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Page 2 Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011
in mendocino
Story by Margi Gomez
the pursuit of his career from such a remote locale, but
Meridian found the small town of the early seventies exactly
what she was looking for.
“Lots of young people were flocking to Mendocino at the
time,” Meridian remembers. “Rents were low and there was
music in the air. It seemed like there were people jamming
on every corner.” Meridian remembers fondly the UG, or
the UnCommon Good, and the original Seagull Cellar Bar,
where Lenny Laks, Mark Levine, John Chamberlin, and others
played regularly. “I think there was music seven nights a
week,” Meridian recalls. “Across the street was the Foghorn,
and down on Main Street Deb Dawson and others in the
Renaissance Faire crowd played.” Meridian adds that at the
time, live music was endemic all along the coast, including at
the Windjammer in Albion, Navarro by the Sea at the mouth
of the Navarro River, and the Greenwood Pier in Elk.
The young Meridian began to learn and perform European
folk tunes, turning to Appalachian and ragtime music with
the popular Gypsy Gulch String Band, and later, bluegrass
and country rock with former Byrds member Gene Parsons,
who eventually became her longtime partner. The musical
renaissance that took the country by storm went hand in
hand with a rebirth of the visual arts. “There were crafters and
artists selling on the street,” Meridian recalls, “and I began to
see that the folk arts and folk music thrive simultaneously.”
ongtime Mendocino resident Meridian Green has a wonderful tale to tell. It begins with the story of
her famous father, Bob Gibson, who lived in Mendocino in 1971 and 1972 during what came to be
known as the Folk Music Revival.
“My dad came on the scene at the tail end of the song-collecting years, when Alan Lomax
and others were touring the country looking for authentic music, sung by people who had not really
been exposed to radio, much less sound recording,” Meridian explains. “My father worked with many
early folk musicians, including such icons as Pete Seeger and Joan Baez.” Meridian says that she
grew up listening to many of these trail blazers sing and play with her dad in the family living room.
“Fred Neil, Tim Hardin, Odetta…they were the people who first brought me to the notion that live
music was magical, and words and songcraft were exciting.”
Early in life, Meridian admits she was a bit intimidated by her famous dad’s celebrity status, and she
was nearly twenty years old by the time she began to find her own voice. Having grown up in Greenwich Village,
Meridian’s journey led her first to upstate New York, then to Los Angeles, and finally to Mendocino, where her father
had rented a house with his old friend, Victor Biondo. Bob Gibson soon found that he would be unable to continue
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ON OUR COVER: Photos Provided ABOVE TOP: Ronnie Gilbert receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award
for The Weavers, at the Grammy Awards in 2006. Lisa Weg photo. ABOVE: Bob Gibson Legacy concerts
feature Bob’s eldest daughter, longtime Mendonesian Meridian Green, along with veteran entertainers
Rick Grumbecker (left) and John Heller (right). Photo provided by Meridian Green.
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Willits & Ukiah Patti Fereira
Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011 Page 3
TOP LEFT: This photo of The Weavers then and now was shot at Lee
Hays’ house in Croton on Hudson
in 1980, during the filming of
Wasn’t That A TIme. The inset is
from 1950. Photo provided.
BOTTOM LEFT: The Weavers,
whose music helped shape a
generation, in 1950.
Left to right: Pete Seeger, Lee
Hayes, Ronnie Gilbert, and Fred
Hellerman. James Kriegsmann
TOP RIGHT: Credited with discovering Joan Baez after inviting her
to sing with him at the Newport
Folk Festival in 1959, Gibson said,
“It was like ‘discovering’ Grand
Canyon. Someone was bound
to notice she was there.” Photo
provided by Meridian Green.
Having spent time in Europe, and especially in the United Kingdom, experiencing
traditional “pub culture,” Meridian is a big fan of live music, whether traditional, revised
or rewritten. She along with the Fare Thee Wells, fellow troubadours Rick Grumbecker
and John Heller will be hitting the road this spring under the auspices of the Bob Gibson
Legacy Project, in an effort to keep her father’s music and spirit alive. With three CDs of
her own to her credit, Meridian continues to sing and play whenever she can, committed
to, as she puts it, “…keep the folk flame burning.”
aspar resident Ronnie Gilbert, now eighty-four, began her life in Washington, D.C.
“Folk music came into my life as a teenager during the Second World War. It stayed
with me from my youth and throughout my life.” By the age of sixteen, Ronnie was
singing folk music with a group called The Priority Ramblers. “It was a wonderful little
group,” she says. “But we didn’t call ourselves folkies back then. At first I didn’t even
know I was singing folk music!” Ronnie soon began singing with Pete Seeger and Lee
Hays in a group called the The Almanac Singers, and her musical path was laid out.
“Pete had served in the Army during the war, and had come back with the hope
that what the country and the world had just experienced would foster a new interest
in peace and social justice,” Ronnie remembers. “He felt that it was important for
Americans to hear their own songs. He started something he called ‘people’s songs,’
which invited people to come forward to share the songs that they grew up with. This
really took off…unfortunately, at the same time we got the Cold War.”
During that same decade the iconic group The Weavers were formed, and were
soon hugely popular. “The Weavers had two years of wonderful stardom,” remembers
Ronnie, “and then we were knocked down.” The group were decried as leftists and
Communists during the Red Scare of the 1950s. Pete Seeger was blacklisted and called
before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. “All this pretty much put the
stop to The Weavers’ success,” Ronnie says ruefully.
In the early 1980s, a documentary film called Wasn’t That A Time was made about
The Weavers by filmmaker Jim Brown, which included a spontaneous performance
with another Mendocino County singer, Holly Near. “Holly and I played a very short
piece, completely unplanned,” Ronnie recalls. “They caught it on film, and it began
a very exciting decade
of collaboration for
Holly and me.” The film
was critically acclaimed
and was shown around
the world. It also had a
long life as an exclusive
premium for donors to
public broadcasting,
but up until now it had
never been available
for sale to the public.
Ronnie reports that this is
about to change, with an
upcoming release of the
DVD. “Maybe we’re in
for some more renewed
interest in The Weavers,”
Ronnie smiles.
Ronnie Gilbert and
Holly Near went on to
make a CD called And
RIGHT: In 1953 a young Pete
Seeger, axe in hand, greeted the
even younger Bob Gibson.
Dick Miller photo provided by
Meridian Green.
RIGHT BELOW: A young Holly
Tannen with her beloved dulcimer.
Kathy Sloane photo.
Still We Sing, featuring live
and studio performances
by a number of artists.
Ronnie went on to do more
touring, recording with Peter,
Paul, and Mary as well as
Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie,
Mercedes Sosa, and many
others. She moved to Berkeley
in 1996, and ten years later
came to the Mendocino
coast in order to be close to
her daughter Lisa and her granddaughter. “I loved Mendocino since the first moment
I saw it,” Ronnie declares. “I’ve never looked back.”
Ronnie is philosophical about the trajectory of folk music in American society. “If
you look at the great spread of recorded music going back quite a ways, you could
say that recording technology actually put a stop to traditional music. Folk music, really
from pre-revolutionary times, has been about people singing songs they heard growing
up, with melodies and lyrics that changed over time.” When radio came along, says
Ronnie, music became less
participatory and more
about entertainment. At
the same time, she insists,
ongoing musical evolution
continues. “We have the
blending of black music, the
blues, the protest music of
the sixties and seventies, and
now music from the Hispanic
cultures…the urge to make
poems and songs will never
stop. Why bother analyzing
trends?” she laughs. “Why not
just sit around and sing?”
y first love is for great
stories and beautiful
tunes,” declares folklorist and songwriter Holly
Tannen. “As Utah Phillips
used to say, ‘One of the most
radical things you can do in
this country is to have fun
without spending money.’”
Holly was raised in New York
Page 4 Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011
City, and spent her early teens in Greenwich Village playing classical guitar and listening
to Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk in the coffeehouses, and to fiddle and banjo players
in Washington Square Park. “You could tell that the songs had great meaning for the
singers, in contrast to the vacuous pop music on the radio. One day I came home with
the first Joan Baez album. My father hated it, which was encouraging. I learned all the
songs off of it, and sang them loudly around the apartment.”
Holly was accepted at U.C. Berkeley after her third year of high school. At the Berkeley
Folk Festival she heard Scottish singer Jean Redpath, the New Lost City Ramblers, and
folklorist Charles Seeger. Her first boyfriend had seen Kentucky singer Jean Ritchie playing
the three-string mountain dulcimer, and he offered to make one for Holly. She fell in love
with the dulcimer, and it changed her life.
“I was painfully shy,” Holly remembers. “I had a lisp, and I never spoke in public. The
dulcimer allowed me to communicate with other people. There were old-timey string
bands that played around campus, and I discovered I could follow along with the
fiddle tunes they played.”
In 1973 Holly toured the U.S. accompanying English feminist ballad singer Frankie
Armstrong. In 1974 she moved to England, where she sang American folk songs in folk
clubs and learned traditional English and Scottish ballads from old books and from
other singers.
In 1980 she returned to Berkeley, and in 1988, after receiving a master’s degree in
folklore, Holly was invited to house-sit by Mickie Zekley, director of Lark in the Morning
Music Camp. Within two weeks she’d found a cabin in the woods and was offered a job
teaching anthropology at College of the Redwoods. “Mendocino was calling me, so I
packed my birds and my books into the station wagon and left my old life behind.”
Holly performed several monologues at the Mendocino Theatre Company as part
of Lynne Abels’ Local Heroes series. In 2000,
she performed her “one-woman, one-entity”
show, Practical Alchemy: An Exquisitely Perverse
Grace, about nineteenth-century French poet
Arthur Rimbaud.
Holly continues to sing traditional songs, often
rewriting them to reflect contemporary issues.
She has written many songs about the Northern
California subculture, including “Mendo Daisy
Chain,” “Brownies for Breakfast,” and “The
Last Hippie,” an homage to Ronnie Gilbert and
ninety-five-year-old folk singer Faith Petric. She
teaches her SongCraft workshops at festivals
and music camps, and is currently recording her
WikiLeaks Multinational Anthem, “The Geek Shall
Inherit The Earth.”
“I’ve never before lived anywhere with a
friendship network like we have here,” Holly says.
“Someone will be my dulcimer student, next year
she’ll be in my tai chi class or teaching me how
to can vegetables. I can drive into town with
an hour to spare and be sure I’ll find someone
Performer, songwriter, and folklorist
Holly Tannen in her one-woman show
Practical Alchemy, directed by Lynne
Abels at the Mendocino Theatre company in 2000. Antonia Lamb photo.
to have tea with or go for a walk. For a
loner like me, it feels magically rich and
warm. I’ve found my home, and I never
want to leave.”
inger, songwriter and banjo diva
Antonia Lamb defines folk music
as songs written by individuals,
then picked up by others and spread
through a tapestry of community. “We
are all teachers,” she declares, “and
it is our responsibility to communicate
and pass on what we know. Music
is a spiritual act. I was mentored
and brought up as a musician and
songwriter by the ‘folk’ around me
who already played and sang.”
Antonia Lamb, Bob Gibson, Biff Rose in Mendocino,
1971, not long after their legendary musical road
trip. Nicholas Wilson photo.
Antonia recalls making her first record
when she was five- or six years old, when
her ‘poppa’ brought home a recordcutting machine, with vinyl blanks and a
needle that cut the grooves as you sang
into the microphone. “ I sang ‘Home on
the Range.’ I wish I still had that record!”
Like many musicians, the young Antonia
grew up with music in the house. “We
listened to everything from classical
Antonia Lamb has released five albums over the years. This is the inside panel of Lucky’s House.
music to Broadway musicals, and I studied theater and ballet for many years.”
As a young adult, Antonia was living and working as a science fiction and novel
writer in New York the night JFK was shot. “I was living on the Lower East Side, hanging
out with musicians and writers. My friend Jim McGuinn, who later changed his name to
Roger and founded the Byrds, began writing a song right after he heard the news. That
night, I helped him write the lyrics for ‘He Was a Friend of Mine,’ and he gave me my first
banjo lesson. I started writing songs and there was no stopping me after that.”
A few years later Antonia moved to Hollywood, “…and accidently became an
astrologer to the stars.” There she met Bob Gibson, the great folk legend, at Roger’s
house. “Turned out we lived two blocks apart. I traded him a horoscope for two banjo
lessons.” Antonia recounts how Bob Gibson went into a back room and emerged with
a Vega longneck banjo in a hardshell case. “ ‘You’re a great songwriter.’ he said. ‘You
need a great banjo.’ That changed my life. I started playing out ­— at the Ash Grove,
the Troubadour, and other LA clubs.” Antonia Lamb has been a performing songwriter
ever since. “I was there in the shift from pure folk to folk rock. The value of the songwriter
was high then. We saw the power of music to change the world.”
