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Helen Hennessy Vendler
A. Kingsley Porter University Professor
Harvard University
12 Quincy Street - Barker Center Room 205
Cambridge, MA 02138
Telephone: (617) 496-6028
Fax: (617) 496-8737
Home Address:
58 Trowbridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Telephone: (617) 547-9197
Emmanuel College, 1954 (Chemistry)
University of Louvain, 1954-55 (French, Italian; Fulbright Fellow)
Boston University, 1955-56 (English Literature; Special Student)
Harvard University, 1960 (English and American Literature)
Honorary Degrees
Smith College, 1980
University of Oslo, 1981
Kenyon College, 1982
University of Hartford, 1985
Union College, l986
Columbia University, l987
Marlboro College, 1989
Fitchburg State University, 1990
Washington University, 1991
Bates College, 1992
Dartmouth College, 1992
University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 1992
University of Massachusetts-Boston, 1992
University of Toronto, 1992
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 1993
University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, 1997
National University of Ireland, 1998
Wabash College, 1998
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, 2000
Yale University, 2000
Tufts University, 2001
University of Aberdeen, 2001
Amherst College, 2002
Colby College, 2003
Bard College, 2005
Willamette University, 2008
Queen’s University Belfast, 2010
Brandeis University, 2015
Harvard University, Visiting Professor, 1981-85; Professor, 1985-1990;
A. Kingsley Porter University Professor, 1990Boston University, Associate Professor, 1966-69; Professor, 1969-1985
Smith College, Assistant Professor, 1964-66
Swarthmore and Haverford Colleges, Lecturer, 1963-64
Cornell University, Instructor, 1960-63
Harvard University, Member of the Board of Tutors, 1957-60
University of Massachusetts-Amherst National Defense Education Act (NDEA)
Institute, Summer 1966
Harvard University Summer School, 1970, 1981
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Seminar for College
Teachers, Director, 1973-74, 1976; Fellowship-in-Residence, 1977-78
Yeats Summer School, Sligo, Ireland, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1979-80, 1982-83, 1986,
1998-2001, 2003-05, 2007
Washington University-St. Louis, Fanny Hurst Visiting Professor, Fall 1975
Wordsworth Summer Conference, Grasmere, England, 1979
NEH Summer Seminar for High School Teachers, 1983-84
NEH Summer Seminar for Undergraduate Fellows, 1985
NEH Summer Institute for High School Teachers, 2007-08
Fellowships, Grants, Awards, Elected Memberships, Etc.
Emmanuel College Tuition Scholarship, 1950-54
University of Louvain Fulbright Fellowship, 1954-55
Radcliffe College Tuition Fellowships, 1956-58
Harvard University Teaching Fellowships, 1957-60
Wellesley College Alice Freeman Palmer Fellowship, 1958-59
General Electric Humanities Fellowship, 1959 [resigned in favor of American Association of
University Women (AAUW)]
AAUW National Fellowship, 1959-60
Phi Beta Kappa, 1960
Cornell University Research Grant-in-Aid, 1961
American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Grant-in-Aid, 1964
The Explicator Prize, 1969; Honorable Mention, 1977
Modern Language Association (MLA) James Russell Lowell Prize, 1969
ACLS Senior Fellowship, 1971
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1971
NEH Senior Fellowship, 1971 (declined), l980-8l, l986-87, 2005-06
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Member, 1972
PEN American Center Member
Boston University Metcalf Teaching Award, 1975
National Institute of Arts and Letters Award, 1975
Harvard University Society of Fellows, Acting Senior Fellow, 1976-77; Senior Fellow, 1980-93;
Acting Senior Fellow, 1996-97
Radcliffe College Graduate Society Medal, 1978
Churchill College Overseas Fellow, Cambridge, England, 1980
Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Teacher of the Year Finalist,
National Book Critics’ Circle Award for Criticism, 1981
Amherst College Robert Frost Library Fellow, 1983
National Book Critics’ Circle Award for Criticism Finalist, 1983
