Porsche 993 LE LED lights

Porsche 993 LED
LE lights
T-LED is specially developed for use in the Porsche 993,
993 the
he rear/brake light LED bulbs are specially modified to
work with the ABS/ABD control unit. Use of other LED solutions in these positions can cause problems with
flickering. The use of LED bulbs instead of the original light bulbs may require additional ap
approval from your local
traffic authorities.
T-LED variants
LED kit is available in four variants
US with red rear turn signals
US with amber rear turn signals
Euro (ROW) with stock amber coloured lens front turn signals
Euro (ROW) with aftermarket clear lens front turn signals
Bulb variants in kits
BA15S / 1156 single contact bayonet
BAY15D /1157 dual contact bayonet
BAU15S / PY21W single contact bayonet
Wedge T10 5W
See product on our web site for details on the bulb
types used in the kits.
Flash relay
LED lamps need a special flash relay to avoid rapid blinking due to the lower power consumption of the LED bulbs.
The 993 have two possible flash relay positions, depending on model and build year. Turn on the hazard switch to
locate the blink relay by hearing. Putt your finger on the relay and you should feel it clicking.
Centre console
Remove the small square carpet hatch,
hatch it is fastened by two screws. Locate the flash relay inside, and pull it out of
its socket. Note the direction of mounting and how the three pins are positioned. Insert the T
T-LED flash relay.
In dashboard
The flash relay can be reached either from the boot or from the dashboard. If you choose to access it from the
boot, remove the driver’s side gas spring strut for the bonnet to reach the relay. The flash relay is placed on the
side wheel well wall, in front of a larger relay,
relay the Gong/seat belt warning relay, depending on country.
The flash relay
y can also be reached through the dashboard opening for the oil temperature/pressure instrument,
(LHD vehicles) or the clock. (RHD vehicles)
Remove the instrument by inserting a plastic knife or a large flat screwdriver between the rubber ring and the
dashboard surface. Be careful to not harm the dashboard surface. Lift the instrument out by using the tool at
several places around the instrument ring. The instrument is press fitted, but may require some force to get out.
See the picture below, taken through the instrument opening. The flash relay is the smaller of the two relays. Pull
out the blink relay, and note the how the three pins are positioned. Insert the T-LED
T LED blink relay in the socket.
Front lights
Remove the front bumperettes (US cars). Remove the direction light fixing
screw, and pull the enclosure forward, in the car travel direction. Change
the bulb using the amber BA15D/1157
1157 LED bulbs (US) or amber
BA15S/1156 (ROW). Ensure that there is no corrosion or other contact
problems in the bulb sockets.
Euro side turn signals
The T-LED Euro kit includes two amber
wedge bulbs for the front side markers.
(turn signals)
Gently push the light enclosure
backwards to release the catch, and then
carefully pull out the light with bulb
holder. Be sure to pull the rubber boot in
place over the bulb holder after bulb
Some like to remove
emove the ABS wheel well liner to access the bulb holder from the inside o
the fender.
Note: The wedge bulbs are polarized, if the bulb doesn’t work, insert it the other way
around in the socket.
Rear lights
Remove the rear light enclosure by removing the fastening screw. Change
the rear side markers using the red wedge LED bulbs. (US only) Change the
rear/brake lights using the red BAY15D/1157
LED bulbs. Change the rear
direction lights using the amber BA15S/1156
LED bulbs. Ensure that there
is no corrosion or other contact problems in the bulb sockets. LED bulbs
respond faster than normal filament bulbs to contact problems, and to avoid
flickering you may have slightly bend
end the negative bulb tab to ensure a
good electrical contact.
Reverse and fog lights
Remove the plastic cover over the
centre rear light assembly by turning
the plastic screws 90°. Remove the
rear reflector/fog light enclosure by
removing the two Allen bolts with
square plastic tab. Unscrew/loosen the
three fixing bolts. The 1156 white LED
bulbs goes into the reverse lights, and
the red 1156 LED bulbs is used in the
fog lights.
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Yourself installation with proper electronic knowledge. Bergvill F/X assumes no liability for any
damage or malfunction using this product.
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