Antonia moved to the Mendocino coast in the summer of 1971 with her two children
and her best friend. “There was a huge musical migration here in the 1969–1977 period.
I moved here because my friend Gene Clark had followed Ramblin’ Jack Eliot up here.
I had lived a half a block away from the band Cat Mother when I lived in New York but
we didn’t meet until we all moved here. Judy Mayhan, Bob Gibson, and Biff Rose moved
here in part because of me…We seem to be a tribe whether we know it or not.”
Antonia says that she was one of the first musicians to withdraw from ‘big music’
with her made-in-Mendocino 1978 debut album, Easy to Love Her. She recalls that one
of the most memorable moments in her long career was playing for eight thousand
people at the Headwaters rally in the late nineties, and says that a current high point
is her just-released fifth CD,
Frannie Leopold loves to add to her musical experience while
Banjo Grandma’s Family
traveling, as here, enjoying some friendly strumming with Cuban
Album. “It’s a musically
musicians on a recent trip to the island. Photo by Peter Barg.
sophisticated but very kidfriendly record that benefits
the Mendocino Coast
Children’s Fund. It was the
easiest and fastest album
I ever made. Everyone
working on it was filled with
energy and love. Half of
every CD sale will go to help
local kids.”
nother well-loved folk
music figure on the
Mendocino coast is
Frannie Leopold, who also
hailed from the East Coast,
moving to Mendocino in the
early seventies. “I’ve been
Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011 Page 5
involved with music since my early teenage years, when I attended New York’s High
School of Music and Art in NYC.” Frannie tells of moving to a small cabin off the grid on
Navarro Ridge in 1970. “I felt the lack of recorded music, and made up for it by getting
involved in learning and playing old-time traditional music. I learned by ear instead of
from a page of written music. The quiet rural life and lack of pressure was a perfect place
to make the leap.” Frannie, who loves all kinds of music, says that the Sweets Mill music
camp in the Sierras changed her life. “After experiencing that, my life took a major turn.”
She has enjoyed singing old-fashioned country music-style harmonies, with groups such
as The Delta Sisters and Girls Night Out, as well as Romanian, Greek, and Latin American
music, and will be teaching old time rags, waltzes and two-steps, and harmony singing
at a new folk camp called the Golden Toad, Frannie explains. “I am currently excited
about our new local group, the Cumbaleros, with Peter Barg on tololoche (a Mexican
stand-up bass), John Chamberlin on lead guitar, and Sue Crawford on three-row button
accordion. “We play cumbias, and boleros and other ethnic gems, and I get to sing in
Spanish! If we’re lucky Chad Swimmer will play percussion with us.”
n the new millennium, folk music in Mendocino is not only the prerogative of an
older generation, but has found new life with a vibrant circle of younger musicians,
often mentored by their elders. Whether called singer songwriter music, Indie, roots, or
Americana, the folk tradition is alive and well.
ne of a new generation of musicians who trace their roots to folk music is native
Mendonesian Morgan Daniel. He recounts that in the family home, the piano and
the guitar were ever-present. “I grew up within a church community, and I can’t
deny the impact that hymns and their spiritual content had on me; it is very present in
my songwriting. I was lucky enough to participate in the ROP recording project when I
was a senior in high school. In those days you put your name on the calendar and they
handed you a set of keys!”
“Later I joined forces with John Bush, the amazing Comptche musician who has
played every instrument in almost every coastal band since the early eighties. When
The Blushin Roulettes are a “new folk” group with deep roots in the Mendocino scene. Lead singer
and guitarist is Angela Rose, with (left to right) Jubal Stedman (drums), Buddy Stubbs (guitar), and
Cas Sochacki (Dobro and vocals). Pablo Abuliak photo.
Brother and sister Morgan and Gwyneth Daniels playing music at a house party in Mendocino. Morgan heads the folk group Foxglove, and Gwyneth is currently on tour with the duo Gwyneth + Monko.
Photo provided by Morgan Daniel.
he agreed to play with me I felt like I’d landed a big fish!” Soon the duo became a trio,
as multi-instrumentalist, [Michael] Booi Volk joined the group.
Morgan’s younger sister, Gwyneth Moreland, also began to exhibit a stunning vocal
talent, and the four musicians joined together as the group Foxglove. Since then, they
have been playing mostly original music in a variety of coastal venues. Gwyneth quickly
became an integral part of the coastal folk movement, and is now touring non-stop
with her partner Michael Monko in the musical duo Gwyneth + Monko. Last year, says
Morgan, Gwyneth and Monko played 160 shows all across the country.
Morgan says that he believes that folk music will continue to thrive as the internet
and user-friendly software such as GarageBand give musicians greater access to
recording technology. “This is a good thing in some ways,” he continues, “but I hope
we don’t lose sight of the need for live performance. That’s where the magic happens.”
Morgan expresses a keen appreciation for places like Frankie’s [pizza and ice cream
shop in Mendocino] and the Headlands [Coffeehouse in Fort Bragg], who he says have
consistently provided a home for folk musicians to meet audiences in an intimate setting.
“Foxglove, the Blushin’ Roulettes, and many others owe their existence to these places
as well as the good people at local festivals such as CasparFest.”
ward-winning songwriter Angela Rose heads the Blushin’ Roulettes, with cohorts Cas
Sochacki, Jubal Stedman, and Angela’s “musical hero” Buddy Stubbs. Angela says
that the musical friends first got together in another Mendocino band, the Kerosene
Kondors. “The style of music the Kondors played got me hooked on the twangier sound,”
says Angela, “and that sound seeped into the songs I was writing. The Blushin’ Roulettes
was an all-woman band for awhile, but soon morphed to include the guys.” The popular
group draws appreciative crowds wherever they play, from local haunts to far-flung
folk festivals. Angela says she feels there is another resurgence of old-time music going
on in the folk scene today. “No matter how the world evolves (or devolves, depending
on how you view it), people are still people!” she laughs. “I am most interested in music
that finds its roots in a bygone era but still pertains today.”
or at least the past fifty years, the phenomenon that has come to be called folk
music has informed and delighted multiple generations of musicians and their fans.
From the 1950s to the new millennium, and from the East Coast coffeehouses to the
streets of Mendocino, folk music continues to inspire generations of artists to celebrate
the past while looking forward towards a more ideal world where love, peace, and
justice can be gained. As Mendocino folk music maven Antonia Lamb so sagely points
out, “We’re all in it together, folks!” REM and Meridian’s project:
(Find Antonia’s Banjo Gramma’s Family Album at
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for several museums and archivists in the county. Perhaps you can
look in your own “archives” to help them furnish their new space.
Please contact Sylivia Bartley at [email protected] if you have anything
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Historical Society
to get Archives Space in Fort Bragg City Hall
An Overview from 1857 to Today by FB-MCHS Archivist, Sylvia Bartley
Exciting changes lie ahead for the Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Historical Society. FB-MCHS has been working closely
with the city of Fort Bragg on local history since 1999. The Society was incorporated in order to take over management of
the Guest House Museum, keeping it open to the public as a museum, mandated in the terms of gift from Georgia-Pacific
to the city. Going on twelve years, the Society’s active Board of Directors has not only kept it open—although more docents
are always needed to greet visitors and answer questions—but has been upgrading the displays and the interior of the 119year-old Victorian, originally built by the Fort Bragg Redwood Company when it merged with the Noyo River Lumber Company
to become the Union Lumber Company.
The Victorian served as the home for the mill manager and housed the Company’s ship captains while providing a showcase
of fine virgin redwood—new in the world of construction—for visiting businessmen. By 1913 the Victorian had become a
full-time Company Guest House, providing a hostess, cook and housekeeper, and a gardener for the grounds. It boasted the
most modern conveniences such as running water in marble-basined sinks in the second floor bedrooms.
Over the years the Victorian survived the 1906 Earthquake which burned many of the downtown buildings and destroyed
most of the brick buildings and chimneys, including the seven on the Guest House. Today the many fireplaces have been
replaced by modern heating, necessary to control the humidity which will ruin the papers and textiles stored inside.
In 1956, the Union Lumber Company established a small museum in the “fort building” surviving from the days when Fort Bragg
was an Army Post within the boundaries of the Mendocino Indian Reservation. Locals began to donate photographs and other historical
materials to the Company’s museum. In the mid-1980s Georgia-Pacific donated many historical materials to the city of Fort Bragg.
With the founding of the Historical Society in 1999 locals began to donate their photographs, documents and other historic
treasures to the Society for conservation, study, and interpretation in developing new displays as well as for a variety of local
history publications. One of our unique local history treasures is more than a dozen mammoth-sized dome-topped photographs
made by Carleton Watkins in 1863. Another unique treasure is the series of very large black-and-white panoramas, produced
by the local studio photographer, H. H. Wonacott, with a few contributed by traveling photographers passing through.
FB-MCHS inventoried all the remaining historical materials held by Georgia-Pacific in the summer of 2000 when we could
see that they would be shutting down operations in the near future. They donated the remaining materials to FB-MCHS in
January 2001, and the mill sawed its last log in September of 2002.
About April 1, 2011, FB-MCHS will move out of rented storage spaces into a newly remodeled space that is twice as large.
This will not only allow us to bring down our overhead costs, but will also provide new workspace. The new space will be
in City Hall–East. Because City Hall needs its own Archival space for records storage, and was challenged by the economic
downturn to afford their own rented storage space, we will become Archiving neighbors.
The first order of business will require ordering and installing new archival shelving units, then moving materials from old
storage shelving onto the new, then bringing flat files, a work table and chairs, etc; and finally the old shelving. Once that is
all installed, we can transfer remaining boxed collections to the new space. Like in any big move, next comes the big job of
organization to make our collections findable. Once that is done, we plan to hold an Open House, to welcome you to our new
(historic) workspace, conveniently located downtown. Watch for updates in our newsletter, Voice of the Past and other media.
ABOVE: Gym was used by the schools until they built their own gyms, c. 1940. TOP RIGHT: Community Club Dedication, Spring,
1922. RIGHT: Groundbreaking, October, 1921. Photos courtesy of FB-MCHS.
1. Desk with file drawers and credenza (or table and corner unit)
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2. Architectural file case for maps, etc.
1. Desktop computer—high capacity, with ~19+ inch monitor
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5. Office Photocopier and toner
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8. Museum management software (PastPerfect, FileMakerPro, etc.)
9. Laser Printer (b/w)
10. Security (Sunbelt’s VIPRE, or other)
1. Telephone service
2. Broadband connection to Internet (via City Hall server? other?)
3. [1] Parking space near rear entry door (while moving materials)
4. Hand truck, or piano dolly, or both
5. Dehumidifier with hose to outdoors
6. Small filtered vacuum cleaner
7. Access to recycling and trash disposal
8. Rubber door mat
9. Dust mop
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Friendly, caring staff serves three delicious home-style meals a day with
accommodation for dietary needs. An
on-site licensed nurse, emergency
call system, and 24-hour assistance
provide peace of mind and security.
Transportation to and from appointments
is included. Individualized attention
is given based on a complete personal
assessment. Companionship with peers
and stimulating activities both on- and
off-site help residents live life to the fullest. All this is surprisingly affordable,
and there is no community fee or security
deposit required!
The Lodge at The Woods. Committed
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To learn more about The Lodge at The Woods call 707 937-0294 or 800 469-6637
43300 Little River Airport Road, Little River, CA 95456 •
The Woods is owned and operated by Northern California Presbyterian Homes & Services, Inc. CA Lic. No 236800187
Beauty. Security. Activity.
Retirement Living at The Woods.
The Woods. Retirement living for seniors
55+ on 37 sunbelt acres nestled among
ancient redwoods, pines and rhododendrons. A special place, the beauty of
California’s North Coast and the vibrancy
of historic Mendocino arts and cultural
community is just minutes away.
Explore and enjoy all the area offers from
your private, quality manufactured home.
Start with activities in the on-premises
clubhouse. Read a book from our library.
Take a dip in the indoor heated pool and
spa. Meander on almost two miles of
wooded walking paths. Visit neighbors
and make new friends in the community.
Take a scenic drive to pick huckleberries,
play golf at a nearby course, or visit any
of six stunning state beaches. Enjoy an
active and secure lifestyle with a unique
blend of nature and gracious living.
The Woods. Affordable living on the
magnificent Mendocino Coast.
Over 50 years of combined experience in Mendocino County soils.
• Designs satisfying all county and
state conditions for subdivisions, residential and commercial development
• Service technicians with NAWT and
COWWA Maintenance Provider
• Preliminary evaluations offered for
real estate transactions
• All types of systems are maintained: gravity leach fields, pump
systems, aerobic treatment systems,
fixed media filters (units from all
• Required wet weather tests
• Water quantity testing to address
subdivision or second residence
• Drainage design
• System repair consultation
• Hand evacuation to evaluate existing
system performance
• Equipment repairs
• Maintenance on both commercial
and residential systems
• Maintenance on systems in
Mendocino County’s Non-Standard
Systems Program
• Service technicians with years of
hands-on system installation experience for all types of disposal
• Designs for system repair addressing
all county requirements
Equal Housing
To learn more about The Woods call 707 937-0294 or 800 469-6637
43300 Little River Airport Road, Little River, CA 95456 •
The Woods is owned and operated by Northern California Presbyterian Homes & Services, Inc.