Harvard University Walter Channing Cabot Fellow in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, l985-86
Fulbright Committee Distinguished Lecturer Program, l986
ACLS Travel Grant, l987
Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters Member, 1987
Rockefeller International Center Residency, Bellagio, Italy, 1987
Irish Scholarship Board Distinguished Lecturer Program, 1988
Hawthornden Castle Residency, 1989
Truman Capote Prize, University of Iowa Creative Writing
American Philosophical Society (APS) Member, 1992American Academy of Arts and Letters Member, 1993Magdalene College Parnell Fellow, Cambridge, England, 1994
Magdalene Colllege Honorary Fellow, Cambridge, England, 1996
Yaddo Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger Residency, 1997
Indiana University Institute for Advanced Study, Fellow, 1998
National Book Critics’ Circle Award Finalist for The Art of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, 1998
University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities Visiting Fellow, 1998
W. B. Yeats Society of New York, M. L. Rosenthal Award, 1998, 2000
Yaddo Residency, 1998, 2000, 2005, 2010
Bucknell University Award for Merit, 1999
Who’s Who in America, 1980Council of the APS Henry Allen Moe Prize, 2000
Council of the APS Thomas Jefferson Medal, 2000
University of Aberdeen James Murray Brown Lecturer, 2000
Centro Studi Ligure, Bogliasco Fellowship Residency, 2002
NEH Jefferson Lecturer, 2004
Berlin Prize Fellowship, American Academy of Berlin, 2006
National Humanities Center (NHC) Meymandi Residency, 2006
American Academy of Arts and Letters Vice-President for Literature, 2007-10
National Gallery of Art Mellon Lecturer, “Last Looks, Last Books: Stevens, Plath, Lowell,
Bishop, Merrill.” Washington DC, 2007
Exemplary Performance Report, NEH Summer Seminar for Teachers, 2008
Siemens Stiftung Fellow, Munich, Spring 2009
Nominated for Star Family Prize in Advising, 2013
AAAS, Award for Humanistic Studies, 2013
Professional Activities
Whiting Foundation Awards Nominator, various years
Smith College Chair of the Prize Committee and a Judge of the American Academy of Poets
Prize, 1965
Yale University Poetry Contest Judge (with Marie Borroff and John Palmer), 1966
English Institute Supervisory Board Member, 1970-73; Trustee, 1977-85
MLA Committee on Copyright, 1970-71; Nominating Committee,
Harvard Graduate Society for Advanced Study and Research, Council Member, 1970-75
MLA: Executive Council Member, 1971-75; Second Vice President, 1978; First Vice President,
1979; President, 1980
New York Times Book Review Consultant Poetry Editor, 1971-74
ACLS International Symposium on Humanities and Technological Change in Ireland,
Participant, 1972
National Book Award in Poetry Judge (one of five), 1972
Canadian Association for Irish Studies, McGill University, Chair of Session, 1973
Mademoiselle Poetry Contest Judge, 1973
National Screening Committee for the United Kingdom, Fulbright Commission, Member, 1973,
1975, 1978
Pulitzer Prize in Poetry Judge (one of three), 1974, 1976, 1978; Chair, 1980, 1987, 1989, 1990,
2002; Advisory Board, 1990-99; Nominating Committee, 2003
Sub-Committee on Awards in Literary Criticism, Guggenheim Foundation, Member, 1974,
1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1986-; Sub-Committee on Poetry, 1981-85
Center for Independent Study and Research, Advisory Board, New Haven, 1975-78
Studies in Romanticism Advisory Board, l975-, 2007
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Councilor, 1976-86; Committee on Meetings, 19811983; Emerson-Thoreau Prize Committee, 1984-87; Committee on Publications, 198586; Vice President, 1992ACLS Grants-in-Aid Selection Committee, 1976, 1977
Barnard Poetry Contest Judge, 1976
Phi Beta Kappa Lecturer, 1976-77
The Nation Discovery Contest for New Poets Judge, 1977
National Humanities Center Selection Jury, 1978, 1985, 2012
The New Yorker Poetry Critic, 1978-98
Rockefeller Commission on the Humanities, 1978-79
Harvard University Mellon Fellowships Jury, 1979
MLA Poetry Division Chair, 1979
Rockefeller Fellowships Selection Jury, 1979
Harvard University Visiting Committee of the Department of English, 1980
