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Student Planner – Parent Handbook
2013 – 2014
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2013-2014 Bell Schedule (to be added)
Albemarle County Vision, Mission, Core Values, Goals
Monticello High School Mission Statement
Monticello High School Student Pledge
Administration, School Counselors, Home-School
Coordinator, Region 10 Coordinator
Non-Discrimination and Grievance Procedure
School Counseling Department
Graduation Requirements &
Verified Credits
Grading Scale
Exam Exemption Policy
SOL Substitution
Exam Procedures
SAT, ACT, AP, PSAT Test Dates
Parent Responsibilities
Student Responsibilities
Driver Education
Clinic & Medication Information
Honor Society Guidelines
National Honor Society
Honor Policy
Extra –Curricular Activities
High School Eligibility and Code of Conduct
Library Media Center / Internet Use
Acceptable Use of Technology
Lunch Information
1. Prepare all students to succeed as members of a global community and in a global economy.
2. Eliminate the Achievement Gap.
3. Recruit, retain, and develop a diverse cadre of the highest quality teaching personnel, staff, and
4. Achieve recognition as a world-class educational system.
5. Establish efficient systems for development, allocation, and alignment of resources to support the
Division’s vision, mission, and goals.
Monticello High School strives to inspire, create, and support a community of life-long learners who value and
respect diversity, take an active and responsible role in their learning, and are equipped with the skills necessary to
succeed as citizens of a constantly changing global society.
Students attending Monticello High School must sign the “Student Pledge.” The student’s signature on the pledge
signifies the commitment to abide by the conditions of the “Monticello Student Code of Conduct and
Responsibilities,” the “Honor Policy,” and the “Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Activities.” The
parent’s/guardian’s signature signifies that the parent/guardian read, understands, and supports the pledge.
Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal
Director of School Counseling
Athletic Director
Dr. Jesse Turner
Dr. Beth Costa
Mr. Hank Atkins
Mr. Darah Bonham
Mr. Irvin W. Johnson, Jr.
Mr. Fitzgerald Barnes
Mr. Irvin Johnson, Jr. A-Amrein & AVID
TBA - Andersen - Carlson
Mr. Paul Jones - Carney - G
Ms. Laura Gaskins - H - Mc
Mr. Adam Southall - Meade - Shields
Ms. Ami Camp - Shifflett – Z
Mrs. Alison Neil – Career Specialist
Ms. Connie Jenkins - Counseling Associate
Mrs. Maran Garland - Registrar & Database Administrator
Home-School Coordinator
Mr. Joe Weaver
Region 10 Coordinator
Mr. Morrice Apprey
Non-Discrimination and Grievance Procedure
Non-Discrimination Statement
Albemarle County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, disability,
national origin, pregnancy, or marital status. Questions or concerns regarding compliance with the School
Division's nondiscrimination policies may be directed to:
Director of Human Resources
401 McIntire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone: 434-296-5827
Albemarle County Public Schools Title IX Statement
Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C.§§ 1691 et seq., prohibits discrimination on the basis
of sex in educational programs or activities receiving federal funds, including discrimination in employment and
student admissions. All Albemarle County Public Schools students, applicants and employees are covered by this
law. For questions or concerns regarding Title IX, please contact:
Title IX Coordinator
Human Resources
401 McIntire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone: 434-296-5827
Política de no discriminación
Declaración que prohíbe la discriminación
El sistema de las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Albemarle no discrimina en base a raza, color de la piel,
religión, edad, sexo, discapacidad, país de origen, embarazo ni estado civil. Las peguntas o las inquietudes que
puedan tener con respecto al cumplimiento de las políticas de la división escolar que prohíben la discriminación
pueden dirigirlas a:
Director of Human Resources
401 McIntire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Teléfono: 434-296-5827
Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Albemarle Declaración sobre el Título IX
El Título IX de las Enmiendas Educacionales de 1972, 20 U.S.C.§§ 1691 et seq., prohíbe la discriminación en base
a sexo en programas o actividades educacionales que reciban fondos federales, lo que incluye discriminación en el
empleo y en la admisión de alumnos. Esta ley cubre a todos los alumnos, los solicitantes a empleos y a los
empleados de las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Albemarle. Si tienen preguntas o inquietudes con respecto al
Título IX, por favor comuníquense con:
Title IX Coordinator
Department of Human Resources
401 McIntire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Teléfono: 434-296-5827
The Monticello High School Counseling Department offers students and their families a comprehensive counseling
program. Counselors are available to help students with a variety of issues including academic, personal, social, and
career concerns. As a support for students, counselors can offer individual and group counseling when necessary.
The counselors encourage families to contact their student’s school counselor when necessary. The department also
includes a school psychologist, a career specialist, and a Home-School Coordinator.
Course Changes/Withdrawals: During the first five to ten (depending on the course format) days of a semester,
administrative schedule changes can take place. After this time period ends, a student cannot enroll in a new course
for credit. Any request to drop a course requires administrative approval after this time period ends. Students in
grades 9-11 must take seven (7) courses or have special permission from the principal to take fewer courses.
Details regarding the requirements for Virginia High School League Eligibility are available in the county’s
Guide to High School Credit Courses. If you plan to play a sport, you are encouraged to read this
information regarding eligibility very carefully. Information regarding many aspects of grades, grade point
average, and class rank is found in the ACPS Guide to High School Credit Courses given to students during
Dual Enrollment: Dual enrollment is a collaboration of public high schools in Virginia and the Virginia
Community College System that allows high school students to meet the requirements for high school graduation
while simultaneously earning college credit. Students earn high school graduation credit and college credit for
courses they take at their high school. These courses are taught during regular school hours and are offered at no
charge (other than the cost of the textbook) to the students. All high school students must test at the college level in
writing and reading in order to take PVCC classes. After submitting an application, the student must take the
Compass Placement Test and obtain passing scores. Students may contact their counselor regarding SAT or ACT
scores and how they may substitute for the placement test.
GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS (for students entering 9th grade prior to 2011)
Discipline Area
Verified Credit
Lab Science#
World History I&II/World Geography
US/VA History
1 of any
of these
US/VA Government
Health and Physical Education
Fine Arts or CTE
Electives ***
Student Selected Test
Total Credits
*Math courses from Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or others at or above the level of Algebra and
#Science courses from at least two science disciplines-Earth Science, Chemistry, or Physics
***Courses to satisfy this requirement must include at least 2 sequential electives.
Discipline Area
Lab Science#
World History I&II/World Geography
US/VA History
2 of any
of these
US/VA Government
World Language
3 or 4
Health and Physical Education
Fine Arts or CTE
Student Selected Test
Total Credits
*Math courses from Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or others at or above the level of Algebra II
#Science courses from at least three science disciplines-Earth Science, Chemistry, or Physics
***A student may utilize additional tests for earning verified credits in computer science, technology,
and career and technical education.
GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS (for students entering 9th grade in 2011 and beyond)
Discipline Area
Verified Credit
Lab Science#
World History I&II/World Geography
1 of any
US/VA History
US/VA Government
World Language^
Health and Physical Education
Fine Arts or Career Technical Ed.
Economics/Personal Finance
Electives ***
of these
Student Selected Test
Total Credits
*Math courses from Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or others at or above the level of Algebra and
#Science courses from at least two science disciplines-Earth Science, Chemistry, or Physics
^Student can take an additional FA or CTE instead of a world language.
***Courses to satisfy this requirement must include at least 2 sequential electives.
Discipline Area
Lab Science#
World History I&II/World Geography
US/VA History
2 of any
of these
US/VA Government
World Language
3 or 4
Health and Physical Education
Fine Art/CTE
Economics/Personal Finance
Student Selected Test
Total Credits
*Math courses from Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or others at or above the level of Algebra II
#Science courses from at least three science disciplines-Earth Science, Chemistry, or Physics
***A student may utilize additional tests for earning verified credits in computer science, technology,
and career and technical education.
The Albemarle County Public Schools division may award locally verified credits. The Board of Education has
approved substitute tests for verified credit. Please see your school counselor for details.
Students transferring into Virginia Public Schools should consult the School Counseling Office for graduation
Sequential Electives: Students qualifying for a Standard Diploma or a Modified Standard Diploma must
successfully complete two sequential elective courses from an area of concentration in Fine Arts, Career and
Technical Education or World Languages. A complete explanation of the areas of concentration is outlined in the
Albemarle County Public Schools Guide to High School Credit Courses.
Albemarle County Grading Scale:
A: 90 – 100
B: 80 – 89
C: 70 – 79
D: 60 – 69
F: 59 or below
The ACPS Exam Exemption Policy outlines behavior and academic expectations of all students.
Students in all courses may be exempt from their final exam if they meet the exam exemption policy
outlined below.
Passing SOL scores can be used as an incentive for exam substitution for
practical, standard, academic, and advanced level courses. Passing SOL
scores may not be substituted in Honors, Advanced Placement, or Dual
Enrollment courses. The sliding scale is below. Sliding SOL Exam Scale
A (100) 500 - 600
A (100) 500 - 600
B (89) 440 - 499
B (89) 466 - 499
C (79) 400 - 439
C (79) 433 - 465
F * 399D (69) 400 - 432
F * 399-
As an incentive for students to attend school regularly and consistently perform well, exam exemptions can be
earned by students who meet the following criteria for grades, attendance, and behavior during the final semester
of the course.
Grades – The student must have a grade of 90 or higher in the class.
Behavior – No student is eligible for exemptions who has had an in-school or out-of-school
Students are required to attend all classes if they are not exempt during exam time. Daily Attendance will be
taken at the start of the review and/or exam period.
Students will not be admitted to an exam if they arrive later than 15 minutes into the exam period (not the review
period). Under no circumstance will teachers change or cancel exam times for a student. Students are expected to be
in class after the exm if transportation has not been arranged. For example, if a student has one exam, he or she will
be in school all day if riding the bus.
During exams, students are not allowed in the halls. All students are to remain in their classrooms for the entire
examination period with emergency situations being the only exception. Students should not be sent to other
locations, including the library, during final exams, even if they complete their exam early. Students cannot use the
telephone AFTER an exam to call a parent for early release. Any legitimate reason for an early release (doctor’s
appointment) should be brought to the attention of the teacher and then an administrator with advance notice.
Teachers should make arrangements to accommodate individual students with administrative approval. Students
must take exams on the days they are scheduled. Permission to take exams at some other time will be considered for
students with extenuating circumstances. If a student needs to reschedule an exam, he/she must gain approval from
an administrator.
CATEC students must report to CATEC. They are not allowed to remain at MOHS if they are supposed to be at
2013-14 SAT Test Dates
To register, go to:
October 5, 2013
(late fee required)
Sept. 6, 2013
Sept. 20, 2013
October 3, 2013
November 2, 2013
December 7, 2013
January 25, 2014
March 8, 2014
Nov 8, 2013
December 27, 2013
Feb 7, 2014
Oct 18, 2013
Nov 22, 2013
Jan 10, 2014
Feb 21, 2014
There is no SAT Testing in April
May 3, 2014
June 7, 2014
Apr 4, 2014
May 6, 2014
Apr 18, 2014
May 23, 2014
To register, go to
September 21, 2013
August 23, 2013
(Late Fee Required)
October 26, 2013
September 27, 2013
August 24 – September 6, 2013
September 28–October 11, 2013
December 14, 2013
February 8, 2014
April 1, 2014
June 14, 2014
November 8, 2013
January 10, 2014
March 7, 2014
May 9, 2014
November 9 – 22, 2013
January 11 – 24, 2014
March 8 – 21, 2014
May 10 – 23, 2014
2013 PSAT Wednesday, October 16, 2013 (At Monticello HS-No registration/fee required)
2014 AP Exam schedule (must register/pay in advance at MHS)
Week 1
Monday, May 5
Tuesday, May 6
Wednesday, May 7
Thursday, May 8
Friday, May 9
Week 2
Monday, May 12
Tuesday, May 13
Wednesday, May 14
Thursday, May 15
Friday, May 16
Morning 8 a.m.
