User Guide |Sygic

User Guide |Sygic
User Guide |Sygic
Thank you for choosing Sygic nagivation software. This manual will guide you through our navigation software. When using this manual you will
learn how to operate basic functions and setting options of navigation by your needs.
1 Start Sygic
1.1 Navigation window
1.2 Main context menu
1.3 Main menu
2 Navigate
2.1 First time navigate
3 Points of interest (POI)
4 Map
4.1 Map options
4.2 Context menu
5 Route
5.1 Alternative route
5.2 Itinerary
5.3 Traffic
6 Settings
7 Extra
User Guide |Sygic
1. Start Sygic
After successful start of Sygic actuall GOS possition will be shown. When you have no GPS signal, check GPS Hardware for proper connection (GPS
signal cannot be catched inside buildings or when underground).
If you touch the screen in map area ( ), Main menu will be displayed.
On non-touch-screen devices: You will get back to main menu when left or middle button (zoom) is pressed.
1.1 Navigation window
Navigation window consists of two parts: map area and information pane. Information pane placed in lower part of the screen has these options:
Map zoom
Return to Main menu
Estimated time of arrival to the finnish
Actual speed
Endurance distance
GPS signal strenght
Actuall street possition
Next instruction distance *
Next instruction *
Information will be displayed only when route is already calculated.
Merits that can be changed within navigation pane are estimated time of arrival to the Finnish and Endurance distance. You can set them up
in: Settings → Advanced Settings.
User Guide |Sygic
1.2 Main context menu
You can enter main context menu through the navigation pane only in case your route is already calculated and receiving GPS signal.
When using non-touch-screen devices use the right button to enter.
By pressing you will enter context menu
Show Important Places – this option
will show your 2 POI categories
choosen close to your possition.
Avoid Roadblock – set the circle on
your map to avoid all street blocked
within circle area.
Memorize Position – This option
lets you save and memorize your
actuall position. Position will be
automaticaly saved and you can find
it any time later in History.
User Guide |Sygic
1.3 Main menu
Navigate to – Basic feature of
navigation. Using this feature you will
navigate to your final destination.
There are different ways of how to
Settings – You can set up different
functions of navigation here e.g.
Sound, Language, Home Address,
route planning etc.
Browse map – this featue allows
you to show map and browse. By
simplye moving on through the initial
map area other areas will be shown.
Alternative Route – steady feature
that can recalculate your created
route using alternate options.
Traffic – Useful TMC informations,
you can set up radion station to
receive TMC signal.
Route – you need to plan your route
first to be able to use this option. As
sson as that is done you can find
necessary information regarding your
route. Also Route Demo feature is
available here.
Itinerary – Here you can easily plan
your bussines journey, trip and many
more directly from the comfort of
your living room.
Manage POI – This feature helps
you to customize Point Of Interst.
You can create, erase, rename POIs
by your ideas.
GPS Status – check your GPS
status, available satelites and quality
of GPS signal.
Memorize position – This feature
can be used to save your actuall
position. The position will be
automatically saved and can be
found later in History.
Extras – Here you can find different
additions such as World Clock,
Calcutor, Unit Convertor, Country
Exit – choose this option as soon as
you want to leave Sygic.
User Guide |Sygic
2. Navigate to
Basic function of Sygic. Using this feature you will navigate to your choosen destination. Sygic offers many ways of how to navigate. You can navigate to:
Address, Favorite, History, Point of Interest, ZIP Code, Home, Point on Map, Enter GPS position, City Center, POI in City or to Last Valid
Address – Standard way of
navigating. You can choose in steps
Country, City, Street and number.
Favorite – this function allows you to
navigate to one of your favorite
Points Of Interest .
History – is list of your memorized
positions. Option to navigate to
memorized history entries or delete
these entries is available.
Point of Interest – navigate to Point
of Interest: restaurant, hotel, school,
wine-room, etc.
ZIP Code– instead of name of the
city, simply type in the Zip Code will
find exact address.
Home – navigate to Home location
saved by you. You can set up home
location in : Settings → Set home
Point on Map – Choose your
destination straight from the map.
Enter GPS position – navigate to
exact GPS position entered as
longitude and latitude cordinate.
City Center – navigate to straight
center of choosen city. You will be
asked to look up city within country.
POI in City – instead of navigating to
address, you can simply choose POI
of the choosen cityand Sygic will find
it for you.
Last Valid Position – navigate to
last GPS position received last time
GPS signal was available.
User Guide |Sygic
2.1 First time navigate
The most basic way of navigation.
1. Choose option Address
2. Select country you wish. Sygic
automatically shows next available
characters in name of country.
3. Enter city name by pressing 2 first
characters your city begins with
and Sygic automatically shows the
list of Cities they begin with.
5. Choose the position of departure.
6. As soon as the route is calculated,
basic information on your route is
shown. Ask for more into deep route
description by pressing Details.
7. Choose active item you want to
avoid on route. On this route only
Highway is active item. If you click
on item your route will be
recalculated without these items.
4. Enter name of the Street. The
beginning characters are again
enough to let Sygic provide the list of
matching streets.
User Guide |Sygic
3. Point of Interest (POI)
1. Navigate to POI
This function can be easily found in the Main menu → Navigate to → Point of interest. You will be then navigated to the selected POI. After
you select the POI all the accessible POIs within 20 km will be displayed on the screen.
2. Manage POI
Manage POI is a one of the Main menu options. This is where you can add, rename the POIs, create the POI categories, show/hide POIs or set
the warning sound that will alert you when you will be approaching selected POI.
Add POI... – you can
add POI and assign the
Rename POI – you can
rename the POI that
you created.
Delete POI – you can
delete the POI that you
Delete POI category –
you can delete the
whole category that you
Show/Hide POIs –
select the POI which
should be displayed on
the map.