Radcliffe College Iota Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, President, 1980-83
Harvard Library Bulletin Advisory Board, 1981New York Institute for Visual History Consultant, 1981-87 (for a 13-part television series on
American poets, screened in 1988)
Harvard University Press Board of Syndics, 1982-86
National Mellon Graduate Fellowships Board of Selection, 1983
Vanity Fair Poetry Critic, 1983
Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Education Department, Consultant on Public Programs, 1984,
1987, 1990
ACLS Board, 1985-89
Poetvision Consultant (project for poetry in schools, sponsored by Rohm and Haas),
Philadelphia, 1985-86
External Honors Examiner, Swarthmore College, Bates College
NEH Board of Educational Consultants (with site visits to Hunter, Tougaloo, University of
Alabama-Birmingham, University of Houston, University of California-Irvine)
New Letters Literary Awards Judge, University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1987
Reader for University Presses (Chicago, Wesleyan, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Harvard, Illinois,
Columbia, and the Univesity of Missouri), 1987
Union College Department of English Visiting Committee, 1987
Yale University Library Bollingen Prize Jury, 1987
Dartmouth College School of Criticism and Theory Senior Fellow, 1988
NEH Institute Consultant, Brookline High School, 1988, 1990, 1996-97
NEH “Poets in Person” Interviewer (audio series), 1989
NEH Summer Institute for High School Teachers of Brookline Lecturer, 1989
NHC Senior Fellow and Board Member, 1989-93
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Chair of Special Committee on Membership, 1990
American Academy of Poets Prize Judge, University of Wyoming, 1990
Charles Eliot Norton Professorship Selection Committee, 1990
Guggenheim Fellowships Educational Advisory Board, 1990-95
Journal of Canadian Poetry Board, 1990
KQED San Francisco TV Documentary on Czesław Miłosz (produced by Lynn O’Donnell and
directed by Jan Nemec), Consultant and Interviewee, 1990
NHC Nominating Committee, 1990
NHC “Soundings” Interviewer (one radio program on contemporary American poets and the
other on Rita Dove, both aired on commercial and public radio), 1990
Phi Beta Kappa Orator, Washington University, 1990
WCBS/CBS News “Poems, Poets, and Song” Interview, 24-25 March 1990
“An Evening for Elizabeth Bishop” Reader, Harvard University, 5 April 1994
“Voices from Sandover” Interview of Merrill for Princeton University’s “Films for the
Humanities Series,” 1994.
Academy of American Poets Tanning Prize Jury, 1998
ACLS Fellows’ Advancement Council, 1998
ACLS Fellows’ Development Campaign, 1998-2001
APS Fellowship Committee, 1998-2006
Appointing Committee of Regius Chalmers Chair of English Literature, External Assessor,
University of Aberdeen, 1998-
Brooklyn Academy of Music, Shakespeare at BAM Workshop Panelist, 1998
“In Memory of W. B. Yeats” Film Interview, Sligo, Ireland, 1998
Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies Advisory Board, University of Strathclyde, 1998The New York Shakespeare Society Advisory Board, 1998“Yeats: The Early Poems” Interview, AV Edge/University College Dublin, 1998
APS Fellowship in the Humanities, 1999
APS Grant Committee Panelist, 1999
Radcliffe Quarterly Interview on Poetry, 1999
[email protected] Interview on Poetry, 1999
American Friends of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Board, 2000-02
NHC Fellowship Applications Reviewer, 2000-09, 2012-2014
The Paris Review Poetry Criticism Discussion Panelist, 2000
APS Fund Committee, 2001, 2003
American Public Television Interview on Seamus Heaney, 2001
Centre for Blake Studies Board, University of London, 2001
Lannan Literary Awards Nominator, 2001, 2005
“The Magic Mountain” Documentry on Czesław Miłosz, Interview (Polish TV production
company, Largo), 2001
Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies, Academic Advisory Board, University of
Aberdeen, 2001
The St. Botolph Club Foundation Nominator, 2001
APS Annual Fund Committee, 2002-05
Boston Public Library Millennium Tribute to Boston Intellectuals, Portrait Exhibited, 2002