Environmental Science
Computer Science A
Spanish Language and Culture
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
English Literature and Composition
English Language and Composition
Studio Art (portfolios due)
Morning 8 a.m.
Afternoon 12 noon
Art History
Chinese Language and Culture
Japanese Language and Culture
Afternoon 12 noon
Music Theory
United States Government and Politics
Physics B
Physics C: Mechanics
Human Geography
French Language and Culture
German Language and Culture United
States History
World History
Comparative Government and Politics
Spanish Literature and Culture
European History
Italian Language and Culture
Unverified/Unexcused Absences
Virginia Truancy Code Section 22.1-254 – Compulsory Attendance Required - Any student who is absent from
school without a valid excuse for more than 5 days in one school year is truant.
Upon a student’s initial classification as a truant, the school district is required to notify you, the student’s
parent/guardian, of the following (Virginia Truancy Code Section 22.1-254):
That the student is truant.
That the parent/guardian is obligated to compel the attendance of the student at school.
The right to meet with appropriate school personnel to discuss solutions to the student’s truancy.
Upon the next unexcused absence after a meeting with the parent, student and school personnel, the school
shall enforce the provisions of this article by either or both of the following: (1) filing a complaint with the
juvenile and domestic relations court alleging the student is a child in need of supervision as defined in
Section 16.1-228 or (2) institute proceedings against the parent as defined in Section 18.2-371 or Section
Role of Home-School Coordinator: The Home-School Coordinator works with the students individually and
their families to help the students attend school regularly. An emphasis is placed on helping the students and
their families understand the importance of education and obtaining the most out of their educational
opportunities. The Home-School Coordinator provides counseling services to individuals and groups, and
coordinates certain homebound services.
Class Absences: Absences are recorded by individual classes, not by the school day. The principal has the
discretion to deny course credit to a student who misses more than eight (8) single class days for year-long
classes or the equivalent block time of four (4) single class days during a semester. Absences with supporting,
official documentation from the courts, a doctor, dentist, orthodontist, other specialist or bereavement will not count
against a student when it comes to determining the loss of credit; school-related absences, like field trips, do not
count against your child. Students who skip classes will be subject to disciplinary action. Furthermore, each
skipped class will count toward the student’s total number of absences.
Parents must call Monticello High School’s attendance office (244-3120) when their child is absent from
school prior to the absence. When their child returns to school, the parents must send a note that includes the
date(s) of absence(s), reason for absence(s), a parent phone number, and parent signature to the attendance
office within three school days upon the student’s return. All notes will be retained by the school for the use
of the Attendance Committee should an appeal be necessary. According to Virginia High School League
regulations, a student must be in attendance two out of the four block classes in order to participate in VHSL
sponsored activities that day.
Prearranged Absences: Prearranged absences are considered class absences and count toward the absence limits
defined in the school policy. A request for an extended absence because of travel, etc., should be submitted in
writing at least three days prior to the absence. The dates to be missed and the nature of the absence should be
included in the request. Vacations and appointments should be scheduled outside class/instructional time unless
absolutely unavoidable. Prearranged college visits or job interviews are for juniors and seniors only. Students are
limited to two per semester; this is a change from three. Obtaining and completing make-up work is the student’s
Early Dismissals: Parents are strongly discouraged from signing their child out from school early. Again, an early
dismissal is considered an absence. As noted previously, absences are recorded by individual classes, not by the
school day. If, however, the dismissal is unavoidable, the student will submit to the attendance office a written
request signed by a parent or guardian. A parent telephone number must be included so that the attendance office
can confirm the request. Being a closed campus, students will not be allowed to leave without prior approval. If
more than 15 minutes of class time is missed, the student will receive an absence for that class.
NOTE: Parents must check out a student through the the attendance office. Students will not be permitted to
leave the building when a parent is not present. Students who do not follow this policy will be subject to
disciplinary action.
Dismissal During Lunch: Monticello High School is a closed campus. Students are not allowed to leave campus
during lunch. If a dismissal is unavoidable, the parent must come in and sign the student out. Students will not
be excused to leave the building when a parent is not present. Parents must sign out their child (ren)
through the attendance office. Students who do not follow this procedure will be subject to disciplinary
Tardy to School 1st Block: Students with documentation for being tardy to first block must sign in at the attendance
office. All other students must report directly to class unless they are more than 15 minutes tardy. Then they must
sign in at the attendance office. Again, a tardy is considered an absence if a student misses more than 15 minutes of
General Class Tardiness: Unless a student presents a legitimate pass from a staff member, the student is tardy to
class if he or she is not within the classroom when the bell rings. Students who are tardy to class are subject to
disciplinary action. Students are issued a discipline referral on the third tardy to any one class period and an absence
will be assessed for that class. Furthermore, an absence will be assessed for every three tardies per class period.
Consequences for tardies are below:
· 3 tardies – Warning and parent phone call
· 4 tardies – After School Detention – 1 day
· 5 tardies – Saturday School
· 6 tardies – In School Suspension
· 7 tardies – Overnight Suspension pending parent conference
· 8 or more tardies – A combination of After School Detention, Saturday School, In School Suspension and
Overnight Suspension.
· Any student who drives to school and reaches seven tardies to any one class period will have parking
privileges revoked.
Appeals: Students in jeopardy of losing credit due to absences may submit an appeal by the end of the semester.
However, students and parents should be aware of the following:
· Attendance appeals are neither automatic nor guaranteed.
· Students must complete and submit an appeals form by the end of each semester; incomplete forms will not
be considered.
· When reviewing appeals, the attendance committee considers a student’s total number of absences; reasons
for the absences, late arrivals, and early departures; prior documentation of medical conditions; any
extenuating circumstances; the student’s initiative to make-up work and missed time, etc.
The faculty and staff of Monticello High School believe in frequent communications among our school community,
especially with the parents of the students attending our high school. If questions arise about our students’
performance, school matters, student attendance, or events affecting our students, we ask parents to call the school at
(434) 244-3100. Also, if concerns arise regarding particular classes, we expect parents to communicate with teachers
directly, via telephone, email, or by scheduling an appointment with the teacher(s). All teachers list their school
telephone numbers and their email addresses on their course syllabi. Additionally, faculty and staff can be contacted
through our website:
In pursuit of continuous communication, we provide newsletters, parent portal and report cards to all parents.
