XMD-300 Diffractometer

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XMD-300 Diffractometer
X-ray tube voltage
Up to 50 kV
X-ray tube power
Up to 50 W
Target material options
Cu, Cr and Mo
Max. sample dimensions
H 18 cm, W 20 cm, D 20 cm
PC interface
USB 2.0
Application and acquisition software
Windows® XP based
Overall dimensions
H 83 cm, W 71 cm, D 78 cm
75 kg
Input supply
100 V to 275 V single phase
The XMD-300 Diffractometer range
XMD-310 Phase analysis
XMD-315 Phase and Element analysis
XMD-320 Stress analysis
XMD-325 Stress and Element analysis
XMD-330 Phase, Stress and Element analysis
Company profile
Through its collaboration with the Institute for Roentgen Optics, an internationally renowned X-ray research
centre, Unisantis is focused on forging breakthroughs in the field of applications for X-ray technology.
Unisantis incorporates state of the art technology for X-ray beam collimation and/or focusing within its entire range
of products, and is committed to the development of innovative solutions which incorporate a new spectrum of functions
and user benefits.
Utilising patented Kumakhov’s poly-capillary Optics the need for monochromator,
collimators and slits is eliminated.
The versatile design integrates convenient handling of large samples with a simple
user interface into a compact, transportable desktop unit.
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Unisantis S.A.
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Multifunctional X-ray diffractometer
for Phase, Stress and Element analysis
Competitive price/performance ratio
With combined XRD and XRF analysis capabilities, the XMD-300 series is the ideal
instrument for quality control and research laboratories.
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XMD-300 Diffractometer
Areas of application
Technical features
A multifunctional XRD/XRF instrument with a wide range of
capabilities, ideally suited for a variety of quality control and
research applications including:
The analysis time is significantly reduced due to the beam
collimating efficiency provided by patented Kumakhov’s
poly-capillary Optics.
• Engineering industries
A new patented raster filter assembled with the detector
improves the signal to noise ratio on data acquisition.
• University and educational laboratories
Interchangeable X-ray tubes allows for different applications
to be run on the same instrument in a matter of minutes.
• Metallurgy
• Geology and mining
The sample spinner provides uniform analysis of powder
• Cement, chemical and fertilizer industries
• Environmental monitoring
Non-destructive analysis can be performed on a wide range
of materials and manufactured parts and components.
Analysis of manufactured components
Type of analysis
The air cooled low power X-ray tube significantly reduces
maintenance cost.
Ideal for qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, peak
profi le analysis, residual stress determination and
structure identification.
Tube and detector positioning axes
The XMD-300 series offers the unique option of analysing
raw materials and manufactured components, without need
of sample preparation.
User benefits
Intuitive operation of integrated hardware and software is
controlled through a single USB 2.0 interface.
In addition, the XMD-300 series facilitates the analysis of
materials in a wide range of physical forms and states
including solids, powders, pressed pellets, liquids, slurries,
granules, films and coatings.
The ergonomic and transportable design is ideal for performing
on-site measurement and analysis.
Element analysis
Powder sample
The XMD-300 series provides excellent sample accessibility
and visibility due to a large sample chamber capacity and
radio-opaque front door.
Software features
The software system is a complete suite of applications
including instrument control, data acquisition and data
analysis. Integrated control features allow the user to
Phase analysis software includes
profile fitting, search-match for
qualitative phase analysis using the
ICDD-PDF2 database and quantitative
phase analysis using full-profile
constantly monitor the status of the instrument and to
control the position of the X-ray tube and detectors.
Stress analysis software enables
Background Subtraction, Profile
Fitting and Stress Determination.
The instruments comply with IEC and EN standards and
are covered by a 2 year limited warranty.
Element analysis software provides
qualitative and quantitative analysis
of the chemical composition of elements.
Intuitive interface
Sample accessibility