Czesław Miłosz Vol. II, Lannan Literary Video Library, Discussion with Miłosz, 2002
Everyman’s Library Literature CD-ROM Project on Lyric Poetry, Interview, 2002
Harvard University Phi Beta Kappa Literary Exercises Committee Consultant, 2002
The New Republic Contributing Editor, 2002
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship Applications Reviewer, 2002-03
American Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medal for Poetry Ad Hoc Committee, 2003
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Panelist, 2003
University of Iowa Program in Creative Writing, Nominator/Referee, 2003
Yeats Summer School Academic Board, 2003
American Academy of Berlin, Peer Reviewer, 2006-09
Southwest Review Advisory Board, 2006
American Academy of Arts and Letters Board, 2007-09
MLA Radio, “What’s the Word?” interview on Yeats, 2007
Radio Open Source interview on Yeats, 2007
Loyola College in Maryland interview by David Dougherty for book on Elkins, 2007
External Advisory Board Member of the Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, 2008-09
The Hopkins Review, Contributing Editor, 2008
External Reviewer for Professor Elizabeth Loizeaux, University of Maryland, 2008
New York Review podcast on Bishop and Lowell’s correspondence, 2008
External Reviewer for Professor Lisa Goldfarb, New York University, 2008
Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, Application Reviewer, 2008-2014
ABC Radio National Australia interview, “The Book Show,” discussion of Our Secret
Discipline, 2008
RTE Radio 1, Ireland, interview for show on Heaney, 2009
Icebox Films, Dublin, interview for documentary, Seamus Heaney – Out of the Marvellous, 2009
BBC Northern Ireland, Radio Ulster Arts Extra, interview for show, “W.B. Yeats, Master Poet,”
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, interview for radio documentary on Yeats, Ideas, 2009
Participant in the conference titled, Portuguese Renaissance and the Brazilian Baroque,
Univeristy of Massachusetts–Dartmouth, 2009
Boston Globe interview: Sutherland, Amy. “Helen Vendler: Poetry Critic, Fan of Art History.”
Boston Globe. 18 Nov. 2012: K5.
Advisor for appointment of Quain Chair at University College London, May 2013
Consultant to Fiona Ross, Director of the National Library, on Heaney Exhibit, Dublin Ireland,
CBC Radio: The Sunday Edition, interview, “Remembering Poet Seamus Heaney,” 18 Dec. 2013
Panel on Poetry, 92nd Street Y Poetry Center, New York City, 3 March 2014.
RTE Radio 1, Ireland, interview for “Professor Heaney,” 21 May 2014.
The George Herbert Society Dissertation Award, Judging Panelist, 2014
Harvard Service Summary (l981-Present)
A. Teaching
My field is lyric poetry, British and American.
I have developed, and taught many times, a course called “Poems, Poets, Poetry” (an introduction
to thinking about poetry, through an extensive and intensive study of English and American
poems from Shakespeare to the present).
I regularly teach undergraduate courses (Modern American Poetry as well as lecture courses on
individual poets, undergraduate seminars (Criticism of Poetry, Bishop, Berryman, Keats, Lowell,
Shakespeare, Yeats, and Whitman), and graduate seminars (Describing the Lyric, Keats, Lowell,
Shakespeare, Stevens, Whitman, and Yeats).
B. Departmental
Various prize committees, Morris Gray Lecture Committee Chair, Briggs-Copeland Lectureship
Search Committee, junior and senior tutorials, and presentations to teaching colloquium on
writing outside the university and to graduate students on writing a prospectus, etc.
I chaired the departmental Poetry Colloquium for doctoral candidates during l985-86. I also acted
as Placement Director from 1987-90, and was often a member of the Graduate Admissions
Committee and the Appointments Committee (ongoing).
C. FAS Committees and Panels
American Civilization, History and Literature (1987-92), Hoopes Prize, Garrison and Hatch
Prizes, Independent Poetry Prize, Radcliffe College Shelley Memorial Award, Charles Eliot
Norton Lecture Committee, Phi Beta Kappa Literary Committee, Committee on the 350th
Anniversary (one of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences conveners), Core Review Committee, etc.