General school information, current events, and future planning for students, inclusive of scholastic, college, or
testing deadlines will be provided.
Parents are encouraged to attend annual activities at Monticello High School. These activities include, but are not
limited to, Pre-School Orientation, Back-to-School night, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and our Pre-College
Planning night. Please visit the Parent Resources page on our website:
If parents need to meet with a school administrator, please call the school and schedule an appointment with the
administrator. By scheduling a specific time to meet, administrators will be able to meet promptly with parents,
virtually eliminating wait time. The administration encourages all parents to meet with them regarding any concern
they may have with their child or children at Monticello High School.
We invite all parents to become a member of our Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO), a group of our
school community members that meet periodically throughout the school year and assist Monticello High School in
many areas. Additionally, their elected Board represents the PTSO and it provides valuable insights, suggestions,
and support for our school and our hard-working staff. The PTSO will hold the general meeting the second week of
each month with the first meeting in September unless otherwise noted from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Monticello High School believes in keeping instructional time free of interruptions throughout the school year, and
we are asking parents to help us in this endeavor. Classes will not be interrupted to deliver messages to students
unless it is a family emergency. Parents and students should make personal arrangements for appointments,
transportation, etc., before the school day. Please refrain from texting or calling your child during instructional
Monticello High School is a community of students, parents, and staff working together to create an environment
conducive to learning and to the development of good character. School members are expected to conduct
themselves in a way that contributes to the opportunities of all to achieve school goals.
Each school day will include a moment of silence. Students are to remain seated, be silent and refrain from
distracting others. Students may meditate, pray, or engage in any other silent activity that does not interfere with
other students.
Each school day will include the United States Pledge of Allegiance. Students are to stand and recite the Pledge
while facing the flag with their right hand over their hearts. No student will be compelled to stand to recite the
pledge if the student, parents/guardians object to participation on religious, philosophical, or other grounds.
Students who choose not to participate are to remain quiet at their desk and make no display to distract others.
Monticello High School is committed to providing a safe and orderly environment to insure quality instructional
programs that give every student optimum opportunities to be academically successful. To help all students
understand and appreciate their responsibilities and rights, the Core Values will be posted in the building. We
recommend that parents discuss these guidelines with their children and sign the Student Pledge upon receipt.
Student responsibilities toward these goals include, but are not limited to, the FIVE CORE VALUES:
Students are to conduct themselves in such a manner that does not disrupt the education of others, the
educational environment, or in a way that creates unsafe conditions. Examples of disruptive behaviors are
verbal confrontations with other students, physical fighting, verbal or written threats, yelling, screaming, or
acting in a way that draws a crowd because of the negativity of the behavior. Students must respect teachers’
right to teach and students’ right to learn.
Respect includes but is not limited to appropriate conduct, language, dress, and attitude. Students are expected
to respect and follow the directive of any school employee. Student respect also includes caring for school
facilities and the equipment and materials that belong to the school. Defacing school property will result in
disciplinary action and restitution for damaged property. Thefts, coercion, or extortion will not be tolerated.
Sexual harassment, harassment, or bullying will not be tolerated. Monticello High School will uphold the nondiscrimination resolution as set forth by the Albemarle County School Board. No Monticello High School
student is allowed to conduct or engage in any hazing activities of any kind. Public display of affection is
disrespectful of others and students are expected to display behavior appropriate to a public school setting.
Students are expected to be in school every day. It is essential that students are in class and ready to start the
instructional day when the bell rings.
Students must remain on school grounds unless approved by the attendance office and sign out procedures are
followed. Students must remain in authorized/supervised areas at all times.
Students need to bring all needed materials to their classes every day. Homework needs to be completed prior
to class. It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her teachers regarding make-up work on the day that
he/she returns from an absence. Students who are absent should check their class syllabi and/or call a
classmate, and/or ask a teacher for assignments. A student will be expected to make up work for all classes
missed within five (5) days of his/her return to school (School Board Policy JED-AP). Extenuating
circumstances may be considered in extending the time limit.
Students are expected to dress in a manner that reflects acceptable school and community standards. A
student’s attire may not distract from or otherwise interfere with the orderly process of instruction. By creating
a fair and reasonable dress code, we hope to foster an environment that is comfortable, professional and
conducive to the learning environment. The Monticello Administration, Faculty and Staff are preparing the
students for appropriate dress in the workforce. If asked by a teacher, administrator, or other adult in the
building to change an item of clothing or accessory deemed inappropriate, the student will comply with the
Monticello staff member’s request. Parents will be notified of the request and a record will be kept. If a
student doesn’t have a change of clothing and nothing can be found within the building, parents will be
contacted to assist their child.
Clothing and accessories (ex: jewelry, belts) must be free of chains and spikes/sharp points, adverse
reflections on race, sex, creed, or national origin and may not be distracting, vulgar, promote violence
or weapons, or promote substance/tobacco abuse/use.
Clothing normally sold as undergarments are to be worn as such and should not be visible at any
time. Boys should not low-ride pants showing undergarments or sports shorts.
Shoes are required at all times.
Shirts and tops that are: excessively low-cut in the front or back, halter tops, strapless, torn, have
spaghetti straps, expose the student’s midriff or sides, or that reveal undergarments are not to be worn
at school. Girls’ tank top straps should be at least two fingers in width and wife beaters are not
allowed for boys.
Sleepwear including bedroom shoes are not appropriate during school hours.
Leggings must be covered with a long T-shirt or dress.
Shorts, shirts or dresses above mid-thigh in length are not permitted. To determine whether clothing
meets dress code standards:
Stand up straight with arms and hands relaxed at your sides. The hem of the dress, shirt, or
shorts should meet or extend beyond the end of the middle finger.
It is not appropriate to wear sunglasses in the building.
Head coverings such as (but not limited to) bandanas, do-rags, head scarf, earmuffs/warmers, hats,
headbands, headgear, hoods, scarves, or sweatbands are to be removed upon entering the building.