We are private consultants who are not affiliated with any specific product or system.
We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our clients, designing and
maintaining the disposal systems appropriate to the unique soil conditions
found on each property.
Page 8 Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011
real eState
Shoreline ProPertieS
18300 Old Coast Highway, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 Across From The Botanical Gardens
on the Mendocino Coast
Westport to Gualala
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated office: (707) 964-1888 • Fax: (707) 964-8408 • Rentals: (707) 964-2841
Specializing in
Va, cal-Vet,
Short Sales
and Distressed
We are the Coast’s Foreclosure experts • Call about upcoming listings!
MaGniFiCent, neaRly neW, 4 bedroom, 4 bath home. Features include two
upstairs ensuites, gourmet kitchen with
granite countertops, and massive stone
living room fireplace. Seller is licensed
CA Real Estate Broker. (21552) $850,000
Walk to mackerricher State Park
from this well-designed home with open
floor plan, sunken living room, rock
fireplace, and massive spa and gazebo
deck. Now a popular vacation rental.
Furnishings negotiable. (22476) $599,000
immaculate, three bedroom, two
bath home with a peek of ocean, walking distance to shopping and the harbor.
Features include large deck, RV parking
with hookups, greenhouse, workshop,
and bonus spaces. Unbeatable at this
price. (22684) $315,000
enD-oF-RoaD pRivaCy for this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on 1+ flat, usable
acres. Walk to state park, beaches and
the miles of seaside walking! (22620)
BeautiFul, close-up ocean views, from
the flat, buildable lot in gated subdivision!
(22661) $299,000
one acre Parcel with views close to
town and shopping. End-of-road privacy.
Well and septic in. (22347) Owner may
carry $185,000
Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To Foreclosure • Call Us Now For Help! • 964-1888 x 105
exquiSitely deSigned, immaculately
maintained and incredibly functional, 3
bedroom, 2 bath home on completely
landscaped 2+ acre parcel in the sunbelt.
(22301) $599,000
“Sea dream” is currently the only
house on the market that offers unobstructed white water ocean views and
is steps to the “Haul Road”. Picture
windows show it all. Twenty+ year
vacation rental history with client list.
(22678) $822,500
good curb aPPeal for this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home set well back from
the street Open floor plan, separate
laundry room, and big deck on the west
side. Detached bedroom and two-car
garage. (22691) $193,400
FantaStiC pRiCe on a big house on
double lot in desirable neighborhood.
Nearly top-to-bottom remodel. 20 ft. X
20 ft. workshop plus storage. (22593)
All Points Real Estate Service
32670 Highway 20, Fort Bragg Corner of South Harbor Drive and Highway 20
Office: 707-961-1020 • Fax: 707-961-1035 •
office 707.964.5503
Ruth Schnell Broker
[email protected]
cell 707.813.8388
[email protected]
Ted & Dodie Christian Realtors®
[email protected]
QuAinT RuSTiC COTTAGE amid a garden setting of long-time
award-winning flowers to be
enjoyed from the private patio
and many walkways. The threebay detached garage with shop
is a must-see for the hobbyist or
collector. Located within walking distance of beaches and park.
MLS 21427 Reduced to $439,000
ThiS GRAnD PiECE OF OCEAnFROnT PROPERTy with panoramic
views from its 12.9± acres is located approximately one mile
south of Elk, fifteen miles south
of Mendocino and about a threeto four-hour drive from San
Francisco. On site are a small
cabin/studio and a two-story,
1,600 sq. ft. shop/garage. MLS
21543 $1,725,000
Sherwood Cottage. Two bedroom, 2 bath home with
plenty of built-in storage and the possibility of expanding
home at the rear. Currently on city water with septic; 50
x 150 lot. Temple Road runs along west boundary of the
property allowing easy access to rear. Detached garage,
carport and fenced yard. MLS 22038
Mendocino Pacific Realty THE LAND SOURCE
Three PrIVATe PArCeLS Just Reduced!
Located at the end of a mile of private driveway. A serene
and beautiful setting with incredible vistas framed by
large redwoods. Family-owned for generations, these
parcels are now available for the first time. Building
pads are in place and soils work has been done on all
parcels. Wells are drilled on the 3- and 10-acre parcels.
The 10-acre parcel has an ocean view! A once in-alifetime opportunity to own a piece of paradise. Power
to both 10-acre and 28-acre parcels has been installed;
these won’t last long!
3 acres MLS 20933 $250,000
28 acres MLS 20931 $375,000
10 acres MLS 20930 $450,000
City Lot: 0.14 acres zoned RVH. Located in Fort
Bragg close to amenities. Owner will carry. $109,750
1+ Acre Parcel: Located 1 mile inland up Pudding
Creek Road this parcel has a three bedroom aerobic
septic system installed. Owner will carry. $183,500
One City Acre near college; zoned for multi units.
MLS 22246 Listed at $399,000
Riverfront Residential Compound. Open the gate
and step into the picture-perfect sanctuary. Views across
the Ten Mile Estuary to white water ocean views beyond
the dunes are breathtaking. Detached deck is positioned
perfectly for the widest sunset view you can imagine and
the two cottages are a retreat from everyday life, sheltered
yet fully exposed to the south and west. Wander down the
steps to the boathouse and launch your kayak or watch
abundant wildlife in this diverse habitat. The exuberant
cottage garden is landscaped with easy care in mind.
MLS 22153 Price Reduced to $895,000
Bank-Owned Property. Nestled up the hill with distant ocean and
dune views, this
4 bedroom,
over 1.3 acres,
in Inglenook.
MLS 22580
Auction, Bank-Owned Property Call for details 4
bedroom, 2.5 bath home located on private, end-of-road,
old Great op2.4 wooded Sacres.
portunity for you to acquire
your own Mendocino home at
a reasonable price. MLS 22288
Reduced to $366,529
Member of Coastal Mendocino Association of Realtors (CMAR), Bay Area Real Estate Information Services (BAREIS).
Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011 Page 9
For more detailed information and photos, and to search
the mls, visit
10483 Lansing
in the heart of
MeMber of fLeX
& bareis MLs
ThiS iSSue’S ShOWCASeD liSTingS
THIS PRIVATE OCEAN VIEW ESTATE is situated near Point Arena on the
top of 9.72 acres with majestic ocean views, towering trees and lush
meadows. The hand-built, 2 bedroom, 3.5 bath home, with two bonus
rooms for den or office, departs from the architectural stereotype of
rectangular shapes. This three-story amazing mixture of octagonal and
pyramid shapes, cathedral-style doorways and stained glass windows
enhances the magic and wonder of coastal living. Also includes a guest
cottage, a care-taker studio apartment and much more. (19919) $549,000
COUNTRY COMFORT AWAITS YOU IN CLEONE. This well-built, spacious, 3 bedroom, 3 bath home is situated on a private sunny 1 acre. The
lower floor contains the living room, kitchen, one bedroom and bath The
upper floor has a family room with an open floor plan that is perfect for
entertaining, a large master suite and another bedroom and bath. There
is a two-car attached garage, a huge 24 ft. x 36 ft. detached workshop/
garage, and a convenient automatic 17kW generator for the occasional
winter power outage. Cleared sunny yard surrounded by mature redwoods.
(22202) $449,000
bedroom, 3.5 bath home with modern amenities boasts architectural warmth of
class and style. The expansive great room is stunning with a gorgeous fireplace
being the centerpiece between large windows that look out on blue water ocean
views. There are two separate living spaces, each complete with a full kitchen,
dining area, living room, bedroom and laundry room. Other features include a
sauna, two large decks, a large attic, a great well and spring water. Along with
four garage bays that will shelter seven vehicles, there are several substantial
outbuildings for storage and workshops. (22063) $839,000
of one of the two separate units currently offered for sale. The floor plans
are identical. Both are on the second floor and have two bedrooms and one
bath. Located near the hospital, health club, shops, restaurants, offices
and other homes on the south side of Fort Bragg. It is only a few blocks
from the Noyo Harbor. The monthly dues of $175 cover insurance, water,
sewer, trash pickup, and exterior maintenance and landscaping. Ideal
second home for weekend getaways. Easy to see! Make an appointment
today! Asking (22578) $149,000 and (22226) $149,900
TREMENDOUS COMMERCIAL LOCATION. This stately “Farm House” fronts on
Main Street in Fort Bragg. The two-story building has been completely re-modeled
downstairs and has new dual-pane windows, floor covering, paint, and roof The
entry hall accesses two nice offices each containing a full bath, a kitchen, and an
attached garage. Upstairs is unfinished but has four rooms with closets and a half
bath. The building enjoys ocean views and has both Main Street and alley access.
The adjoining 50 ft. x 150 ft. and 30 ft. x 150 ft. lots may also be purchased to
create a larger commercial complex. (22623) $295,000
THIS VERY WELL-PRICED PROPERTY offers a private, end-of-the-road
building site. It is a very beautiful one acre with a beautiful redwood, fir,
and pine tree forest; situated in Cleone, not far from MacKerricher Park.
The well is in; there are approved plans by Carl Rittiman for a standard
septic, and there is a good gravel road in place. There are water tanks
on the property for CDF water use as per new subdivision requirements.
This is parcel No. 2, one residence per parcel. Large neighboring parcels
on two sides of property offer a large buffer for privacy. (22641) $125,000
complEtE catalog oF listings – Details at
Listings shown in italic have new lower prices.
4bd/3.5ba 4,500 sq.ft, Fort Bragg
Main Street restaurant, Fort Bragg
2bd/2.5ba Gordon Lane home, Mendocino
$1,400,000 Main Street/Laurel corner location, Fort Bragg
1bd/1ba 4 acres, views, 2 homes, Mendocino
$1,450,000 1 Commercial block on Lansing St., Mendocino
2bd/1ba Condo, Fort Bragg
2bd/1ba Condo, Fort Bragg
$1,495,000 2bd/2ba Intown, B&B license, Mendocino
$1,699,000 3bd/2.5ba Residential/Commercial, Mendocino
2bd/2ba Sunny location, Little River
$1,699,000 3bd/2.5ba Residential/Commercial, Mendocino
$3,200,000 57 acres, oceanfront campground, Westport
2bd/2ba 2 homes/price of one! Fort Bragg
2bd/1ba On 0.5 acre, Fort Bragg
2bd/2ba 2 homes/price of one! Fort Bragg
8bd/4ba 1.5 acres, Fort Bragg
(In Escrow) MLS#21015
8bd/4ba 1.5 acres, Fort Bragg
2bd,1ba 5 acres, in the sunbelt, Fort Bragg
2bd/2ba 6 + acres in the sunbelt, Fort Bragg
3bd/3ba Country comfort in Cleone
1bd/1ba Home and studio, Mendocino
3bd/2ba Back at greatly reduced price
0.1 acre on Main Street, Fort Bragg
2ba/3.5ba Ocean view, 9+ acres, Point Arena
2bd/2ba White water views, Mendocino
1ba/1ba 13 park-like acres, pond, Mendocino
lanD & lots
REsiDEntial incomE
0.1 acre on Main Street, Fort Bragg
(In Escrow) MLS#21015
Close to beach with redwoods and pines
12bd/6ba 6 apartments, Fort Bragg
Nice wooded acre with redwood, fir and pine
1bd/1ba 4 acres, views, 2 homes, Mendocino
Parcel 1, wooded acre with well, Cleone
$1,495,000 2bd/2ba Intown, B&B license, Mendocino
0.17 acre on Main Street, Fort Bragg
$1,699,000 3bd/2.5ba Residential/Commercial, Mendocino
One sunny Surfwood acre
commERcial & commERcial lanD
160 acres inland from Westport
30 acres, serene and private, Caspar
0.17 acre on Main Street, Fort Bragg
1ba/1ba 13 park-like acres, pond, Mendocino
Two-story building on Main Street, Fort Bragg
8 acres with views, Navarro Ridge, Albion
Heart of the retail district in Fort Bragg
2.55 acres, ocean view, near Haul Road Ft. Bragg MLS#22626
3bd/3ba Ocean views, Surfwood! Mendocino
Convenient location, two-story professional office building,
2.25 acres, ocean view, near Haul Road Ft. Bragg MLS#22628
2bd/2ba 1.7 acres in sunbelt, Fort Bragg
Fort Bragg
64 acres, ocean view, near 10 Mile, Fort Bragg
3bd/1ba Craftsman-style home, Mendocino
Industrial complex, 3 buildings, Fort Bragg
Overlooking Elk Beach
David Coddington, Broker/Owner 937.3223 • Tracey Coddington, Realtor/Owner 937.5071 • Melanie (Sis) Burdick, Broker Associate 937.3276
Allen Petersen, Broker Assoc. 964.4400 • Mary Cesario Weaver, Realtor 961.0937 • Bobby Burdick, Realtor 937.3176 • Sue Shabazz, Realtor 937.5071 • Patrice Ka’ohi, Realtor 217.1903
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le Detail
• Pre-qualification
• Real Estate Sales
• Mortgage / Trust Deeds
~ BoAts ~ RVs
Serving Fort Bragg and the Mendocino Coast
3,000 RefeRences & counting ~ excellence guaRanteed!
