Z-Discovery CloudPreserve™ - Microsoft® Office 365™

Z-Discovery CloudPreserve™ Microsoft® Office 365™
Simplify life with one defensible process that lets the legal department
manage holds and preserve Office 365 data with one automated process.
Zapproved’s CloudPreserve module is the only e-discovery solution that gives a complete view of
Microsoft Office 365 data and makes preservation defensible. CloudPreserve enables Legal Hold Pro
users to automatically place and remove preservation holds on Microsoft Office 365 content including
Exchange mailboxes, Skype® for Business, SharePoint® sites and OneDrive for Business accounts.
üü Send, track, manage, and report on legal
holds and preservations from one place
üü No need to login to Office 365 to perform
üü Set up is quick and easy
üü No training required
This simple and straightforward process lets
the legal team implement in-place litigation
holds without ever leaving Legal Hold Pro or
involving IT. Legal Hold Pro users can create
and release Office 365 holds directly from
their legal hold notice and they don’t need to
log in to Office 365 – a great time saver while
simplifying the process significantly since they
don’t need to hassle IT for permissions. These
preservation holds will track the status of the
hold and will apply to the entire source.
üü In depth reporting and tracking that users
are accustomed to in Legal Hold Pro
üü Legal can own the process without
involving IT
üü Preserve Office 365 Exchange mailboxes
and Skype for Business, SharePoint sites
and OneDrive for Business accounts
üü Defensible – chain of custody from their
legal holds to their preservations and
üü Developed in partnership with Microsoft
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Corporate legal teams can own their entire process from legal hold through preservation with ease.
Legal Hold Pro communicates directly with Office 365 to create and remove in-place litigation holds and
CloudPreserve reports a status back to Legal Hold Pro so that the legal team can easily track and report
on preservation efforts. Senders are automatically notified if a hold cannot be placed, or if its status in
Office 365 has changed. This feedback lets the legal team know their preservation reports are accurate.
Preservations are added if they don’t already exist and removed only when a custodian is no longer
subject to other active holds. This ensures that the sender is not adding unnecessary holds nor removing
necessary ones.
Preserving-in-Place is as Easy as 1-2-3
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Create hold
and add
Custodian /
Data Sources
Data is
The Z-Discovery Suite is a cloud-based technology platform comprised of Legal Hold Pro the industry’s leading legal hold
notification and workflow management system. Data Collect Pro the easiest solution to collect data from the cloud, and Digital
Discovery Pro, the instant access discovery processing and review solution. Z-Discovery provides corporate legal teams using
Office 365 with a complete solution to easily manage the e-discovery process from preservation through review.
Zapproved is a pioneer in developing cloud-based software for corporate legal departments. The Z-Discovery Platform returns
power to in-house corporate legal teams and help them navigate electronic discovery with minimal risk and cost, and it sets new
standards for scalability and intuitive design.
Zapproved is unique in its commitment to security. It has earned its SOC2® Type 2 Certification, which
demonstrates that the company has extensive controls in place to protect against unauthorized access
(both physical and logical). The report was prepared by an Independent Certified Public Accountant
who audited the controls relevant to the security principle formed under the AICPA. Zapproved
applications are hosted on, Amazon Web Services (AWS), who is the world leader in data hosting
and security and are designed to ensure that customer data is safe and secure using industry best
practices. World-leading companies have evaluated Zapproved’s system for use and it meets their
demanding requirements. We are committed to the keeping private data private (Confidentiality), the
way you intended it (Integrity) and accessible when you want it (Availability).
A dedicated Customer Success team that is extremely responsive cultivates “Ridiculously Happy” customers who stay year after
year (Customer retention 99%). Additionally, customer feedback is part of our success in developing easy-to-use software that
meets the workflow needs of the legal department.
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