Teachers may confiscate hats that are worn in the building and give them back at the end of the day.
If a student is a repeat offender, parents will be called in to pick up the hat..
Apparel deemed by the administration to convey an inappropriate message disruptive to the learning
environment may not be worn.
Profane and vulgar language and behavior are unacceptable at school and at school activities. Students will
refrain from such language and behavior during school and school-related activities.
Students will behave in a manner that is neither distracting to others nor disruptive to the learning of others.
Conduct and language in school should demonstrate an attitude of respect for all persons. Students need to
understand that behaviors and language used outside of school are not necessarily appropriate at school.
Additionally, students are expected to resolve conflicts in appropriate ways; confrontational behavior, bullying,
and intimidation will not be tolerated.
Students may ride a bus other than their assigned bus if the student submits a written request signed by the
student's parent or guardian, including a telephone number where the parent or guardian can be reached. The
written request must state the date and the bus that the student should ride. A parent request needs to be
submitted to the Attendance Office for verification upon arriving to school.
We are confident that Monticello Students will demonstrate behavior that honors our school and represents the MHS
community with dignity and pride.
The ninety-day licensing process for “provisional licensing” includes that a student:
 Be 16 years and three months of age
 Has held a learner's permit for nine months
 Has proof that their parent/guardian has attended a two-hour parent driving seminar
 Has successfully completed a state-approved driver education program
 Parents sign a permission form with the school certifying their child is properly insured and has driven a motor
vehicle for 45 hours, at least ten of which were after sunset and thirty hours daylight with fifteen driving hours
after dark. After completing the driving requirement, the child must submit the 45-hour driving log.
All students who hold a valid Virginia driver's license are subject to the following provisions:
 Restricted to one non-family teenage passenger for the first year and no more than three non-family teenage
passengers until age 18.
 Drivers less than age 18 have a midnight to 4 a.m. curfew except when driving to and from work or a schoolsponsored activity, with a parent, or in cases of emergency.
 May not use a cellular telephone or any other wireless telecommunications device while driving.
Classroom: The classroom portion of Driver Education is conducted through Health II.
In-Car Instruction (BTW): To be eligible, students must possess a valid learner’s permit, have completed or
currently enrolled in 36 hours of classroom instruction, have completed a minimum of 20 hours of logged driving
time with their parent/guardian, and pay an instructional fee. Additionally, the parent/guardian must have attended
the 2-hour parent seminar. Seminar dates for the fall of 2013 can be found online at
In-car training will be offered both before school, after school, and during the school day for those students who
have a scheduled study hall. As of July 1, 2011, additional changes may occur with the implementation of new
Virginia driving laws.
The school clinic is staffed by a school nurse who is available for students who are ill, require first aid, receive
medication, or have other health concerns. A pass to the clinic in the planner, including a time, is required unless it
is an emergency. All students who are ill must report to the clinic in order to leave school. The nurse will
notify the parent if the student needs to leave school. The student will remain in the clinic until notified by
attendance that the parent has arrived. If the clinic is closed, students must report to the Main Office. In no
circumstance should an ill student miss class or leave school grounds without approval by an authorized member of
the school staff. The student will not receive a clinic pass to leave school unless seen by the nurse or administrative
According to school board policy (JHCD), Albemarle County Public School personnel may give prescription
medication to children only with a physician's written order and signed request from the parent or guardian. All
medication shall be brought to school by the parent/guardian and shall be placed in the care of the school nurse in
the school clinic (see information pertaining to inhalers after this paragraph). Students who fail to bring all
medications to the Clinic could have school consequences. A permission form must be signed by the
parent/guardian and accompany the medication prior to administering the drug to the student. All prescription
medication must be labeled with the physician’s orders to include the student's name, drug name, dosage, and
duration the drug is to be administered to the student. The medication must come to school/clinic in the original
prescription container. No student should carry prescription medication to or from the school. All medication
should come to the clinic to be dispensed as directed by the physician. These rules are put into place to protect all
children and failure to follow this rule can result in disciplinary action. All medication should be dispensed from the
clinic and the permission form can be obtained from the school nurse.
Students with a diagnosis of asthma may possess and self-administer inhaled asthma medications during the school
day. The student must have written consent from a parent; written notice from a doctor or nurse practitioner that
identifies the student, notes the diagnosis of asthma and approval to self-administer medication; specifications
noting name and dosage of medication, frequency of administration, and testament to the student’s abilities to selfadminister the medication safely. The documentation must include an individualized health care plan, including
emergency procedures for any life-threatening condition. Permission is granted for one school year, and it must be
renewed annually.
Albemarle County Public School personnel may give nonprescription medication to children only with written
requests from the parent or guardian. The request shall specify the name and dosage of the medication. The request
shall be renewed at least every school year.
NOTE: Students must have appropriate immunizations to be enrolled in school.
Please be advised that if your child has a special need, i.e. diabetes, hypoglycemia, migraines, strep throat, or
ear infections, etc., and we are not informed of the condition or treatment, we cannot by County policy
administer medication or treat without written consent from the parent and/or doctor. This includes
treatment of chronic and acute illness or conditions.
Students who are offered membership in Monticello High School’s chapters of nationally recognized honor societies
are honored for their achievement and character, and also participate in Monticello’s mission to serve the greater
community. Members of the honor society chapters at Monticello High School noted below are expected to
maintain the standards of admission identified in their selection processes.
Although the criteria for selection vary between the organizations, all require that the members be of good character
and achieve a minimum academic standard. Faculty sponsors, noted below, can clarify expectations for specific
societies. Some require the members to perform service while members of the honor society. When students are
inducted into these honor societies, they sign a pledge to uphold the responsibilities of membership.