Up and down The Coast
and Inland as well, it’s
the place to be seen
by visitors and locals too.
For more information:
Erina Reeves 937-3565
[email protected]
131C Boatyard Drive, Fort Bragg CA 95437
1-800-698-0708 / 707-964-0708 / 707-357-0819
Real Estate Broker, California Department of Real Estate
License Number 01845615
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Seascape Realty
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P.O. Box 583, Mendocino, CA 95460
The Gold Standard
Fort Bragg Realty
809 North Main Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Office: DRE#01300756
Office: DRE#01300756
BARBARA CLARK, Broker Associate
809 North Main Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
809 N. Main Street Fort Bragg CA 95437
(707) 964-2179
California DRE License 01237710
707 961-1111
Member of Coastal and Bay Area MLS System
Fort Bragg Realty
There are also some nice redwoods on this parcel. Septic design completed. Mutual water system.
Corners marked. A must-see for building your dream
home. Very close to Mendocino. Established neighborhood. Survey and topo map. Drive by this beautiful lot
and bring me an offer. #22597 $279,000
but great home. There is wood heat and electric. Nice
kitchen with dining space. It has a large barn, twostory shop with storage on the top floor and room for
your cars or projects on the bottom floor. Nice level
acre with room for your garden. This is on a dead-end
private road which gives one the privacy they are
looking for. #22419 $265,000
THIS OLDER, 1973, MANUFACTURED, 2 bedroom,
2 bath home with newer carpet is very livable and has a
mobile home approved wood stove; some repair needed
in ceiling area. This property was inherited however
heirs have not lived there. It is on a nice acre in the
sunbelt. There is an outside chicken pen area, storage
shed, and wood shed. Looks like plenty of room for a
garden area. #22345 $145,000
front access. Small older home on the property but
the value is in the timber and land. In the sunbelt.
Beautiful stands of redwoods and open grassy meadows! This property is a gem on the Mendocino coast.
#21949 $1,500,000
CUTE, BRAND NEW, two bedroom,
1.5 bath cottage just steps from
MacKerricher State Park. Open floor
plan and vaulted ceilings. Front and
rear porch/decks. On the ocean side
of Highway 1. Seller holds a real estate
broker’s license. 22211 $340,000
YOU’LL ENJOY the end-of-road
privacy of this 3 bedroom, 2 bath,
country house on 1.67 acres in the
sunbelt. A large loft could be a fourth
bedroom. All this and vaulted ceilings,
too. Outside there is a small fenced
garden area. 22327 $349,000
® and ™ trademarks of Century 21 Real Estate Corporation. Equal Housing Opportunity.
Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011 Page 11
Gale Beauchamp Realty D
345 Cypress Street, Fort Bragg, California 95437
Telephone: 707 964-5532
Investors—Two prime properties now paired for quick
sale, both have outstanding ocean views west across
Noyo River harbor and jetty. Super well-maintained
inside and out with newer roofs and exterior paint,
these properties include a very tastefully renovated, 2
bedroom, 2 bath home on 0.34 acre parcel and a wellmaintained duplex on a separate parcel. The views from
rear decks and patio overlook the mooring docks on
the river as it winds eastward. Landscaped, manicured, and very appealing residential
properties with rare combination of everchanging views. (22530 ) $650,000.
Gale Beauchamp, Broker [email protected]
Sheila Biaggi, Realtor® 937-4965 [email protected]
Lucien Long, Realtor® 877-1711 [email protected]
Maureen Petersen, Realtor® 272-0748 [email protected]
Historic 1870s Mendocino building original, the Lemos’ Saloon has unrivaled ocean and Mendocino
Bay views. Positioned at the
quiet end of Main Street
within steps of Mendocino
Headlands State Park trails
and Mendocino Bay. This historic commercial gem has a
newer roof and a 2004, remodeled, second-story, 1 bedroom
apartment with captivating
white water view. Current
usage is Main Street retail/
office and residential space.
For investors, this could be
a versatile live/work space or
a second home with commercial income and tax write-offs.
(22453) $776,000.
This an ideal, sunny, small, farm property east
of Fort Bragg and above the Noyo River offering open meadowland with a barn and a large
storage/shop/studio structure. Privately set back
off Sherwood Road and accessed by a paved
driveway, this very special 12 acre parcel has
power and an approved septic plan. A great
place to build offering natural beauty in a very
convenient location. (22145) $450,000.
Charming, 2 bedroom cottage in the appealing
northeast area of Fort Bragg has an exceptionally
large and well-cared-for yard, and a studio apartment adjacent to the detached garage. Beautifully
developed rear lawn bordered by mature landscaping with many trees in the separate west yard. The
house has original oak plank floors throughout,
wonderful dining room overlooking the garden,
and a great fireplace. (22584) $367,500.
d For a photo album of each of our listings, please see D
Tim Mathias, Broker
Sheri Hansen, Agent
Rick Soderlind, Agent
Box 402, Boonville, CA 95415
“Sara was patient, listened well, and asked good questions… she was
an excellent advocate for us through a difficult escrow… We would
strongly recommend her to our family and friends.”
Fax (707) 895-3340
Country Property
Ranches, Timber, Vineyards
Phone 707 895-3333
—Buyers in Anderson Valley
Mendocino: (707) 937-1565, ext. 13
Anderson Valley: (707) 895-2255
Toll free: (800) 454-1565, ext. 13
E-mail: [email protected]
View Anderson Valley Real Estate
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Vacation Home
Mendocino Coast Reservations
announces that it has space
available on its exclusive roster
of luxury oceanside vacation
rental homes. If you are interested in having your home represented by the coast’s oldest,
most-experienced and mostsought-after rental service.
Please Call 937-1000
Mailing: PO Box 1143
45084 Little Lake Road
Mendocino, California 95460
707 937-5033
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Fax: 707 937-4236
Natural Woods
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Everyone’s Home
Complete Home Furnishing & Design Center
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“Shop uptown at the Mart – over 60 years serving your furnishing needs.”
235 N. Franklin Street u Fort Bragg u 964-2501
Page 12 Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011
Me n d o c i n o’s ol de st R e a l e stat e Fi R M s e Rv i n g t h e coa st s i n c e 1963
Automatic e-mails available for new listings, price reductions and foreclosures. • To access our listings and to view all listings in the area go to
two locations to seRve you 7 days a week
Mendocino - 1061 Main stReet (707) 937-5822
in Irish Beach. Ocean views, quiet, corner lot, cozy stone
fireplace, window seats, and private patio for barbecuing
or cooking abalone! Lake and beach access; mutual water.
(22651) $329,500
THE JARVIS NICHOLS BUILDING Reconstructed from a fire
in early 2008, it is more beautiful than ever. The entire building
has been restored from foundation to roof. The upstairs live/
work spaces are elegant and have many fine details including new
kitchens and baths detailed in granite and marble. The original
floors have been restored. New wiring and plumbing throughout
the entire building. As always the front two live/work apartments
have spectacular ocean views plus fireplaces and central heat. This
investment is a wonderful opportunity for a 1031 exchange that
will provide the owner with a “pied a terre” in Mendocino plus
income. (21582) $4,500,000
LIVE AND WORK IN THE HEART OF MENDOCINO Perfect live/work retail building for an artist. Great investment.
Newly reconstructed, 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment plus studio, and commercial rentals. Adjacent property available (MLS
20714). Zoning allows residence on Calpella Street where sign
is. Businesses are not for sale! (21406) $739,500
MENDOCINO INVESTMENT Excellent multitenant investment in the center of Mendocino. Great
mix of local and visitor traffic. Two commercial
tenants, three residential tenants, and all new construction. Two street fronts. (20714) $1,850,000
SEA SERENITY This newly remodeled, 2 bedroom, 2.5
bath, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home with arched ceiling and grand brick fireplace has sweeping ocean views from
most rooms. Huge contemporary chef ’s kitchen with granite countertops and separate pantry/laundry room. (21876)
MENDOCINO MELODY This comfortable home with
white water views is sited in a quiet neighborhood and
features a reverse floor plan for easy living. The upstairs
kitchen/dining area has fabulous views and features a
cozy living room gathering area. Bedrooms are downstairs along with a spacious living room with fireplace and
ocean views. A great vacation rental! Hot tub with great
white water views and south-facing enclosed garden area.
(22689) $598,000
“WHERE BEAUTY SURROUNDS YOU” Enjoy Mother Nature’s myriad of coastal views from this spectacular
18 acre homesite in a serene rural setting. White water ocean views include waves crashing against multiple tiny
offshore islets before lapping onto the beach at Abalobadia estuary. Amidst other generous-sized parcels, additional views include large open meadows, distant mountain ridges, all framed by lush coastal pine and cypress
trees. (20875) $800,000
RIDGETOP GRANDEUR Private, ridgetop, 33± acre parcel with many level, usable acres. Enjoy lofty picturesque views out over Railroad Gulch and north to multiple ridges beyond. Redwoods, firs, and madrones combine
with serene open meadows to create a park-like setting with several excellent options for homesites. Large acreage
out of the coastal zone allows for many possibilities. Developed well and approved septic design. Gated shared
access. (22245) $399,000
MENDOCINO PANORAMA Beautiful blufftop homesite on desirable Chapman Point. Dramatic crashing
white water views from lush rolling terrain dotted with mature coastal pines, firs, and cypress. One of the finest
undeveloped homesites on the Mendocino coast. Accessed via a private drive that adjoins 300± acres of open
space providing an abundance of recreational access. Convenient to all of the culture, services, and conveniences
of Mendocino village. (21052) $1,775,000
Peggy Merrill, Realtor® 937-4009
Barry Cusick, Broker Assoc. 937-4010
Cheri Osborne, Broker Assoc. 937-2062
Ted Tanner, Broker Assoc. 964-9190
Charlie Reed, Broker Assoc
Phyllis St. John, Broker Assoc. 937-5822
Jim Eldridge, Realtor® 937-6070
Johanna Hopper, Realtor® 937-1671
DeeDee Thomas, Realtor® 671-3450
Greg Burke, Broker 489-7027
FoRt BRagg - 690 south Main stReet (707) 964-3610
HORSE LOVER’S DELIGHT 3.3 fenced and cross-fenced
level acres privately located in the sunbelt with an attractive
and comfortable, 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with nice open
floor plan and 1 bedroom, 1 bath, guest unit and garage.
Property is already nicely set up for horses with two pastures, loafing shed, large barn, stable, and storage currently
used for tack. (22447) $459,000
IN SUNSET'S WAY Large home on 2 acres with
ocean view, close to services. Walk to the Mendocino
Coast Botanical Gardens. The four bedrooms all have
their own bathrooms. Great home for entertaining
with central living dining areas. Detached four-car
garage helps to create a private courtyard with spa
and barbecue area. Newly painted and newer roof.
Currently a vacation rental and well-suited for that
purpose. (22494) $699,000
6.7 ACRES OF BEAUTY Incredible rare find! Experience
this romantic 6.7 mostly flat acres. Enjoy this 2 bedroom, 1
bath home with decks on three sides of the house, and tile entry that flows into the kitchen with walk-in pantry. The house
has an open floor plan, with a beautiful flagstone fireplace.
Two-car detached garage with asphalt paved driveway, guest
unit with bath, new roof in 2004, three storage buildings, and
leach field recently replaced. Near MacKerricher State Park,
this has horse property potential! (21967) $545,000
LUXURIOUS LIVING Stunning, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath,
custom-built home. The living room offers vaulted ceilings with skylights. A wood fireplace with slate hearth
complements the custom-built cherry wood mantel.
This home is designed to accommodate a large family
or guests. It is surrounded by lush landscaping. Open
dinning room and kitchen with granite countertops. Detached two-story garage/shop with tall ceilings. Second
story is a studio and hobby room. (21968) $749,900
COUNTRY LIVING Not far from the Pacific you
will find this spacious, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, immaculate home situated on a park-like acre with southern
exposure. You will love the circular drive along with
the attached two-car garage. New garage doors, new
vinyl windows, new wall-to-wall carpet, new heater
ducts, new water pump, and a large concrete patio that
is perfect for entertaining after spending a day at the
beach. (22504) $399,000
Well-maintained home located in the Hazelwood Subdivision. The home features include two bedrooms, two
baths, office, vaulted ceilings, hardwood flooring, large
kitchen, sunroom, and two-car attached garage. Outside
enjoy the redwood forest from your patio or wood-fired
hot tub. (22487) $399,000
4 bedroom, 2 bath, ranch-style home was designed and
contractor-owner built in 1973 by Philip Webb. The home
features large living room with vaulted ceiling and dining
area, and kitchen with lots of storage, built-in desk and pantry. Separate breakfast room. Central heat and wood stove.