Associate Dean for five years.
D. Other
Erato Advisory Board
Harvard Library Bulletin Advisory Board
Society of Fellows, Senior Fellow for many years
Summer Speaker to Alumni Clubs Committee, Harvard Alumni Association, every few years
Various appearances as lecturer for Danforth Center for Teaching, Center for Lifelong Learning,
Admissions (address to early action freshmen), Shop Club, The Signet, Alumni Clubs
(Denver, Seattle, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Hanover, New York), docent on
Canadian Alumni Cruise, literary tables (Dunster, Eliot, South, and Mather Houses),
Institute for Literary Studies, Nieman Fellows, etc.
Various departmental committees, notably Morris Gray Lecture Committee, Undergraduate
Studies Committee, Garrison-Hatch Prize, etc.
Various other committees on Visual and Environmental Studies, Extra Compensation, and Core
I have intermittently served as judge for the Bunting Institute Fellowships and for the Harvard
Mellon Fellowships.
Harvard Service by Beginning Date
Harvard Society of Fellows, Senior Fellow, 1981-93; Harvard University Press
Board of Syndics, 1981-86
American Civilization Committee, 1985-93
Two lectures on American poets for Alumni College, “Harvard Poets, Poetry at
American Repertory Theater Inquiries Committee; Department of English
Graduate Placement Director, 1989-91; Faculty of Arts and Sciences Associate
Dean, 1989-93; Fulbright Visiting Scholar Sponsor, John Kwan-Terry from the
University of Singapore (and several others since from Japan, Taiwan, and
China); Henry Fellowship Selection Committee; History and Literature
Committee, 1989-93, 1997-2000; Honorary Degree Committee; Houghton Search
Committee; Nieman Foundation Selection Committee; Signet Society Associate,
1989-; Tanner Lectures Committee, 1989, 1992, 1996-98
Harvard Society of Fellows, Acting Senior Fellow, 1996-97
American Civilization Committee; Boylston Professorship Search Committee
Chair; Briggs-Copeland Lectureship Search Committee, 1997-2003; Charles Eliot
Norton Lecture Committee, 1997-2000; Department of English Graduate
Admissions Committee, 1997-; Freshman Admissions Committee; Harvard
College Admissions Committee, 1997-2000; Henry and Knox Fellowships
Selection Committee, 1997-99; Jeff Masten Ad Hoc Committee; Jesse Matz
Second-Year Review Committee; Morris Gray Lecture Committee, 1997-2000;
Poetry Prize Committees (Academy of American Poets, Eager, Garrison, Hatch,
etc.), 1997-2000; Senior Appointments Search Committee, 1997-2001
Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations Ad Hoc Committee;
Departmental Language Exams (Spanish), 1998-2003; Dudley House Senior
Common Room Dinner; Elisa New, Wilt Idema, and Stephen West Ad Hoc
Committees; Harvard Library Weekend; Jones Prize Committee, 1998-2000;
Provost’s Committee on Student Mental Health Services; Standing Committee on
Admissions and Financial Aid
Dudley House Common Room Speech to Seniors; The Fiction Workshop,
Advisor; Gordon Gray Faculty Lecture, “Learning to Write;” Memorial Hall
Freshmen Lunch; West Coast Development Office Gaudiani Dinner
Harvard Library Review Advisory Board
Consultant to Peter Nisbet, Fogg Art Museum (on poems of daily objects);
Harvard Pilot “Distance Learning” Project Participant; Mock Interview Panelist
for Graduate Students; Radcliffe Institute Fellowship Program Application
Reader; “Ups and Downs at Harvard” talk, 17 May 2001
Undergraduate Thesis Advisor
Sabbatical leave with the supervision of 11 dissertators
20th-Century Poetry Committee Chair; Briggs-Copeland Search Committee Chair;
Department Prize Committee; Graduate Admissions Committee; Guest Lecturer
in ILR Course, “Reading Poetry”; Committee of the Whole, Department External
Searches and Internal Promotions; Undergraduate Studies Committee; Graduate
Steering Committee; Curriculum Committee; Lecturer on Yeats, Humanities
Center; Lecturer, “Trolling for Suggestion: Empson Among the Middle Spirits,”
at the Symposium Celebrating the Centennial of William Empson’s Birth (on
DVD, Disk 3), Houghton Library, 26 Oct. 2006.