Monticello High School chapters of national honor societies and their faculty sponsors in 2013-14 are:
National Art Honor Society – Mrs. Helen Lockwood
National Career and Technical Honor Society – Ms. Jennifer Rocco
Société Honoraire de Français – Mr. Barry Keith
National German Honor Society – Mr. Rolf Mann
National Latin Honor Society – Mrs. Beverley McCaskill
National Spanish Honor Society – Mr. Justin Beamon
National Mathematics Honor Society – Ms. Lynn Nichols
Tri-M Music Honor Society – Mrs. Janet Whitmore and Mr. Ben Reed
National English Honor Society – Mr. David Glover
National Honor Society – Mr. Barry Keith
A primary requirement of all honor societies is that of personal character. An honor society member who engages
in misconduct of an ethical nature, such as cheating, or who engages in conduct requiring out-of-school suspension,
will have his or her membership status reviewed by a faculty review committee. A member who, as determined by
the committee, does not live up to the responsibilities agreed to upon admission into the society may receive written
notification from the faculty adviser of an honor society and may have his or her membership revoked.
Students and parents may refer questions concerning the criteria for membership or the missions of specific honor
societies to the faculty sponsors of these societies. A document created in August 2013 to define admission criteria,
requirements to remain in good standing, and meeting dates and times for each honor society will be made available
on the MHS website for student and parent reference.
Admission to the Monticello High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is by invitation. Students DO
NOT apply for admission. If a student has a qualifying GPA as noted below, he or she will be considered by a
faculty selection committee for membership after the first semester of the junior year. If the committee based on
teacher recommendations votes to offer membership to a student, he or she will receive a letter of invitation.
Students indicate an interest in accepting membership by submitting a letter of intent to the faculty adviser.
Juniors will be invited to complete data forms to note leadership community services and awards. This data sheet is
informational only and does not constitute an application.
Invitations to join are extended to those juniors and seniors who have, in the opinion of the faculty selection
committee, excelled in all four areas designated by the National Honor Society Constitution: Scholarship,
Character, Leadership, and Service.
Scholarship – A student must have a 3.25 un-weighted or weighted GPA after five semesters;
Character – A student must behave in a consistently honorable manner by exhibiting honesty, respect, and
positive behavior in the classroom and community;
Leadership – A student must exhibit positive classroom leadership and have held positions in which
leadership has been established; and
Service – A student must have performed significant school and/or community service (not for pay, grade,
or other reward).
The selection committee members are not allowed to discuss their deliberations with others (teachers, students,
administrators, or parents). At no time is a committee member allowed to comment on the strengths or weaknesses
of students who were considered for NHS membership.
A student who is not invited to join the NHS may appeal to the principal, if he or she believes that there is some
additional information that the committee did not have, or may not have considered. The selection committee will
review all appeals and additional information forwarded by the Principal.
As a community of life-long learners, it is our responsibility to strengthen and clarify the Monticello High School
Honor Policy as a means of promoting ethical behavior, academic honesty, fairness, and trust. Students are
encouraged to become actively involved in the prevention of cheating, forgery, and plagiarism. It is the
responsibility of each student to report incidents of suspected cheating to the teacher of the class involved. All
forms of cheating and plagiarism are prohibited. The Honor Pledge reads:
“On my honor I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work.”
Behavior that is unacceptable includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Copying another student’s schoolwork
Allowing another student to copy your schoolwork
Looking at or copying another student’s test or quiz answers
Allowing another student to look at or copy your test or quiz answers
Using any other method to get/give test or quiz answers
Working with others on projects that are meant to be done individually
Submitting plagiarized work (plagiarism is defined as the use of published words or ideas belonging to another
person either directly or through paraphrasing, without giving credit to the source)
Using information from the Internet without citing the source (another form of plagiarism)
Violating any additional honor requirements specifically stated by a teacher
Consequences for an honor violation may include but are not limited to the following:
Parents will be contacted by the teacher regarding the violation.
Immediate referral to the student’s administrator and counselor for information purposes and to be recorded in
their permanent record.
Disciplinary referral specifying cheating, plagiarism, etc.
Forfeiture of credit for the work ( “0”) or otherwise adjusted grade on the paper, test, etc.
If student is a member of any honor society, the administrator will notify the sponsor of the society of the
Community service
The student may be asked to write an essay regarding the offense.
Student may be assigned in-school suspension.
Student may receive out-of-school suspension.
Student may lose eligibility for, or membership in, an honor society, according to bylaws.
Conference including the student’s administrator, the teacher, the counselor, the parent, and the student.
Consequences for any additional violations of the Honor Code will be discussed at that time.
Monticello High School encourages students to participate in every aspect of campus life. With this as our stated
policy, there is no way to avoid some scheduling conflicts. When these conflicts arise, students are asked to notify
the coach or sponsor immediately. A student who decides to attend one school-sponsored event over another will
not be subject to disciplinary actions; however, it must be stated that every decision may have a consequence. For
example, a student who misses an athletic event may be replaced by a substitute who performs well in the absence of
the original athlete. A student who misses a practice may not be as prepared as another for the next contest and
could be replaced. These consequences are not punitive, but the results of the efforts of students who are present at
the event. All fees owed to the school must be paid before students are allowed to participate in extracurricular
Monticello High School sponsors 24 athletic programs that offer competition on various levels: Varsity, Junior
Varsity and/or 9th grade. Monticello High School is a member of the Virginia High School League (VHSL) that
coordinates all athletic events in the state of Virginia. Monticello High School is classified as a Group AA school
and competes in the Jefferson District and Region II in addition to competing against local area high schools.
Athletic Team Eligibility Requirements:
1. Promotion to the 9th grade.
2. Medical exam must be signed and completed.
3. Insurance – Home and/or school, Varsity and J.V. football require special insurance.
4. Training Rules – Form on file signed by parent or guardian and student that prohibits the use and/or possession
of alcohol, illegal drugs, and/or tobacco.
5. The student must have passed five subjects the previous semester and currently must be enrolled in five
6. The principal must verify that the student is “IN GOOD STANDING”.
7. Eighth graders may try out only for sub-varsity teams.
Athletic Fee
Albemarle County Public Schools offers a high-quality athletic program to supplement our students’ experience at
the high school level. In order to maintain this program with increased financial constraints, the student athlete will
be assessed an athletic fee.
