Sociology: the core

Michael Hughes
Carolyn J. Kroehler
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H ughes
Sociology, 7e
------------ the core
The Core
seventh edition
Michael Hughes
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Carolyn J. Kroehler
Burr Ridge IL
Dubuque, IA
New Delhi
Madison, Wl
Kuala Lumpur
New York
San Francisco
M adrid
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Hughes. Michael (Michael D.)
Sociology: the core/Michael Hughes. Carolyn J. Kroehler.— 7th ed.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0-07-288055-4 (softcover : alk.paper)
1. Sociology. I. Kroehler, Carolyn J. II. Title.
HM585.H84 2005
I would lik e to dedicate th is book to
three sociologists a t the U niversity o f
Alabama in the 1960s v\ho served on my
master's degree committee and v\ho vsere
essential to my professional and
personal development. They are
presented here in the o rd e r th a t I knert
them: • to the memory o f Donal E. Muir,
rtho A as the f ir s t so ciologist and
intellectual that I knew and INho AOS,
fo r me, the tru ly great teacher INho
comes along once in a lifetim e; • to the
memory o f H. J e ff Buttram, i\h o v\as the
f ir s t so ciologist I knert vsho ;\as also a
tru e personal friend, and ttith rthom I
had intense dialogue, arguments, and
discussions about so ciological issues;
• and in la sting admiration, appreciation,
and highest g ra titu d e to Majeed A lsikafi,
INho tru ste d me, nurtured me, encouraged
me, stood behind me, and gave me the
confidence I needed to do so cio lo g ica l
rtork; rtith o u t Majeed. I would never
have become a sociologist.
Michael Hughes