Two-car garage and storage shed. Nice backyard with cherry, plum, peach, fig, walnut and apple trees. Located across
from the proposed Regional Park and Golf Course. (22381)
Michael Romo, Broker Assoc. 357-0865 Linda Simpson, Realtor® 813-0964
John Kruzic, Realtor® 357-0354 Dale Simpson, Realtor® 530-859-0964
Gary J. Roach, Realtor® 489-1136 Greg Burke, Broker 489-7027
Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011 Page 13
CENTURY 21 Fort Bragg Realty
809 North Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
401 North Main Street, Suite 302
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
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345 Cypress Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
ALL POINTS Real Estate Service
32670 Highway 20, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
P.0. Box 402, Boonville, CA 95415
RE/MAX Shoreline Properties
18200 Old Coast Hwy., Fort Bragg, CA 95437
964-1888 • 888 942-8284
CENTURY 21 Seascape Realty
45050 Little Lake Street, Mendocino, CA 95460
10483 Lansing Street, Mendocino, CA 95460
937-5071 • 800 710-4825
45010 Ukiah Street, Mendocino 95460
937-1565 • 800 454-1565
10481 Lansing Street, Mendocino, CA 95460
35505 South Highway 1, Anchor Bay, CA 95445
1061 Main Street, Mendocino, CA 95460
At “SEACLIFF,” P. O. Box 512, Gualala, CA 95445
Main and Evergreen streets
Mendocino, CA 95460
45080 Little Lake Street, Mendocino, CA 95460
COLDWELL BANKER Pacific Real Estate
884-3591 • 800 660-3591
COLDWELL BANKER Pacific Real Estate
39351 South Highway 1,
P. O. Box 700, Gualala, CA 95445
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39040 South Highway 1 • Gualala, CA 95445
Page 14 Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011
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Real Events Calendar
Ongoing, 2011
Mondays—Weekly vigils at Mike Thompson’s office,
Franklin Street, Fort Bragg, 10:00 a.m.
Mondays—Drop-in English Country Dance,
6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., C.V. Starr Community Center,
300 South Lincoln Street, Fort Bragg; $6 at the door.
Thursdays—Support group for grandparents raising grandchildren, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Safe
Passage Family Resource Center, 208 Dana Street,
Fort Bragg; 964-1931 or 964-3077.
Thursdays—Bingo; snacks and beverages provided; 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:00 p.m.), 490 North
Harold Street; 964-0443.
Fridays—Noyo Food Forest learning garden handson experiences, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Fort Bragg
High School; 964-0218.
Fridays—Swing Dancing, 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.,
Caspar Inn; Free and open to the public.
Saturdays—Noyo Food Forest community garden,
10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; grow food for the Food Bank;
Mendocino Community Garden next to the recreation center; 964-0218.
First Fridays—Women in Black Peace Vigil,
5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Town Hall, Fort Bragg. All are
welcome to come and stand in silence for Peace.
You are welcome to bring a candle.
First and Third Fridays—Irish Set Dance Workshops, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., 307 East Redwood Avenue, Fort Bragg; $5 at the door; 964-7525; social
dances of rural Ireland, Irish sets are danced by
four couples in a square formation, to lively reels,
jigs, polkas, slides, and hornpipes; the figures are
not difficult, though the dance is fast-paced; musicians familiar with Irish music are invited to come
and play; “drop-in” basis; newcomers always welcome, no partner necessary; please wear clean,
soft-soled shoes.
First Saturdays—SHARE (Simply Happy About
Raw Eating) network’s Raw Food Potluck, 6:00 p.m.;
bring an organic, raw vegan dish for eight people to
share, a plate, eating utensils; upstairs of the Company Store at Living Light, Fort Bragg; 357-2030.
luck and open stage. Bring music, food, and
poetry; 428 North Main Street, Fort Bragg,
behind PAWS; doors open by 6:00 p.m.;
961-6099 or 964-2511 on Wednesday.
Fourth Sunday—Grange Pancake Breakfasts: Inland, Little Lake Grange, 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Little Lake Grange #670, 291 School Street, Willits; $6
for pancakes, eggs, ham or bacon, juice, and coffee
or tea; Thanksgiving coffee and real maple syrup.
Coast, Whitesboro Grange, 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.;
ham and eggs, pancakes, juice, milk, coffee and teas
(herbal and regular), homemade berry syrup; three
miles up Navarro Ridge Road, just south of Albion
Fourth Sunday—Breakfast in Caspar, featuring
local, organic and gourmet food, 9:00 a.m. to 11:30
a.m., Caspar Community Center, 15051 Caspar
Road; menu varies with the seasons; book sale takes
place in conjunction; call 964-4997 for more information or visit for monthly
February, 2011
Fri. 02/18
Mendocino Stories and Music Series
Lenny Laks and John Chamberlin. Lenny and John,
AKA The Whales, have been playing on the coast for
more than thirty years. The duos’ set list will stretch
from Lenny’s originals to John’s renditions of America’s hip favorites. Sort of Rock Jazz Pop Country
Latin Gospel. All ages welcome! Bistro menu and
libations are available as soon as the doors open at
6:30 p.m. Come early for dinner, and get cozy.
Sliding scale $10–$15
7:30 p.m.
Mendocino Hotel, 45080 Main Street, Mendocino
For more information, call Pattie at 937-1732 or
Fri. 02/18
Public Meeting
Sponsored by the Mendocino Institute. Dr. Gray
Brechin, founder and project scholar of California’s
New Deal Project will speak on “Another World
Was Possible: What Enlightened Government Can
Do. The New Deal’s Lasting Contributions to California.” Dr. Brechin’s talk will include accounts of
such projects as The Woodlands and Cotton Auditorium. Brechin is an historical geographer, a
frequent radio and television guest, and a popular
public speaker.
Admission is free.
7:30 p.m.
Caspar Community Center
Call 962-9213 for information.
Sat 02/19
Public Meeting
Sponsored by the Mendocino Institute. Raj Patel,
the award-winning writer, activist and academic,
will speak on “What Are the Barriers to Food Sovereignty in Northern California?” Patel has degrees
from the University of Oxford, the London School of
Economics, and Cornell University. He has worked
for the World Bank and WTO, and protested against
them around the world. He’s currently a visiting
scholar at U.C. Berkeley’s Center for African Studies. His first book was Stuffed and Starved: The
Hidden Battle for the World Food System and his
latest, The Value of Nothing, is a New York Times
Admission is free.
7:30 p.m.
Caspar Community Center
Call 962-9213 for information.
Wed. 02/23
Mendocino Coast Handweavers’ Guild
Meeting and program; a studio tour of the artists
Larry Thomas, painter/printmaker and Ann Hedges,
abstract natural materials artist. Both artist utilize
similar subject matter (natural organic elements)
in their respective work yet the two artists work in
completely different styles.
The tour will begin at 11:00 a.m.
29893 Madsen Lane, Fort Bragg; drive three miles
up Oak Street; turns into Sherwood; turn right on
Madsen; address on fence.
For more information, contact Marie at 964-9157.
Fri. 02/25
Mendocino Stories and Music Series
Musicians and songwriters Sheila Fetzer and Bob
Daley in the first Ukiah event. Bob and Sheila
played for the Series last September to a standing
room only audience. Sheila’s heartfelt style is revealed through her songwriting, singing and guitar
playing. Her original songs come to her as bits and
pieces, fragmentations of life and death and love.
Bob Daley is known as a “player’s player”, singer
and songwriter, with his easygoing nature, subtle
humor and stirring music. Expect to hear original
tunes as well as their interpretations of familiar
songs. All ages welcome! Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Come early for best seating.
Tickets are $15 at the door.
Showtime is 7:30 p.m.
SPACE Theater, 508 West Perkins Street, Ukiah
For more information, call Pattie at 937-1732 or
Sat. 02/26
Mendocino Stories and Music Series
The Rose Knight Band. They will play two acoustic
sets, celebrating the final weekend of “Coastal Expressions” art exhibit at Oddfellows Hall. This exhibit is a showcase of artwork made by Mendocino
Art Center Artists in Residence and other talented
local artists. The gallery is located at the corner of
Ukiah and Kasten Streets in Mendocino. Lead singer Rose Knight started singing and performing as a
child. As an adult Rose has been on the road and
in a number of bands, performing on stages from
L.A. to Nashville to Austin. She will be joined by
Denny Knight, a five-time Grammy-nominated inde-
Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011 Page 15
Information about your event must be written copy… E-mail, FAX, mail or delivered to our
office. To limit errors and omissions phone messages about events will not be accepted.
A telephone number for information must be included.
Public Service Announcements Courtesy of Real Estate Magazine.
pendent producer on rhythm guitar; “The Coastal
Rocker” Steve Garrison on lead guitar and vocals;
and Joe the Boogie Man Pardini on bass.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
$10 at the door
Music starts at 7:30 p.m.
For more information, call Pattie at 937-1732 or go
online to
March, 2011
Fri. 03/04–Sat. 03/05
Hit and Run Theater and Friends
Improvised fun, games, and stories in the Mendocino Stories and Music Series. Local Hit and Runners
featuring Jill Jahelka, Ken Krauss,
Doug Nunn, Kathy
O’Grady, Christine
Samas, Dan Sullivan, and Steve
Weingarten, along
with musical
accompanist Laura
Derry will play for you in their Springtime Comedy
Weekend. Long a fixture on the North Coast, Hit and
Run has been a force for local comedy since the late
1970s and has done over thirty original shows, including ten Mendocino Comedy Festivals. They now
enter their fourth season with the Series, with two
evenings filled with improvised skits, scenes, stories, and songs.
Sliding scale at the door $10–$15.
Bistro menu and drinks are available as soon as the
doors open at 6:30 p.m. Come early for best seating.
Showtime is 7:30 p.m.
Hill House Inn of Mendocino.
For more information, call Pattie at 937-1732 or go
online to
Sat. 03/05
Symphony of the Redwoods
Allan Pollack conducts the orchestra in a program
spanning two centuries of music by Britten, Elgar,
and Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #5, featuring Paul
Hersh on piano. There will be a pre-concert dinner
at the Redwood Coast Senior Center next door to
Cotton Auditorium. A fabulous dinner of prime rib
or chicken cordon bleu will be served from 5:00 p.m.
to 8:00 p.m. Tickets will be available at the door.
8:00 p.m.
Cotton Auditorium, Fort Bragg Tickets online at:,
at the door, Tangents and Harvest Market in Fort
Bragg, and Out of this World in Mendocino.
For information, call 964-0898. This concert will also be repeated Sunday, March 6,
2:00 p.m. at The Gualala Arts Center in Gualala.
For tickets in Gualala, call 884-1138 or go online,
Mon. 03/07
Circle of Sawdust
Mendocino Center for Circus Arts, a local nonprofit
organization, presents Rob Mermin in Circle of
Sawdust. Come hear his illustrated tales of wacky
characters and wild escapades. Founder of the international youth company Circus Smirkus, Rob
promises an entertaining evening of personal anecdotes and film clips on circus history. Included in
the presentation will be clips from twenty-five Hollywood circus feature films. There will be special
bonus performances by Mendocino’s own CircusMecca Youth Troupe at the beginning of the show.
Tickets at the door—$10 adults; $5 children and
6:00 p.m.
Cotton Auditorium, corner of Harold and Fir in Fort
For more information, call 707-397-5397 or e-mail
[email protected] Websites of interest are,, www.
Sat. 03/12
Mendocino Stories and Music Series
Poetry reading presented by Gordon Black. Poet
Janice Blue’s confident, definite voice ranges from
plain meaning to saber swaths of expression. Jay
Frankston is a thoughtful and original stylist whose
work has been translated into fifteen languages.
As a writer and producer, H.D. Moe has sustained
Bay Area poetry in cafés, galleries, and streets. He
has written more than thirty books of poetry, in a
flowing vocabulary that matches the dictionary
for terms and usage. Devreaux Baker is among the
fairest of the fair for imagination and for clarity of
sensitive observation. Music with David Brown, guitarist.
Sliding scale $10–$15.
Doors open at 6:00 p.m. for bistro menu and drinks.
Music starts at 7:00 p.m. and the reading starts at
7:30 p.m.
Open reading follows at 8:30 p.m.
