Final exam - Announcement

Introduction to Discrete Optimization
Prof. Dr. F. Eisenbrand
Spring 2009
Final exam - Announcement
The midterm exam will take place at June 15, 9:00 am in rooms INM200 and
INM202. Be there on time.
• You will be informed in time whether you are assigned to room INM200 or INM202.
• Allowed utilities: Pen, something to eat/drink, pocket calculator
• Not allowed: Books, any sheets of own paper, notebooks, cellphones, . . .
• For the exam you need a pen with a color 6= red. Don’t use a pencil.
• We do not tolerate cheating. If we observe you, using any forbidden utilities or communicating with each other, you instantly fail the exam.
• Choose your seat s.t. there is at least one free seat between you and your neighbour.
• Please bring your Camipro card for identification purpose.
• The contents of the lectures and the exercises from the exercise sheets are relevant.
• Duration of the exam will be 120 min.
• You can reach up to 140 points. Together with the points from the midterm exam you
need in total 120 points (= 60% of 200 points) to obtain a grade of 3.75.
• Your final grade gets improved by accumulated bonus points for the exercise sheets as
explained on the courses webpage.
• You need a final grade of at least 3.75 to pass the course.
Good luck.