ENG 471 Announcement Sp 2011


Spring 2011 Seminar Series:

Energy and Sustainability Engineering (EaSE)

The global future will involve complex, interdisciplinary problems in

Energy and Sustainability Engineering (EaSE)

, including the interface between technology, economics, policy, and society. This spring, fifteen faculty experts will present and discuss crucial topics in the EaSE seminar series.

Signup: ENG 471, Wed. 4-5 pm, 1310 DCL

1 hour credit (undergrad or graduate)

Topic Faculty Speaker

The Challenges

Energy supply and demand

Geologic energy resources

Energy-water nexus

Climate change


CO2 sequestration

Nuclear power

Photovoltaic and wind power

Bioenergy feedstocks

Biofuels for transportation

Energy efficient buildings

Electric vehicles

Making it Work

The smart grid


Carbon caps

Policy incentives

George Gross, ECE

Steve Marshak, Geo / SESE

Praveen Kumar, CEE

Don Wuebbles, Atm Sci

Rob Finley, ISGS

Rizwan Uddin, NPRE

Angus Rockett, MatSE

Eric Anderson, CABER

Alan Hansen, AgBE

Brian Deal, Urban Planning

Phil Krein, ECE

Tom Overbye, ECE

Madhu Khanna, ACE / EBI

Don Fullerton, Finance / IGPA

Jay Kesan, Law / ECE


graduate certificate program in EaSE

is also available and can be completed in parallel with any departmental M.S. or

Ph.D. program. For details see: http://EaSE.Illinois.edu

Faculty contact:

Prof. John R. Abelson, [email protected]