro back panel.
How do we provide Real-time (instant)
monitors and controls?
We have embedded our web server chipset directly
onto our base unit allowing for instant bidirectional
communication. Our software has the ability to connect
up to 7 additional bodies of water to the base unit.
(8 total) Others products on the market rely on an
off-site server that has to download info throughout the
day, thus causing substantial delays and additional costs.
NO Monthly Fees.
Other products on the market charge a monthly fee to
monitor and control EACH body of water. We can support
up to 8 bodies of water on each system at no cost.
Risk Mitigation Solutions
Fact: thousands of commercial pools are closed down
or cited every year because of incorrect pool chemistry.
30101 Chem Control Unit Complete: (with Web Interface
& 2 Peristalitc Pumps)
30102 Satellite Control Unit Complete: (with
2 Peristalitc Pumps)
30104 ¾” Industrial ORP Sensor
30105 ¾” Industrial pH Sensor
30106 Chem Control Unit (without Web Interface)
Programmable: pH/ORP Feed Cycles; Data Storage
increments; pH/ORP High/Low Alarmms; Acid or
Base Feed; Proportional Feed; pH, ORP, Temperature
Calibration; pH, ORP, Temperature Set Point; Any Relay
can be programmed for any input.
5 years on electronics
2 years on sensors
1 year on flow cell
The RX Chem Control System, instantly minimizes your risk
by receiving realtime reporting.
If the control system cannot fix the problem through
chemical automation, it will send another alarm. This
alarm indicates there is a problem and needs an on-site
inspection. If not addressed quickly a small problem
could be a major one in a couple of hours.
Chem Control Automation
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Suite 210 | RSM | CA
92688 | 1.800.376.6579
Real-time Reporting With No Service Fee
Eliminate Wasted Cost With Unnecessary
Chem Feeding
PoolRx Chem Control
Monitors and Controls pH, Sanitizer and
Temperature 24 hours a day.
What sets us apart?
• All inclusive; No Monthly Service Fees • Real-time: Split second reporting
and control. No Delays Chem Control Automation
Controls up to 7 satellite units
Use satellite units for:
Additional Pools
Rx Control unit used to control Main Pool
• Embedded web server and software can
support up to 8 bodies of water. No Equal
• Durable injection molded housing with the latest
3 wire sensor technology. No Breakdowns
• Financing Available; No Money Down
• Easy to install, program and use. No Worries
Why is Real-time monitoring and
chem control important?
It’s simple. Delays are costly. If you have a small
problem, you’d like to know about it before it becomes a
major issue. If a pool goes outside the parameters, you
are alerted instantly. The system will adjust itself, send
you another alert notifying you the pool is back inside
your set parameters, or it will notify you that it is not. If it
is not in parameters, you can adjust remotely or send
a person over to address the issue. All of this can be
done within a matter of seconds and minutes…not hours
and days. This can be the difference in avoiding legal
mitigations, losing an account, or just wasting money
on chemicals.
Water Features
Real-time Monitoring & Control
from any internet ready device