Committee of the Whole, Department External Searches and Internal Promotions;
Departmental Prize Committee; Morris Gray Lecture Committee; Undergraduate
Studies Committee; Graduate Student Language Exam Reader, Department of
English; Lecturer, “John Milton’s Il Penseroso: Reforming the World,” Provostial
Fund for the Arts and Humanities and the Department of English; Faculty
Symposia Panelist, “The Arts of Interpretation: Whose Meaning Is It Anyway?”;
Wrote essay on the value of the creative and reflective for outreach use by the
Office of Admissions; Panelist at the Neiman Center for Journalism arts
Undergraduate Student Advisor; Briggs-Copeland Lecturer on Poetry Search
Committee; Committee to Review English Professor Stephen Burt; Speaker,
Student Organization Center at Hilles; Lecturer, “How to Teach the Reading of
Poetry,” Harvard Graduate School of Education; Lecturer, Humanities Center
Master Class, “Yeats’s Vacillation”; Speaker, Office for the Arts, “Walt
Whiman’s ‘The Wound Dresser’: Composed and Considered”; Speaker,
“Teaching and the Intellectual Life” luncheon, Department of English; Paul
Roazen Group, “Last Looks, Last Books,” Faculty Club; Graduate Student
Language Exam Reader, Department of English
Speaker, “Writing Cultural History Today: A Symposium on the Publication of A
New Literary History of America, Barker Center; Graduate Admissions
Committee; Language Exam Committee; Chair of the Morris Gray and Stratis
Haviaris Lectures Committee; General Exams Committee; Lamont Library,
Harvard University, Introduction of Professor Langdon Hammer (Yale) at his
lecture on James Merrill; Lamont Library, Harvard University, “Keats
Manuscripts”; Sackler Museum, Harvard University, “On Barbara Johnson”
memorial talk
Graduate Admissions Committee; Language Exam Committee; Chair of the
Morris Gray and Stratis Haviaris Lectures Committee; Curriculum Committee;
Undergraduate General Exams Committee; Chair of the Committee on the
Reappointment of Bret Johnston as Senior Lecturer; Lecturer, “Emily Dickinson
and the Sublime,” Houghton Library, 31 Mar. 2011; Introduced Hugh Haughton’s
Master Class on Auden’s “In Memory of W.B. Yeats,” Barker Center, 18 Apr.
Graduate Affairs Committee; Graduate General Exams and Mock Interviews
Committee; Chair of the Morris Gray and Stratis Haviaris Lectures Committee;
Briggs-Copeland Search in Poetry Committee; Language Exams Committee
(Spanish); Lecturer, “The Poetry of A.R. Ammons,” Barker Center, 7 Nov. 2011;
Lecturer, “Helen Vendler on the Recordings of Wallace Stevens,” Houghton
Library, 22 Feb. 2012
Chair of the Morris Gray and Stratis Haviaris Lectures Committee; Introduction of
David Ferry at Haviaris Lecture, Lamont Library, 8 Apr. 2013; Committee on
Undergraduate Affairs; Committee on Graduate Affairs; Graduate Language
Exam Committee (Spanish); Transnational Anglophone Literature Search
Faculty Development Committee; Reader at the Memorial Celebration of Seamus
Heaney, 7 Nov. 2013; Morris Gray and Stratis Haviaris Lectures Committee
Graduate Committee; Morris Gray and Stratis Haviaris Lectures Committee;
Search Committee of the Whole; Speaker, “Newly Discovered Recordings by
Wallace Stevens,” Woodberry Poetry Room recordings premiere, Barker Center,
21 Oct. 2014. Introduction of Robin Robertson, Department of English Poetry
Reading, 28 Oct. 2014. Readings in the Parlor, “A Close Reading of A.R.