Mendocino Hotel
For more information, call Pattie at 937-1732 or go
online to
Fri. 03/18
Mendocino Stories and Music Series
Sonoma County musicians Cynthia Tarr, vocalist,
and Cliff Hugo, bassist. They embrace many different musical styles. Says Cynthia, “Vocal and bass is
an unusual combination to begin with. Add to that,
you have two artists who know each other as well
as two people can, both personally and artistically.”
Cynthia is a singer who has sung long enough to enjoy the spaces and rhythms of this combination. And
Cliff, master musician, is capable of taking the bass
as an interpretive voice to places you will seldom
hear anywhere else.
Sliding scale $10–$15.
Doors open at 6:00 p.m. for bistro menu and drinks.
Music starts at 7:30 p.m.
Mendocino Hotel
For more information, call Pattie at 937-1732 or go
online to
for the
Total Rainfall 1990–1991
Total Rainfall 1991–1992
Total Rainfall 1992–1993
Total Rainfall 1993–1994
Total Rainfall 1994–1995
Total Rainfall 1995–1996
Total Rainfall 1996–1997
Total Rainfall 1997–1998
Total Rainfall 1998–1999
Total Rainfall 1999–2000
Total Rainfall 2000–2001
Total Rainfall 2001–2002
Total Rainfall 2002–2003
Total Rainfall 2003–2004
Total Rainfall 2004–2005
Total Rainfall 2005–2006
Total Rainfall 2006–2007
Total Rainfall 2007–2008
Total Rainfall 2008–2009
Total Rainfall 2009–2010
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22.76”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32.47”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50.08”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27.67”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55.32”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.23”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42.36”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73.33”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46.40”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35.13”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.18”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43.40”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44.00”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27.41”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39.79”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52.18"
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.20"
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32.59"
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.17"
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46.89"
Total Rainfall
To Date 31.69”
Total Rainfall
February 2, 2011 to February 15, 2011
This rainfall data was gathered at
Mendocino City
Community Services District
*Total rainfall is measured from July 1 of the preceding
year to June 30 of the current year.
Page 16 Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011
Mendocino Mortgage
Serving the Mendocino Coast Since 1994
Is it time to pay off your adjustable home equity
loan by refinancing into a fixed rate mortgage?
A new fixed rate loan with no monthly payment surprises may be
just the right move to make.
Call Mendocino Mortgage for
• Competitive Rates • Superior Service
Mendocino Mortgage – Committed to Integrity and Results
Susan Weaver
Real Estate Broker • Calif. Dept. of Real Estate Lic. #01015740
Serving the Mendocino Coast, Ukiah & the Redwood Valley
707-937-3938 • 800-884-3938
Located above the Coast Real Estate Building
45010 Ukiah St., Mendocino, CA 95460 • [email protected]
Ron Eich & Carol Ann Walton
Sea Cottage Real Estate
10481 Lansing Street, Mendocino
Custom Homes Surrounded by Redwood Acreage
Peace and Tranquility
Luxury retreat Private, sunbelt property
on the ridge
with great
ocean, forest,
and mountain
views. Wellbuilt country
home on 4.2 secluded acres.
ridgetop Hideaway Light, open home on
67 forested acres.
Deluxe kitchen
opens to dining
and living areas.
Two extra-large
bedrooms and office/guest room.
Great ridge views
and 2 large barn buildings. $974,000
Sea Cottage REALTOR® Team (Broker Assoc., e-PRO®, CDPE©, GRI®)
DRE Lic. #01259479 & #00483386
Evening Telephones
Mendocino office
45010 Ukiah Street
KIRA MEADE Realtor® 964-4379
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LIN SCOTT Realtor® 937-4079
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JIM McCUMMINGS, Broker 937-5263
707 937-1565 • 800 454-1565
Free Catalog • [email protected] • Go Online for more Photos and Information!
andeRson valley vineyaRd vieW home This cabin-style cedar home
on a sunny ridge offers
a panoramic view of
Anderson Valley. Large
deck (over 500 sq. ft.)
overlooks the valley. The
20± acres also have a
beautiful redwood forest camping area with a
second homesite waiting to be developed.
Cedar quarter-round
round log siding on the
exterior and in open living/dining areas. Views from game/pool room with
beautiful pool table, three bedrooms, two baths, plus loft area with solid
spiral stairs. Screened mud room entry. Take the path with stairs or
drive to the camping area equipped with power, water, and brick barbecue.
Furnishings and personal property are negotiable. (22188)
offered at $595,000
136± acRe RedWood PaRk With ocean vieWs This very rare 136
acres combines a thriving
redwood forest with views of
the Pacific. This very scenic
and serene property includes
ample level land for your new
home along a huge pond and
is ideally loacted between
Mendocino and Fort Bragg.
The 6,000 sq. ft. metal shop
building includes a 1,200 sq.
ft. apartment and provides
lots of room for your hobby or storage needs. An approved long-term
timber plan allows periodic harvests of timber so you can even have your
own trees milled for building. (22404-5)
offered at $2,500,000
choose fRom tWo PictuResque lots! Two beautiful sunny lots located
in a great upscale neighborhood. Large 2.45± and 2.54± acre parcels interspersed with sizeable redwood trees and a seasonal creek which add to the
appeal. A great location only two minutes to Fort Bragg and a simple short
walk to the future golf course and recreation area. These parcels are ready
for your house plans; the homesites have been cleared; underground utilities
are in place; the wells are drilled and the septic permits have been issued for 3
bedroom homes. (21399 & 21398)
Parcel #1 (2.45± acre) offered at $275,000
Parcel #2 (2.54± acre) offered at $225,000
PRivacy in the Woods A spacious triple-wide Silvercrest home with
two bedrooms, 2.5 baths,
office, large living room with
propane stove for warmth
and ambiance, a lovely
kitchen open to the dining
room, a laundry room with
extra storage, and an enclosed patio area. The twocar garage connects to the
patio for easy access into
the home. The Woods offers
several amenities including
a heated pool, club house with kitchen, library, etc. The monthly rent includes access to all amenities plus water, sewer, roads and trash service.
Price Reduced! now $264,000
comPtche’s hucklebeRRy hill Ranch A private and peaceful 119±
acre sanctuary tucked
away in the privacy of
your own redwood forest. The ranch is accessed by a rocked road
that winds through
the redwoods up to a
3 bedroom, 2 bath,
single-story, country
home with detached artist studio accessed by a covered walkway. In addition there is a large workshop, greenhouse, garden shed, fenced orchard
and garden area. The second developed homesite has an installed septic
system. This beautiful property has two large ponds, several meadows and
many areas to hike and enjoy the flora and fauna of the land. The ranch has
been lovingly cared for by the original homesteaders and has a NTMP that
allows for periodic selective harvests. The current occupants shall retain
a Life Estate in the residence and artist studio. (22344)
offered at $1,095,000
thiRteen+ acRes With southeRn exPosuRe and bonus cabin All
southern exposure 13.16± acres with awesome views of multiple forestcovered ridges. Private, off-the-grid land accessed by paved road, with open
grassy areas, plus redwoods, firs, and year-round Coon Creek at bottom of
property. Bonus rustic cabin and storage room at homesite, with gentle
and steep areas below. Garden area and two 5,000-gallon water tanks.
Includes use of community clubhouse with hot showers and solar-heated
swimming pool. Short drive to river, ocean, or Anderson Valley amenities.
Personal property negotiable. (22108)
offered at $285,000
beachside living at its best Ready-to-build with a current Coastal
Development Permit for a 2,400 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath home plus
a three-car garage! A great opportunity to own your own 2 acre parcel
just 150 feet away from the Pacific Ocean with unobstructable crashing
water views. The only thing between you and the ocean is MacKerricher
State Park with one of many beaches steps from your door. Surrounded
by wildlife; birds, jackrabbits and deer are all abundant and you can also
watch the whales playing in the ocean. Located in a neighborhood of larger
parcels with a locked gate entrance you will find a serene building site for
your new home. (22406)
offered at $649,000
oceanfRont faRmland and PastuRes This 185± acre property
is row crop quality oceanfront farm land with a large pond and irrigation
system. On the market for the first time, the property is in agricultural preserve or timber zoning so the taxes are relatively low. Don’t miss this unique
opportunity to own a large tract of frontage on the Pacific. (22026)
offered at $2,900,000
Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011 Page 17
Call us to reCeive an automatiC e-mail notiCe of all new listings!
seascape realty
45050 Little Lake Street • P.O. Box
583, Mendocino, CA 95460
707 937-2121
Lic. #01300756
distant ocean view
through the trees and
JoshuaGrindlePark on
your border. Three bedroom, 2.5 bath, single-family home in the Planned
Unit Subdivision Hills
Ranch. Community water
and sewer. This home is
ready to move into. Wood
flooring, deck, and enclosed courtyard. (22640)
enchanting fairy tale home. There are lots of $474,900
fun details that make this house unique. Built-in cabinets,
shelves, and storage areas can be found throughout. The
dining room has a nice bay window with a built-in seat and a
tiny wood-burning parlor stove. Wood floors, walls and beams
make a warm atmosphere and the many windows keep it
light. Extensive decks surround the house on three sides. The
fenced garden area is close to the house and receives full sunlight. There is a large three-car garage. The property is level
and usable with a perimeter fence and gate. (22557) $460,000
End-of-Road pRivaCy on one acre with a 2 bedroom, 1
bath , 1,100 sq. ft., older, double-wide mobile and two carports.
Great abalone spot or weekend getaway from the heat in the
valley. Close to the Point Arena pier. (22660) $120,000
four bedroom, three bath, 3,300 sq. ft. home with
gardens and four ponds. Many rhododendrons, heathers,
maples, bamboo, and much more. Driveway is chip-sealed.
Home features two master suites, handcrafted tile, and a studio with upgraded fixtures. Solarium opens the home to the
outside for a quiet peaceful environment. (22541) $490,000
fantastic ocean view, overlooking BigRiverBeach, the
headlands and the village. House includes gracious living
room, formal dining room, updated kitchen, atrium, office,
sun room, bidet, and more. Located in Historic District B. A
most unique house. (21558) $1,200,000
here is the Perfect coastal retreat with four
homes on 4.40 redwood-studded acres teeming with coastal
foliage, bountiful fruit trees, large garden area, many charismatic outbuildings for your studios, potting shed, etc.,
and trails that meander through this beautiful property
surrounded by Big River parkland. Enjoy a delightful nature
walk to Big River, accesible from the property. Whimsical
touches added throughout the years augment the charm
of the property. Good rental investment as well, with four
separate meters, three standard septic systems, and one
legal outhouse. Main unit: 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Second unit:
1 bedroom, 1 bath. Third unit: detached bedroom, 1 bath.
Fourth unit: legal outhouse. This is one of those special
properties that conjures up the lore of the Mendocino Coast!
(22364) $830,000
youR oWn tWo-aCRE botaniCal gaRdEn complete
with pond. World
renowned rhododendron propagator
lived here and created this special place.
Mature large leafed
and rare rhodies,
extensive and rare
conifer collection
including deciduous
redwoods and other
one-of-a-kind plants.
Great location.
House needs to be
great location. This house is very conveniently located
remodeled but is solid and has a basement. (22591) $350,000
between FortBragg
and Mendocino. beautiful older
Just walk or take home in the most desira very short drive able area of FortBragg
to Caspar Beach historic area, near
or Jug Handle Cotton Auditorium, on
S t a t e R e s e r v e . cul-de-sac. Hardwood
Quiet neighbor- floors and fireplace give
hood. Living room a classic, cozy charm.
features soap stone Well-maintained yard is
wood stove, open- partially fenced for privabeam ceiling and cy. There is a wraparound
lots of wood trim. deck, large garage, and
Huge master bed- additional shop buildroom on the sec- ing with alley access.
ond floor. (22449) (22694) $374,900
Privacy in the redwoods with good clearing around
the house. Open
floor plan features vaulted
ceilings with
recessed lighting. Fruit trees,
lots of decking
and a great
covered porch
for your rocking
chair. (22687)
fort Bragg realty
809 North Main Street,
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
707 964-2121
Lic. #01300755
generous oPen floor Plan invites family enjoyment.
No dodging furniture—
there’s loads of room in
this bright, cheery, 3
bedroom, 2 bath home.
The family-size kitchen
is well planned with
propane appliances
and oodles of storage
with the cabinets and pantry. Granite counters throughout
kitchen and bathrooms as well as ceramic tile floors. Two
dormers allow the sun to bathe the great room in natural
light. (22061) $395,000
a fort bragg classic. Two bedroom home located on
the rear of the lot on the alley In front is a huge 24 ft. x72
ft. building that
has been and is
now used as a
cabinet shop. Use
may or may not be
able to continue,
but it would be a
large garage and
potential unit. Needs some work, but ready to move in the
house. Shop is rented. (22575) $245,000
classic fort bragg home in the city. Large lot may be
splittable; approximately 1,474 sq. ft.,
2 bedroom, 2 bath
home with huge
living room. lots of
outbuildings, and
a large two-car
garage. There are
palm trees, too.