Albemarle County Public Schools requires that each student pay a non-refundable athletic fee of $75 for each sport
in which he or she is a confirmed member. Fees collected will contribute to the Albemarle County Public Schools
budget to assist with coaching salaries, security, field maintenance, transportation costs, and VHSL membership
The maximum athletic fee per family is $450. Athletes that try out and become an official team member will be
required to pay the $75 athletic fee prior to the first official contest in order to be eligible to compete. There is no
relationship between athletic fees and a guarantee of student playing time. Playing time for athletes is the sole
discretion of the Head Coach and his/her staff. The athletic fee is non-refundable and will not be returned to an
athlete who leaves his or her team for any reason.
The fee will be waived for students that qualified for the free or reduced price meals. Please contact Albemarle
County Schools Child Nutrition Program at 295-0566 if you did not grant permission for your free/reduced status to
be shared for this purpose.
If you have questions about the athletic fee, please contact the high school that your son/daughter attends.
Participation in athletics and other extracurricular activities is regarded as an important privilege for students.
Participation in such activities supports students’ personal growth and achievement and also gives students the
opportunity to be representatives of and ambassadors for their school.
Albemarle County Public Schools is committed to developing and maintaining a high level of confidence by the
student body and the school community. Therefore, students who desire to participate in extracurricular activities are
expected to meet standards in three major areas: academics, attendance, and conduct. Failure to meet appropriate
standards in any one, or more, of these areas will result in a student losing the privilege of participating in
extracurricular activities.
I. Policies related to this regulation
• School Board Policy JFC – Student Conduct
• School Board Policy JGD/JGE – Discipline
• School Board Policy JFCI - Substance Abuse
• School Board Policy JFCH - Possession and/or Use of Tobacco on School Premises
II. Definition of Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to: participating in athletics and other competitive activities,
event or activity practices, and other student activities; performing in public beyond the class culminating
performances. Activities that are a part of a credit bearing class do not constitute extracurricular activities.
III. Introduction
A. This regulation is in effect from the first day a student begins participation in a high school sport or other
extracurricular activity throughout the remainder of the season or other extracurricular activity period.
B. This regulation establishes a minimum code of conduct for student-athletes and other students who desire
to participate in extracurricular activities offered by the Albemarle County Public Schools. This regulation
shall be administered by each school through its principal/designee in conjunction with the athletic director,
coach(es) or other sponsors. This regulation does not supersede the School Board’s student discipline
C. Prior to participating in a school sport or other extracurricular activity, the student and his/her parents or
guardian will be required to sign a statement.
D. Acknowledging that the student shall comply with and abide by the terms and conditions of this regulation.
E. This regulation applies to all high school students in grades 9-12 as well as 8th grade students who are
permitted to participate in high school sports or other extracurricular programs.
IV. Academic and Behavioral Expectations
A.General Standards, Guidelines and Information
a. A student shall be enrolled as a full-time student in good standing under School Division policy
and Virginia High School League rules and regulations in order to be eligible to participate in
extracurricular activities.
b. Students who fail to meet appropriate academic, attendance or behavioral standards may be
withheld or dismissed from participation in athletics or other extracurricular activities.
c. Any student who is ineligible but participates in a contest/activity while ineligible may cause the
team/group to forfeit that contest/performance in accordance with this regulation.
d. A specific team membership, athletic position, performance role, leadership position, etc. may or
may not be available for the student to resume, upon regaining eligibility.
e. Each elementary and middle school may have specific guidelines and requirements for one or
more extracurricular activities offered at that school.
f. Students participating in athletics and other extracurricular activities are expected to pass and
successfully meet the academic and attendance goals and objectives established by the School
Division in order to be eligible. Students are also expected to meet the behavioral standards of
their school and School Division. This requirement is in addition to the Virginia High School
League rules and regulations.
B. Students are ineligible to participate in or practice in a contest, competition or other activity if they have
been placed on suspension. Students must be in school all day in order to participate. Exceptions are
prearranged absences, doctor appointments, school-related absences or in other cases as authorized by
school administration.
C. If a student tries out for a sport or other activity and quits or is dismissed because of disciplinary
reasons, he/she is ineligible to try out for another sport or activity without approval from the athletic
director and/or principal/designee.
V. Misbehavior
A.The admission of facts involving student misconduct, whether on campus or off campus, which
constitutes a criminal offense or conviction of a criminal offense, either felony or misdemeanor (excluding
minor traffic violations) may result in suspension from athletic or other extracurricular activities for a
period of time to be determined by the principal/designee after investigation and consultation with the
Division Superintendent/designee.
B.Disciplinary action may result in denial of participation in athletic competition or other extracurricular
C.Students who have received out-of-school suspension shall be prohibited from participation in all athletic
or other extracurricular or interscholastic practices, events, activities or competitions for the duration of
such out-of-school suspension.
VI. Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
A.No student involved in a sport or other extracurricular program shall knowingly possess, use, distribute,
transmit or be under the influence of alcohol, performance enhancing drugs, inhalants or controlled
substances of any kind (except as prescribed by a medical professional or as otherwise authorized by this
regulation) during the athletic season or other extracurricular program.
B.The unauthorized possession, use, distribution, transmittal or being under the influence of alcohol,
performance enhancing drugs, inhalants or controlled substances of any kind (except as prescribed by a
medical professional) by a student during the athletic season or other extracurricular program will subject
the student to the following consequences (in addition to any school disciplinary and/or other applicable
1. First offense in student’s high-school level participation:
a. A minimum of two (2) weeks suspension from participation in athletics or other
extracurricular program, including practice and competition, from the date the knowledge
of the possession, use, transmittal, distribution or being under the influence became
known to a school official;
b. A student who agrees (with parental consent) to participate in a drug/alcohol
counseling and/or assessment program offered at school or at a school-approved
community agency may be reinstated to the athletic team or other extracurricular program
at the end of the two (2) week period. Any student who does not agree to participate in
such counseling and/or assessment program shall be suspended from all athletic teams or
other extracurricular programs for thirty (30) days of participation or for the remainder of
the season or program, whichever is longer.
c. Reinstatement of the student to the athletic or other extracurricular program is
contingent upon the student complying in all material respects with the recommendations
made by an alcohol or other substance abuse counselor or other appropriate person as
well as the approval of the principal/designee for reinstatement to the team or program;
d. Successful completion of any recommendations by an alcohol or other substance abuse
counselor or other appropriate person will be evaluated by the principal/designee.