Ammons,” Barker Center, 4 Nov. 2014. Introduction of Doug Powell, Morris
Gray Lecture Series, 5 Nov. 2014.
Graduate Committee; Graduate Language Exam Committee (Spanish); Graduate
General Exams and Mock Interviews Committee; Morris Gray and Stratis
Haviaris Lectures Committee; Search Committee of the Whole; Faculty
Development Committee.
Guest Lectures
Smith College
Rutgers University
Bennington College, Emmanuel College, Hunter College, Johns Hopkins
University, Princeton University, Smith College, Temple University, University of
Connecticut, University of Oslo, University of Pennsylvania, Wayne State
University, Williams College, Yale University
Boston University Presidential Lecture, Brandeis University, Denison College
(three lectures), Emmanuel College, Ohio State University, Rhode Island College,
Smith College, University of Cincinnati Taft Lecture
Central Michigan University, University of Toronto
California State University-Northridge, Harvard University, State University of
New York-Albany, University of Connecticut, University of Southern California
Andiron Club of New York, Bates College, Bowdoin College, Central Michigan
University, University of California-Davis, Dartmouth College, Purdue
University, Reed College, Rutgers University-Newark, University of CaliforniaLos Angeles, University of Minnesota, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill,
Washington University, Webster College
Agnes Scott College, Amherst College, Emory University, Florida State
University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Skidmore College, Rutgers
University, University of Virginia
Hampshire College, Hunter College, Kenyon College John Crowe Ransom
Memorial Lectures, Princeton University Gauss Seminar (three lectures),
University of Louisville, University of Maine-Orono, University of
Massachusetts-Amherst, University of Utah
Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference; Boston Public Library;
City University of New York; Concordia University; Harvard University
Woodberry Poetry Room, “John Ashery’s Subject Matter”; Massachusetts
Institute of Technology; University of Pisa; University of Rome; Smith College;
University of Illinois; University of New Mexico; Vanderbilt University;
Wellesley College; Young Men’s Hebrew Association (YMHA)
New York University; Oxford University; University College Cork; U.S. Cultural
Center, Rekjavik, Iceland; University of Chicago Carpenter Lectures; University
of Illinois at Chicago Circle; University of Kansas; University of MassachusettsLowell; Vassar College; Conrad Aiken Video Lectures on Keats and Stevens
Louisiana State University, Simmons College, Tufts University, University of
Oklahoma, University of Oslo, University of Tennessee, University of Tulsa,
University of Virginia, Wesleyan University, Yale University
Cornell University; Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, and Heidelberg universities;
Hendrix College; Maxim Gorky Literary Institute, Moscow; University of
Tennessee Hodges Lectures
Bucknell University, Columbia University, Lexington and Winchester Public
Schools, MLA Special Session on Keats, Mount Holyoke College, Neiman
Fellows at Harvard University, Southwest Texas State University, Swarthmore
College, Towson State University, University of California-Berkeley Beckman
Lectures, University of Houston, University of Montevallo Dancy Lectures,
Academy of American Poets; Bard College; Beijing Foreign Language Institute,
China; Brown University; Buckingham Browne and Nichols School, Cambridge,
MA; Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing and Shanghai; Connecticut
College Selden Lecture; DePauw University; Fudan University, China; Furman
University; Goddard Library at Clark University; MLA Special Session on New
Women Writers; Nanjing University, China; Pine Manor College; Shop Clu
Signet Society; State University of New York-Purchase; Rocky Mountain and
Northwest Harvard Clubs; University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa; University of
Colorado-Boulder; University of Massachusetts-Lowell; University of Michigan;
University of Montana; University of New Hampshire; University of Rhode
Island; Wabash College
American Academy of Poets at Pierpont Morgan Library Lecture, Introduced John
Ashbery; Association of Canadian University Teachers of English (A.C.U.T.E)
1986 Annual Meeting, Keynote Speaker; DePauw University; Harvard Club of
New York; Harvard Lifelong Learning; Key West Literary Seminar, Introduced
