RIIMPO337D – Conduct Articulated Haul Truck

RIIMPO337D – Conduct Articulated Haul Truck Operations
HPA TRAINING is a Registered Training Organisation RTO number 41018 registered with the Australian Skills Quality
Authority (ASQA). HPA TRAINING is proud to offer the Unit of Competency RIIMPO337D – Conduct articulated haul
truck operations as a four (4) day training and integrated assessment course.
The course provides learners with skills and knowledge relating to this unit of competency – This unit describes a
participant’s skills and knowledge required to conduct articulated haul truck operations in Civil construction, Coal
and Metalliferous mining and Extractive.
This unit is appropriate for those who work in operational roles.
This course is available to anyone meeting minimum client criteria who wish to work in the field of earthwork
operations in industries such as construction, mining, transport, and similar.
RPL can also be applied for where the applicant can demonstrate suitable experience in this discipline.
Unit of Competency
Training Package
RII - Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training
Unit of Competency
RIIMPO337D – Conduct articulated haul truck operations
National recognition
These competencies have been drawn from the nationally endorsed industry training package the Resources and
Infrastructure Industry Training Package (RII) -. On successfully completing the training and assessment, the
qualification RIIMPO337D – Conduct articulated haul truck operations will be issued. The qualification and unit of
competency is nationally recognised and provide individuals with a valuable qualification that can be applied
throughout Australia and the wider business and customer services community.
Program outline
The course will be delivered in the workplace using a combination of one-on-one and group theory instruction and
workplace practice and assessment. HPA TRAINING trainers will travel to the workplace to ensure your learning is
relevant to your current employer and future duties. Training sessions are trainer led. Participants will be provided
with professionally presented reference material to assist them to develop their knowledge of the subject.
Course Brochure – RIIMPO337D – Conduct articulated haul truck operations
Ver 1.0
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Expected duration
The program is designed to be delivered over four days (4) training and integrated assessment.
Assessment requirements
The assessment is conducted using a combination of realistic workplace tasks, projects, knowledge tests, response
to case studies and feedback from supervisors. The following provides a brief explanation of the assessment
methods are to be applied:
Demonstration / Role-Play. The student is required to demonstrate a range of skills whilst being observed by, or
interacting with, the assessor. These activities will be clearly explained and always relate to duties relevant to
the workplace. These activities allow the assessor to observe the student apply their knowledge and skills during
practical activity.
Knowledge Test. The student is required to undertake a number of written knowledge tests over the course of
his or her study. These tests will be provided to the student by the assessor at an arranged time and the student
will be required to individually complete the test. The student may research their answers from the course
training materials and notes as well as relevant workplace references.
Workplace Supervisor Report. Workplace supervisors may be asked to provide feedback about the student’s
performance in this unit of competency – High Risk Work logbook. The supervisor will receive a briefing at the
time the student begins studying to inform them of the requirements.
Entry requirements
 Minimum age 18 years
 100 Point ID check
 Basic command of English language
 Must have necessary health and fitness to carry out duties safely
HPA TRAINING will supply
Course training notes
Assessment materials
Course Brochure – RIIMPO337D – Conduct articulated haul truck operations
Ver 1.0
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Students MUST Supply
Hard Hat
Steel capped boots
Safety Vest or Long Sleeved High Visibility shirt at a minimum
Photo Identification
Recognition of Prior Learning
Applicants can apply for recognition of their existing skills and knowledge that are relevant to the unit of competency
within the program. These skills and knowledge may have been obtained through workplace training or experience
and may reduce the number of units required to be completed during the program. Students are encouraged to
notify HPA TRAINING of their interest or intention to apply for RPL prior to their enrolment.
Student Information
Detailed student information is available within our Student Handbook which is supplied with the enrolment
package. This booklet contains important information about a student’s rights and obligations such as their right to
privacy, a safe training environment and the right to complain or appeal an assessment decision. It is important that
persons applying for enrolment have had an opportunity to review this information first. Please contact us and we
can send this information to you straight away.
Please contact HPA TRAINING office staff for a detailed course fees schedule.
Contact us and get the ball rolling!
02 4326 1035
Course Brochure – RIIMPO337D – Conduct articulated haul truck operations
Ver 1.0
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