2. Second offense in student’s high-school level participation:
a. A minimum of four (4) weeks suspension from participation in athletics or other
extracurricular program, including practice and competition, from the date the knowledge
of the possession, use, transmittal, distribution or being under the influence became
known to a school official;
b. A student who agrees (with parental consent) to participate in a drug/alcohol
counseling and/or assessment program offered at school or at a school-approved
community agency may be reinstated to the athletic team or other extracurricular program
at the end of the four (4) week period. Any student who does not agree to participate in
such counseling and/or assessment program shall be suspended from all athletic teams or
other extracurricular programs for thirty (30) days of participation or for the remainder
of the season or program, whichever is longer.
c. Reinstatement of the student to the athletic or other extracurricular program is
contingent upon the student complying in all material respects with the recommendations
made by an alcohol or other substance abuse counselor or other appropriate person as
well as the approval of the principal/designee for reinstatement to the team or program;
d. Successful completion of any recommendations by an alcohol or other substance abuse
counselor or other appropriate person will be evaluated by the principal/designee.
3. Third or subsequent offense in student’s high-school level participation:
a. Full suspension from all athletic activities and competitions and other extracurricular
program for a 365-day period;
b. The student may be required to undergo a current drug/alcohol assessment at school or
at a community agency offering such assessments. Prior to reinstatement at a future date,
the student will follow and comply with all recommendations from the assessment report,
including participation in an approved school-based or community alcohol or other drug
education program; and
c. The student may petition for reinstatement after the end of the 365-day period. The
decision whether to reinstate the student shall be at the sole discretion of the
principal/designee after consultation with the Division Superintendent/designee.
4. In cases involving a first or second offense only, students who voluntarily request assistance
from school officials in connection with an alcohol, drug or tobacco incident may receive reduced
disciplinary consequences under this regulation at the discretion of the principal, provided that the
request must come from the student or his/her parents/guardian no later than the first school day
after the incident involving the unauthorized use of alcohol, performance enhancing drugs,
inhalants or controlled substances of any kind or tobacco.
A. This regulation shall not be construed to prohibit students from participating in a bona fide religious ritual,
ceremony or other religious activity in which alcohol is served under the supervision of their parents or
guardians. In such cases, the use or consumption of small amounts of alcohol as part of a bona fide
religious ritual, ceremony or activity, such as a Passover Seder, Communion or other religious service or
observance, shall not constitute a violation of this regulation.
B. This regulation shall not be construed to prohibit parents from providing alcohol to their children in a
supervised setting as authorized by Va. Code § 4.1-200(7), as amended, or other applicable law. However,
it is the hope and desire of the Albemarle County Public Schools that, notwithstanding the permissive
authority given to parents to provide alcohol to their children in such limited, supervised settings, parents
will agree not to do so in order that their children may remain free of alcohol use during the school year.
C. In accordance with Va. Code § 22.1-276.3, as amended, or other applicable law and Virginia High School
League rules and regulations, any student who is a member of a school athletic team shall be deemed
ineligible for two school years to compete in interscholastic athletic competition, if it has been determined
by the Division Superintendent and principal that the student used anabolic steroids during the training
period immediately preceding or during the sport season of the athletic team, unless such steroid was
prescribed by a licensed physician for a medical condition.
The Library Media Center's hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. Passes that have
been signed by your teacher are required when a student visits the Library Media Center from a class. To visit the
Library Media Center during lunch or Mustang Morning, a student is required to have a pass with an academic
assignment. In addition to a signed pass, students wishing to work on independent multimedia projects in the Media
Lab must have a contract, complete with a parent’s or caregiver’s signature, on file in the Library Media Center.
Students may check out a maximum of six books, which are due in 21 days. Teachers may give permission for
students to check out more than six books. Unless a hold has been placed on a book, renewals are encouraged at any
time. The Library Media Center does not issue fines for overdue books, however, students must pay the replacement
cost for any lost books.
The Library Media Center's computers and all other school computers have direct access to the Internet. Students
and parents are reminded that an Acceptable Use of Technology policy must be signed and retained by the school.
Any and all inappropriate uses of computers, school networks and/or the Internet will be considered as serious
disciplinary infractions.
The Albemarle County School Board has a policy (IIBE) that governs the use of technology by students. Internet
and computer network and non-network access is available to authorized students, teachers, and other staff in the
Albemarle County Public Schools. Albemarle County Public Schools’ primary goal for technology use in education
is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and telecommunications as
outlined in this policy and applicable regulations. However, some world-wide resources available on the Internet are
not of educational value in a school setting.
Students and/or their parents or other legal guardians shall, prior to beginning grades K, 3, 6 and 9 or otherwise
entering a school, receive and sign an acknowledgment of this Policy and return same to the appropriate individual
school. The school shall maintain an accurate record of who has returned the signed acknowledgment and shall
respond accordingly. Students will comply with the Good Technology User Agreement they have signed. Students
may download materials from the Internet, or copy materials from the network, only as approved by a teacher.
Students will ethically use available Internet content by properly and accurately citing all content downloaded from
the Internet and used in a student’s own work. This includes pictures, text, video, music, and other content.
Unethical or illegal activities include, but are not limited to: knowingly spreading viruses, violating copyright laws,
using unauthorized software, impersonating another user, unauthorized entry, and/or destruction of computer
systems and files. Use of the Albemarle County Public Schools' Internet and computer facilities is a privilege, not a
right. Inappropriate use will result in an immediate termination of access and other privileges relating to use and
may also result in disciplinary action (up to and including suspension or expulsion, formal reprimand, or dismissal)
as well as potential civil or criminal liability and prosecution.
Albemarle County Public Schools 2013-2014 Lunch Information
Lunch Prices for 2013-2014 are subject to change:
Breakfast K-12: - $1.30
Lunch: Middle & High School - $2.50
Adult Breakfast: - $1.55
Adult Lunch: - $3.05