James Merrill and Richard Wilbur and Moderated Discussion; Loyola University;
Notre Dame Academy, Hingham, MA; Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco;
Providence College; Salem College, NC; State University of New York-Purchase;
Tucson Public Library; Union College Lamont Lecturer; University of Michigan;
University of Singapore; Yeats International Summer School, Sligo, Ireland
“Judging Art” Panel Speaker; 350th Poetry Reading, Introduced Seamus Heaney
and Michael Blumenthal; Afro-American Conference, Introduced Rita Dove;
Cork University; Danforth Center; Larkin Memorial Evening, Poetry Room
Reading; Morris Gray Lecture at Harvard University, Introduced W.S. Merwin;
Morris Gray Reading at Harvard University, Introduced Dave Smith; State
University of New York-Brockport; Trinity College Dublin; University College
Dublin; University of Connecticut; Washington and Lee University
Boston Psychoanalytic Institute; Colony Club, New York; Cornell University;
Guggenheim Museum Reading for the Academy of American Poets, Introduced
Howard Nemerov; Harvard Alumni College; Harvard University Woodberry
Poetry Room, “The Waste Land”; Indiana State University Schick Lecture;
Loomis Chaffee School, CT; The National Arts Club, New York; Phillips
Academy-Andover; The Poetry Center, New York, “One Art: An Elizabeth
Bishop Tenth Anniversary Reading,” Introductory Speaker; Rhode Island
Hospital, Pediatrics; University of Alaska; University of Arkansas; University of
Massachusetts-Amherst Troy Lectures; University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Hanes-Willis Lecture; University of Utah, Commentator for Tanner Lectures;
Washington and Lee University; Yeats Summer School, Sligo, Ireland
Brown University Department of Pediatrics; Bucknell University; Harvard Club
of St. Louis; Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Southern California; John Carroll
University; Kyoto University, Japan; Library of Congress Gertrude Clarke
Whittall Poetry and Literature Fund; Meredith College; New York University
Schweitzer Lecture; Poetry Society of America; Simmons College; Southern
Methodist University; Teachers College Conference Panelist, Columbia
University; University of Fribourg, Switzerland; University of London Hilda
Hulme Memorial Lecture in English Literature; University of Mississippi Longest
Lecture; University of Utah; Washington University-St. Louis Phi Beta
Kappa/Sigma Xi Lecture; Wellesley College; Yeats International Summer School,
Sligo, Ireland
Boston Museum of Fine Arts; Columbia University Lionel Trilling Lectures;
Franklin Pierce College; George Washington University; Harvard University
Alumni Planning Committee; Harvard University Center for Literary and Cultural
Studies Respondent; Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Alumni; Harvard University Graduate School of Education; Harvard University
Nieman Fellows English Lunch Club; Harvard University Quincy House English
Concentrators; Harvard University Woodberry Poetry Room, “Yeats Paradises”;
Hebrew University; Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, New
York; Meredith College; NHC Recording for “Soundings”; New York University
Fales Lecture; Oakland University; Salem State University; Tel Aviv University;
Union College; University of Chicago Olin Lecture; University of MissouriColumbia
92nd Street YMCA Fall Seminar on Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Spring Seminar
on Stevens’ Late Poetry; Centre College; Collegiate School Henry Adams
Lecturer; Montclair State University, The Upper Valley Forum; Muhlenberg
College, Interview by Professor Grant Scott for Film on Keats); Paris Review,
Interview by Henri Cole; Phillips Exeter Academy; St. Olaf College; University of
New Hampshire; WGBH-FM “The Connection,” Interview by Christopher Lydon
on Heaney’s Nobel Prize; Yeats Society of Boston
Academy of American Poets, New York; APS and Swedish Academy of Sciences
Joint Meeting, Stockholm; Bard College; Boston Public Library; BBC Radio
Program, “Centurions,” Interview on Seamus Heaney and Wallace Stevens;
Brookline High School Humanities Series; Claremont College; Cornell
University; English Institute; Harvard University Cabot House Forum; Harvard
University Club; Harvard University, Dedication of the Barker Center; Harvard
University Graduate School of Education; Harvard University Program in
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