One-way street has little traffic. Near schools, churches,
and aquatic center. (22279) $299,000
three bedroom, two bath home in town.
skylights provide lots
of natural light in living room. Wood stove
and forced-air heat
keep the home cozy in
winter months Storage
shed in backyard. Alley
access possible. Close
to elementary and high schools and downtown shopping
opportunities. Great starter home or investment home.
(22639) $170,000
rustic, two bedroom, one bath cabin on pier foundation in private country
setting. Original home
was built in early 1900s
and the log cabin portion
was added in the early
1930s. Seller financing
is a possibility. Make an
offer! (22165) $229,900
down a classic country lane, yet close to city amenities. Used for many years
as a happy vacation spot, this
property is in a quiet location and the charming house
has everything one needs to
relax and enjoy simple living.
The large garage/workshop is
perfect for a variety of projects. Parcel includes the field to
the east of the fence. (22362) $249,900
charming, three bedroom, two bath home
with modern touches. Crown molding,
hardwood floors and
modern fixtures.
Kitchen has beautithe location is on the west side close to the ful cherry cabinets,
completed trestle bridge
tile counter and
with walking or biking to
floors. Bathrooms
MacKerricker State Park
have granite counand beyond, downtown,
tertops with modern fixtures. Jacuzzi tub and corner shower
GlassBeach, 37 acres
in the master bath. Large master bedroom with walk-in
of open space, and the
closest, free-standing propane stove and a nice ocean view
over the rooftops. There is a nice deck off of the living room.
trail around the old mill
Two-car attached garage. One bedroom, 1 bath rental on
site. This a charming, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with remod- the alley. Three off-alley parking spaces. (22371) $399,000
eling in the interior; still has the charm of yesterday. There
great investment ProPerty or live in one unit and
is a studio unit on the back of property with alley access.
rent the second out. Front
(22290) $349,000
house is a comfortable manthis newer home is within walking distance of the
ufactured with an over-sized
swimming pool complex
garage, storage shed and
and dog park located in
deck with barbecue. Second
the center of FortBragg.
unit has two bedrooms, one
It is also close to schools with bath with private access. (22465) $349,000
and the downtown area.
Fenced front and back commercial
yards make it ideal. this is a great commercial ProPerty centrally
(22242) $363,500
located in town
consisting of office
redwoods and rhodies adorn this 3 bedroom, 2.5
space, a large 3,000
bath home. Hardwood
sq. ft. storage buildflooring with free-standing with an addiing fireplace for those
tional building in
chilly nights. Sunny deck
the back. Both front
and garden area. Paved
and back have been
drive and large 900 sq. ft.
rented in the past at $2,000 a month. Plenty of off-street parkdetached shop with half
ing, and city hookups. There is ample room for a business to
bath are just a couple of the perks to this property. Sold as
expand and grow! (22672) $625,000
is. (22563) $299,000
ready for your industrial use; fenced, 100 ft. x
great, roomy, four bedroom, two bath home
140 ft. lot with alley
with a three-car garage and
access; leased by
shop that could be used as
CalTrans for years.
a garage if needed. Great
May need court confirparcel that could be fenced
mation. Zoned Heavy
for your animals. Close to
Industrial at this time.
MacKerricherState Park
(22033) $299,000
and miles of beach. (21006)
From Westport to Gualala • We have Century 21 Agents living and working in Westport, Fort Bragg, Caspar, Mendocino, Albion, Elk, Manchester and Anderson Valley/Boonville.
With the ability to serve you with all of your Real Estate needs! Come in to either of our offices and see our 74 residential, 5 mobile in park, 35 land, and 7 commercial listings. • E-mail: [email protected]
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Page 18 Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011
Vivian Evans, Broker
[email protected]
Toll Free
DRE #01234092
4 5 0 8 0 L i t t l e L a ke S t r e e t . M e n d o c i n o , C a l i f o r n i a 9 5 4 6 0 . w w w. n o r t h c o a s t l a n d . c o m
on Company Ranch Road
in Fort Bragg. Very private,
over seven acres with a river
running through and swimming hole. Main house: three
bedrooms, two baths, oversized garage and a greenhouse. Built by one of the
best coastal contractors who is the current owner. Many amenities. Second home has
three bedrooms, two baths, and also nice views. Includes horse pasture; lots of sun. Easy
ride to Jackson State Forest. First time on the market in twenty-five years. $1,100,000
OWN A PROFITABLE, FUN AND SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS – UNDERSTUFF is the premier apparel destination on the Northern
California Coast! Sale includes: Website,
Quickbooks POS System, Quickbooks
Financials, quality inventory and supplies,
new carpet and lighting, custom fixtures by
George Lawrence Cabinetry, fabulous loyal
customers, and excellent regional reputation. Turn-key and profitable.
Owner will train. $399,000
a great small town business,
and fun way to bring out your
artistic side. This store has
good clientele. Owners want to
retire and are ready for a new
person to assume their role.
Owner will train. $25,000
A unique home in Philo, this secluded spot has more than 10 acres
facing south on a ridgetop in the
midst of wine country. Lots of sun
and space, perfect for gardening or
just an idyllic getaway. Large master
bedroom with a fireplace as well
as a studio in the home with high
ceilings. $750,000
short walk to historic Mendocino village,
close to the beach, this cozy home has been
recently remodeled. Views of the sunsets
over the ocean can be seen from the tastefully designed kitchen, featuring gourmet
appliances. Hardwood floors throughout;
new roof, attached two-car garage. Joshua
Grindle Park is adjacent on the west boundary. $536,000
Private with springs and redwoods; faces Navarro River. $160,000
· 25 years of Real Estate sales
experience on the Coast
· Knowledeable in both Real
Estate and Finance
· Vivian Evans is a skilled
negotiator who gets results
· Thorough understanding
of living on the Coast and
requirements for the Coastal
Planning Department
· High referral rate brings a
magic touch to everything
· Committed to excellence
business in Mendocino, located
in the center of town. The only
off-site liquor sales store in town,
with established and loyal clientele. Lots of room to expand or add
product lines. Highly motivated
seller. $175,000
Established restaurant with
excellent local and
visitor patronage located in
the heart of Fort
Bragg. Spacious
kitchen with separate baking area.
Famous on the
coast for fine dining and live entertainment. Menu
features Italian
cuisine but can be
converted to any
style. $125,000
build your dream home on this amazing ocean view
parcel, with Albion River flowing through the north side
of the property. Redwood forest, meadows, and a pond;
58± acres with a well, septic, three-phase power and
phone. Forty acres are zoned RR5; minor subdivision
is on file with the county; also included is a sixty-year
timber management plan. The owner has applied for a
Coastal Development Permit to build. $990,000
specializes in matching
people with property.
OCEAN VIEW RANCH on the edge of
town. Totally private with shop designed
by Verdier architects. Property also
includes trails to Jackson State Forest,
and beyond. One of the last large parcels that would be great for horses and
mountain biking; very private, yet just
five minutes to Fort Bragg. $4,700,000
from beginning to end
What a clients says about
working with Vivian Evans
“Vivian has overcome severe
childhood injury and family
tragedy to emerge with a
philosophy of kindness and
service. She has proven to
herself that everything you
give in life comes back
to you in the form
of good fortune,
luck, and love.
If Vivian takes you under
her wing, you will not only
have an exciting experience
but will also
undoubtedly share in her
good fortune, luck and love.”
Janie Tate
TWELVE ACRES IN COMPTCHE South-facing; includes fixer-upper house, power,
20 gallons/minute water pump. $425,000
Do you want to know
where your dream
property is located?
Order the map that even FedEx drivers
and PG&E Emergency Crews use!
New and updated.
Send $4.00 – No phone orders please
(Includes California sales tax and first-class postage)
Send to: Real Estate Magazine
155A Cypress Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Or, order online at
690 South Main Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Office: 707 964-3610 ext. 19
Mobile: 707 357-0865
Fax: 707 961-1000
[email protected]
Broker Associate Lic #01341814
M R, B A
THREE BEDROOM, 2 bath, manufactured home in
family park. Recently
painted inside and
out, with new carpeting, propane range,
and forced-air heat.
Located north of Fort
Bragg in the Cleone
area. MacKerricher State Park, Ricochet Ridge Ranch,
the Haul Road, and miles of beaches are a short distance
away. MLS#22560 $74,000
PROPERTY located within
the Fort Bragg Central Business
District. Property sold As-Is.
MLS#22204 $149,000 Price
LINDAL CEDAR HOME in the redwoods! Wellmaintained home located in the Hazelwood Subdivision.
The home features include two bedrooms, two baths,
office, vaulted ceilings, hardwood flooring, large kitchen,
sunroom, and two-car attached garage. Outside, enjoy the
redwood forest from your patio or wood-fired hot tub.
MLS#22487 $399,000 Price Reduced!
Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011 Page 19
10481 Lansing Street, Mendocino CA 95460
Corner of Lansing & Ukiah Street
Jim Hay, Broker
Carol Greenberg, Broker Assoc.
Ron Eich, Broker Assoc. e-Pro, CDPE
Art Love, Broker Assoc., CRS, GRI
Carol Ann Walton, GRI, REALTOR
Sea Cottage Real Estate
707-937-0423 800-707-0423
Tree-covered Parcel 4.85 acres
close to Fort Bragg. $375,000.
Mendocino Artist Cottage Set in a
Rose Garden Three bedroom, 1.5
bath home has ocean views that
peek in and out from the backyard.
Walk to the village and Big River.
Beautifully remolded. An office and
artist studio are located off the
Overlooking Caspar Beach - Three
bedroom, 3 bath, two-story, oceanfront home overlooks the Caspar
Bay and across to the Caspar
Headlands providing great white
water action. Two-car attached garage. $1,350,000. (22390)
Park-like Parcel 2.8 acres on
the edge of Mendocino village.
Oceanfront Ready-to-Build One
acre with coastal development
permit. $585,000. (22103)
Walk to the Beach Three
parcels available starting at
Oceanfront Parcel 0.22 acre
with amazing views. $299,000.
Great Surfwood Setting with
Redwood Groves Three bedroom, 2 bath home in Surfwood
Estates. This property borders
Russian Gulch State Park and has
a peek of the ocean through the
trees. Garage is large enough for
three cars plus a workshop area.
$682,500. (22443)
Stunning Home and the View
are Superb Three bedroom, 2
bath home overlooking Caspar
Beach. Designed by Leventhal
& Schlosser. Vacation rental opportunity, and opportunity to negotiate for furnishings. $895,000.
Secluded Hilltop Hideaway
on 67.9 acres. Two+ bedroom,
2 bath home with marvelous
ridgetop views. Two barns
with workspace, storage and
restroom, plus RV capacity.
$974,000. (22195)
Greenwood Cottage from 1885 in the
Mendocino village. Single-level saltbox with studio. This 2 bedroom, 1 bath
home has a small fenced yard with fruit
trees. Pinewood floors and ninetenthcentury interest. Perimeter foundation,
thermal windows, and water storage
tank $449,000.(22468)
2.5 Acres Bordered by a Creek with
one of the nicest, 2 bedroom, 2 bath,
manufactured homes you will see
surrounded by gardens that can be
enjoyed from lovely porches. Also
includes a 30 ft. x 40 ft. aluminum
shop. The shop has a six-inch concrete floor, seventeen-foot door,
and is of industrial design $330,000.
Full details and photos
for these listings
and many more on
our website
Ocean View Home and Guest
Cottage Two bedroom, 1 bath
home with a 1 bedroom, 1 bath,
guest cottage overlooking the
Pacific. Light and cozy with
large two-car garage. Lots of
privacy. $589,000. (22261)
60 Acres with Panoramic Ocean
Views Owner will finance.
$499,000. (21890)
Mendocino Village Lot Good
well with permits. $130,000
Three Parcels Totaling 7.8 Acres
Existing well. Each $250,000 or
$690,000 for all three. (21436)
1896 Classic Victorian overlooking
the Mendocino village with marvelous views of ocean and town.
Recently renovated, 4 bedroom, 2
bath home on 3.2 acres. Adjoining
2.8 acre parcel is also available.
$1,149,000. (22549)
Cozy Cottage on Collins Landing Road
This picture-postcard perfect cabin in the redwoods
brings back memories of the beach house your folks
used to rent in the fifties, without the funk! From the
sleeping porch to the loft, this cabin was designed
with vacations in mind. Located on 3.5 level to
upslope acres, there is ample room for another home;
zoning allows both a house and a guesthouse. Enjoy
this classic cabin today; use it as a base to build your
dream house tomorrow. Fantastic location in the banana belt microclimate, midway between Gualala and
Anchor Bay, less than one mile to groceries, shops
and restaurants. Walk to ocean access at Cooks Beach!