Warn when near POI –
select the POI, enter the
distance from your
position, choose the
warning signal.
User Guide |Sygic
4. Browse map
The window of this function consists of the main map, zoom slider bar and the bottom menu bar. The bottom menu bar offers these options:
navigate to selected point on the map, manage POI, show current position.
Map zoom on devices without touch screen
To zoom in/out use the keys 0-9, whereby number 0 represents the biggest zoom out and number 9 the biggest zoom in.
User Guide |Sygic
4.1 Map options
Browse map → Options
Find… – allows you to quickly look
up the desired destination. You can
choose from the following options:
Address, Favorite, History, Point of
Interest, Post Code, Home, Enter
the GPS position, City center, POI
in the city, Last valid position.
Show city – selected city will be
displayed on the map.
Show current position – will show
your current position on the map.
This may be useful if you get lost on
the map while browsing it.
Show entire route - will display the
entire route regardless of the its size
or its location on the map. This
function is availble only if there is
already a route calculated.
Show/Hide POIs… – you can select
the POIs that you want/don’t want to
see on the map.
User Guide |Sygic
4.2 Context menu
Browse map →
( context menu indicator)
Navigate there – offers 3
possibilities: wait for valid signal, last
valid position, select from map.
Travel via – you can choose the
destination through which you want
to travel. This function is available
only if you have already computed
Continue - information about the
route, possibility to modify the route.
Avoid – allows you to define the
area on the map that you wan to
Add as POI – allows you to add the
selected position on the map as POI.
Find nearby POI – this function will
display the selected POIs that are
located nearby your position.
User Guide |Sygic
5. Route
In this section you can find different information about the computed route. The demonstration mode is available as well.
Show route instructions – shows
you the most important turning points
(whether to turn left or right) on your
route and distances between them
Route demonstration – enables
the demonstration of the computed
Show route as images – will display
the route as images
Show route summary - information
about the route, possibility to modify
the route.
Show on map – the computed route
will be displayed on the map.
Cancel route – the route will be
User Guide |Sygic
5.1 Alternative route
Function of Alternative route is easy to handle and offers several options how to change your complete route plan within a few seconds.
Compute alternative – will
recompute the route using routes
different from those used for the
original compute.
Avoid road block – set the circle on
your map to avoid all street blocked
within circle area.
Restore the original – you will
return to the original route,
alternative routes will be cancelled.
Avoid the traffic incidents – allows
you to avoid traffic jam or other
incidents that may occurs, you can
avoid part of the originally computed
route (from 500m to 20km).
Travel via - allows you to add the
waypoints into the computed route.
User Guide |Sygic
5.2 Itinerary
This option allows you to easily plan your bussines journey, trip and many more directly from the comfort of your living room. Your planned route
can be saved, renamed, deleted. Sygic offers editing of own points of your route (e.g. to define Start of your route, Finnish or Via point in the
middle of your route) that you can simple move up or down in the list . Option to add new points to your route is also available.
5.3 Traffic
Only devices with TMC receiver can use this feature effectively. These options are available: Switch off TMC Warnings, Switch on TMC
Warnings, Optimize route, TMC Options, Show all incidents on map, Update Now Current Traffic.
User Guide |Sygic
6. Settings
In this section you can find all the settings of Sygic, e.g. voice settings, screen rotation, regional settings, signpost settings, home location
settings, etc.
The buttons of Sygic navigation software do not reflect the current status but future status that occurs after having it pressed.
View set up – you can choose from two views: View from the top, 3D view
Color settings – you have three options : Automatic colors, Daylight colors, Night colors
Automatic colors – the colors are switched automatically according to the sunrise or sunset.
User Guide |Sygic
Sounds settings – Enable sounds, Disable sounds. When the mute mode is selected all the sounds
are disabled.
Volume settings – Set the standard volume in navigation or the high speed volume. Here you can set
also a higher speed.
GPS logs – you can record your GPS position and play back what you recorded.
Advanced Settings – you can set the followings: U-Turns, Auto zoom, Railway crossing warning,
Lane information, Backlight settings, Standby mode, Antialias, Information displayed in the
navigation window, Speed limit warning.
Planning preferences – select the way of route compute – the fastest route or the route without
Toll charge settings – Ask me every time, Always avoid toll roads, Don’t avoid toll roads
Set vehicle type – Passenger Car, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Truck
GPS hardware – Set up your GPS hardware port, baud rate, type, synchronize time
Signpost settings – see all directions, preferred direction or disable signpost information
Display rotation – Choose between two display modes: landscape, portrait
User Guide |Sygic
Menu orientation - left-hander, right-hander
Keyboard settings – QWERTY, AZERTY, ABCD
Regional settings - distance unit setting, preferred time format and geographical coordinates
Set language - select the language from 25 language mutations.
Set voice – select the voice, choose from 19 voices with possibility to select female or male voice
according to your preferences.
Switch map – select your map folder.
Set home location – define your default home location and save your time searching for it on the
Quick Guides – useful help for beginners who don't know yet how to properly use Sygic.
Backlight settings – customize the light contrast of backlight.
About Sygic – information about your Sygic version, your device code and map version.
User Guide |Sygic
7. Extra
In this menu option you will find some additional applications that might be useful on the road. Extra menu option includes World Clock,
Calculator, and Unit Convertor and Country information.
World clock – set up the current time
in three world cities. Choose from
more than 30 world cities.
Calculator – simply to use calculator
available directly in Sygic navigation.
Unit converter - Currency, Length,
Area, Volume, Mass, Pressure,
Power, Energy, Temperature.
Country information – speed limit,
country code, currency, etc. When
crossing the country border a window
with basic country informationl
automatically pops up.