Lecture 1 – Thursday 29 August 2013 Class business Physics:


Lecture 1 – Thursday 29 August 2013 Class business

Instructor’s daily page:

The day before each lecture

(the obvious exception is this one)

I will post my “daily page” on the web with timely information about class activities, assignments, etc. You should get in the habit of checking it out by the afternoon preceding the next lecture.

On the page, items highlighted in




are either new or otherwise important

. The highlighted sections of the text in the contents at the bottom of this page indicate how far we may go in the next lecture.

Getting help: Physics coaching tables:

Please note the following from Lisa in the physics undergraduate office: “Please inform your students of the coaching area on the 5th floor of RLM by the elevators. A schedule of coaching hours should be posted next week in that area. This is a free (tutoring) service, provided by the physics graduate students employed by our department, for all students in our intro courses. Coaches will be available as posted 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.”

My Office Hours:

Tentative: 2:00 - 3:00 pm on class days, and by appointment.

TA: ????????????

is the TA for both classes. Office hours: TBA. Always mention “PHY 303L” in the subject of your email..


The due time for homework will be 11:30 pm.


We will begin using the clickers in class next Tuesday.

They are available at the Co-op. If the Co-op is out of stock temporarily, more should be available soon. Our inclassquiz next Tuesday will be for practice.



Reading assignment:

Every lecture day I will assign specific material to read for the next lecture.

I strongly recommend that you get in the habit of reading the assigned material before class. In that way, especially if you make a few notes on the reading and examples, you will be able to listen in lecture and not feel the need to take copious notes. Note that this process is easier if you take advantage of the lecture notes that are available for each lecture. If you go over the material again as soon as possible after class, this will reinforce the concepts in your brain while they are still fresh and prepare you to begin the next homework.

For Thursday, the first day of class:

We will spend a little time highlighting the main info in the fdho before beginning chapter 14. In class, we will cover topics from the first 5 sections of ch 14.

Chapter 14: Electric Field

14.1 New concepts 14.2 Electric charge and force 14.3 The concept of “electric field” 14.4 The electric field of a point charge 14.5 Superposition of electric fields

14.6 The electric field of a dipole 14.7 Choice of system 14.8 Is electric field real?

Chapter 15: Electric fields and matter

15.1 Charged particles in matter 15.2 How insulators become charged 15.3 Polarization 15.4 Polarization of insulators 15.5 Polarization of conductors 15.6 A model of a metal 15.7 Charging and discharging 15.8 When the field concept is less useful