Sea Ranch, Gualala, Sonoma and Mendocino Coasts • Free local maps and property information • Open daily
– 3:0
Banana Belt Properties
J. Moloney Scott, Broker #00795487
Serving the Mendocino Coast Since 1986
707-884-1109 • FAX 707-884-1343
35505 South highwAy 1, Anchor BAy
P.o. BoX 630, guAlAlA cA 95445
E-mAil: [email protected]
Featured on our intErnEt wEBSitE:
Bank-Owned Properties!
Contact Kennedy & Associates for more information on Bank-Owned Properties
• Annapolis Brushy Ridge Loop. Rustic cabin sited on 40 (±) acres overlooking panoramic canyon
Reduced $199,900
• Gualala
Old Stage Road. Over 12 (±) acres of level and mostly level land with beautiful canyon
New on Market $259,000
• Gualala
Timberwood Way. Bring back the sparkle to this cute ranch-style home on 11 (±) acres!
• Gualala
Tickled Pink Drive. Bring your hammer and some TLC and make this cozy home your own.
Price Pending
• Gualala
Ocean View Way. In the Anchor Bay Subdivision, 2 bedroom, 2 bath home needs finishing
Price Pending
• Sea Ranch Crows Nest Drive. Unfinished, multi-level, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, hillside home;
good location.
Reduced $412,389
We look forward to working with you!
& associates
(707) 884-9000, [email protected]
or [email protected],
39040 S. Highway 1, Gualala, CA 95445
elevated corner lot, clean, 3 bedroom, 2 full bath home plus
bonus room/in-law apartment with third bath and separate
entry. Lots of glass, large sunny deck, and new carpeting.
King-size master bedroom, oversized double garage with
shop space. Storage shed. Walk to town and shops. Water
and sewer.
and two baths upstairs, and two bonus rooms and a bath
downstairs. Built as builder's personal residence with
high-end materials and appliances. Sunny usable acre on
a quiet cul-de-sac.
ONE LOCATION Two commercial office spaces plus a
one-bedroom apartment. Excellent Highway 1 visibility and
access; plenty of off-street parking. Private party financing
is available.
A great opportunity at only $298,000
miles of ocean and coastline views. Lodge ambiance with
massive two-sided stone fireplace, open beams, and bright
open spaces. Andersen windows and doors, and banks of
skylights. Three bedrooms, three baths, gourmet kitchen,
pantry, utility room, and detached double garage. Over 3
• 39351 South Highway One •
PO Box 700 • Gualala, CA 95445
(707) 884-3866 • (800) 944-8941
E-mail: [email protected]
• Seacliff Center on Highway One •
PO Box 512 • Gualala, CA 95445
(707) 884-3591 • (800) 660-3591
This Office is Independently Owned and Operated
DRE Lic# 00448941
Real Estate Magazine February 18, 2011 Page 20
Pamela Hudson Real Estate
From Westport to Manchester, oceanfront or sunbelt, working with our real estate professionals will
open many doors. Whether you live here now or want to call this home, our company serves our
buyers and sellers with the relentless pursuit of performance. Please call or visit us today!
pAMeLA R. hUDson
BROKER, DRE #01036573
[email protected]
MOBILE: 707.813.0813
fOrt Bragg
Ocean View • OceanfrOnt • residential • cOmmercial
pRice ReDUction
FRog’s LeAp and a hop, skip and
a jump to the ocean’s edge. One
of Coast Getaways’ most popular vacation rental spots, just a
short drive from the village of
Mendocino. Two levels, the upper
with kitchen, two spacious bedrooms, one bath, and living area
with panoramic views of the gorgeous Pacific, calming for the mind
and spirit. On the ground level is a
spacious bedroom suite with beautiful views to the ocean. Separate
entrance and away from the upstairs crowd. Owner may carry
some of the purchase price with
proof of good credit and income.
Gross receipts from the vacation
rental business are available upon
request. (22012) $599,000
pRice ReDUction
Right in the sweet spot of the
view to the south–crashing waves,
perfect rocks, and a view of the
Point Cabrillo lighthouse. This home
has a spacious master suite on the
ground floor, and lots of windows to
the incredible views. Two upstairs
bedrooms with another full bath.
Two-car attached garage and a
spacious lot with room for games
and gardening. (22252) $701,100
sUnny, oceAn view, 4 bedroom
house on the fabulous Albion
headlands. Just minutes from the
golf course, beach, and village of
Mendocino. This turn-key house
includes the furniture, five TV sets
(two flat screen), kitchen items, hot
tub, four comfy newer beds, all linens and cleaning items. Composite
decks, blinds, and all on almost a
full acre of property. Sip a glass
of wine as you enjoy the sunset
and view. Built-in barbecue on top
deck. RV hookup. Can be a singlefamily residence, or a vacation
rental, this is elegance refined and
move-in ready. Owner will consider
all offers! (22218) $844,000
oceAn view/
BAnK owneD
beauty. Add your
own special
touches to this
; CA
elegant, charmING
ing home with an PENd
ocean view.
AuC to live
near Mendocino.
Two-story traditional home with
many extras. Zero
clearance gas fireplace. Eat-in kitchen. Upstairs family room with deck that adjoins to the master
medroom. Hardwood floors. Unique floor plan. Coveted subdivision. (22510)
ReDUceD to onLy $536,194
new cARpet JUst instALLeD in this lovely, 2 bedroom, 2 full bath, spacious townhome located just a short
walk from the village of Mendocino.
Split-level floor plan; huge master suite
with a private large deck just outside.
Have a nice hot tub waiting for you
after your morning run on Big River
Beach! Owner is a licensed real estate
BLUe AnD white wAteR views;
broker in California. (22600) $369,900
expansive panoramic sunsets
framed by unique ocean rock for- LittLe RiveR Cottage on an acre; lots of southern exposure and a view
mations; rolling landscape leading of the ocean from the warm and sunny deck. Bright and cheery; newer
to an oceanfront getaway home decks and windows. Barn could
designed for peace and quiet,
and enjoying the sheer beauty of be used as footprint for newer
nature at its finest. Huge master guesthouse, or as an artist stusuite privately located at the end dio or workshop Located near
of the home, lucious master bath, golf course, fine restaurants and
and windows to the sea all around. the village. Short sale. (22688)
Great living area. (21939) $1,279,000 $249,000
pRiceD At JUst ABove $100 a square foot, this commercial building in
downtown Fort Bragg, California is the
perfect location for a live-work situation that offers convenience and practicality. Two large downstairs storefront
retail shops, two upstairs apartments;
one with a tenant and one ready to rent.
Owner’s quarters that are comfortable
and welcoming. Complete with a semiprivate patio! (22552) $899,000
hUge potentiAL mobile home
park with cabins and mobile
units, great tenants, beautiful surroundings, grassy meadow, and
easy walk to the Point Cabrillo
Lighthouse. Three septic systems
and two wells; future possibilities
for RV overnighters. Income stats
show great stability. Current owners have vastly improved the units
and the grounds since they purchased it in 2002. Laundry facilities.
(21732) $1,785,000
pRivAte LocAtion with two single-story homes, nice level land,
11+ acres surrounded by forest.
Homes need a little TLC, but in
move-in condition. Master bathroom needs new fixtures and tub/
shower. Septic and well reports on
file from 2009 showing both in good
condition at that time. Seller will
carry paper with 20 percent down
on approved credit and income.
(22606) $625,000
BeLieve it! LAKe FRont. Just inherited by sons who can’t live there nor
rent it out so they priced it to sell. An array of quality additions, top notch,
except for the workshops which are well, workshops. One in a bedroom,
one outdoors; many valuable tools can go with home. No collectibles or
books though. Smokehouse, back lawn, and lots of storage. Lake will be
cleaned by park. (22633) $115,000
MiLLion-DoLLAR views FoR onLy $759,000 Fabulous oceanfront
vacation house with a great rental history!
This gem named ‘’Desire’’ is so romantic.
Home is in a great location just south of
Mendocino and near fine dining, beaches,
golf, abalone diving, and wine tasting.
Rented most of the time, yet easy to see.
Picture yourself here taking in the majestic
ocean views and intimate surroundings of
your own oceanfront home. (22467) $759,000
one oF the sUnniest LocAtions in Hills
Ranch, conveniently located to the village of
Mendocino. Easy walking distance. Distant
ocean view. Large back deck. Two-story
with an ample downstairs bedroom and full
bath, newer carpet and kitchen appliances,
neutral color carpet and walls. Sliding door
from downstairs bedroom. Huge upstairs
master suite with sitting room loft. (22395)
additiOnal tOp Quality listings
pRoUDLy pRoviDing in-hoUse pRinting seRvices
since the 1970s, Mendo Litho is now for sale! Three
stories and nearly 7,000 square feet of space providing
multiple rooms for the different processes. This building
could also be used as a retail store with offices upstairs.
Plenty of storage throughout. (21923) $741,840
The business known as Mendo Litho is for sale under a
separate agreement. (21931) $125,000
escApe to yoUR
o w n p R i vAt e
FoRest just
minutes from the
beach and village
of Mendocino.
Twenty wooded
acres with lots
of level areas
and your own
creekside retreat!
Tw o u n i q u e ,
homes. Beautiful
andscaping, paths
through the woods,
flower gardens, gentle breezes to enjoy. Lovingly tended for the past ten
years and now it’s time for a new owner! (22385) $759,000
hoRse pRopeRty
cUstoM singLe-stoRy hoMe lovingly-cared for by the original owners
since 1968. Three large bedrooms, great family room with large stone
fireplace, formal dining room, eating nook in the spacious kitchen. Large
laundry room with service porch. The living and dining rooms and master
suite open onto a massive covered patio for family get-togethers and
parties. This stately residence sits above Ward Avenue and it’s a short
walk or bike ride down to the beach and boardwalk. Only a five-minute
drive north of Fort Bragg. There is also an attached two-car garage and
a workshop. Huge fenced backyard. This home is very special and is
priced to sell! (22437) $499,000
eLegAnt RetiReMent hoMe! In
pristine condition; quiet location
with a detached two-car garage.
Laundry room. Three spacious bedrooms, two baths, large kitchen
and living areas. Every detail in
good condition. Lovely senior park seRene AnD peAceFUL home at The Woods, surrounded by large redwith indoor pool, community cenwoods and adjacent to Van
ter, lots of paved roads that wanDamme State Park. Feel
der through the neighborhood for
the magic of nature; enjoy
walks and visits with friends. Huge
the quiet of senior living
redwood trees a short stroll into
community. Fireplace,
the forest. Automatic generator for
large floor plan, three
power outages. Brand new water
bedrooms, two baths,
heater. Outstanding assisted living
skylights, on-demand genfacility known as ‘’The Lodge at
erator, and central heat.
the Woods’’ is on site. Sale may
Clubhouse, pool, and lots
require probate court approval.
of places for long walks.
(22077) Reduced to $198,000
(22681) $175,000
A RARe oppoRtUnity to own
10 acres on Middle Ridge road in
Albion. Peaceful neighborhood with
abundant well make it a great place
to grow your garden. Well, septic,
road, PG&E, and propane are all in.
Out of the coastal zone so you can
build two homes. Redwood trees
and a mixture of other trees are all
around. Neighbors have a potluck
once a month you are welcome to
join in... (22461) $299,000
MAtURe ReDwooDs and lush
foliage greet you as you wander
onto this immaculate property. The
circular drive leads to a welcoming two-story ranch-style home.
Detached two-car garage is
designed for adding an upstairs living space. State-of-the-art recording studio with sound booth just
steps from your home within the
garage structure. (22152) $574,980
pRiMe city Lot
FoR sALe.
Located immediately next to the
commercial building and business known as Mendo Litho. Lot
may be used as additional parking and access for Mendo Litho.
This lot may be required to be
sold in a package with adjacent
building and business located at
100 North Franklin Street, Fort
Bragg, California. Call listing office for more information.
1) 32.3 acres. 2) Owner may carry back
paper for qualified buyer. 3) Septic
engineering done. 4) Access road
completed. 5) Several compacted
house sites completed.
(22432) $323,000
Long Ago inhABiteD By FAMiLy
AnD LoggeRs, this beautiful 8.2
acre lot is waiting for a new resident! Gorgeous trees, sunny meadow
and lots of old interesting outbuildings; needs some tender loving care
and it will be something to behold!
Surrounded by the pristine Jackson
State Forest on all sides, with ready
access to trails for horseback riding,
hiking, and endless outdoor enjoyment! (21138) $450,000
pRistine LAnD RoLLing to the
oceAn. Historic buildings still remain
on this oceanfront property. Kibesillah
Creek wanders down the north side
of this land. The ‘’Kibesillah Hotel’’
stands somewhat proudly on the property. Lots of stories from there. History
buffs could find many treasures from
the past while you’re building your
home. (21940) $999,000
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