Question Set

Chapter-04 Review Questions
Student: ____________________________________________
1. The secondary voltage directly proportional to the ________ ratio.
A major function of the distribution systems is to _______ the transmission line voltage to 10’s of
thousands of volts.
3. Transformer capital cost is only second to ___________ cost.
4. Iron core improves the efficiency of the transformer by concentrating the ___________ and
reduces transformer losses.
5. Bushings are used on transformers, circuit breakers, and many equipment as connection points.
The higher the voltage the _________ the bushing size.
6. Current transformers or CTs are used to scale down the high magnitude of current flowing in highvoltage conductors to a level __________________________________.
7. _________________ are used to scale down very high voltages to levels that are safer to work with.
8. Voltage regulators are motor controlled multi-tap ______________.
9. A breaker mechanically moves electrical contacts apart inside an interrupter, causing ______to
occur that is immediately suppressed by the high-dielectric medium inside the interrupter.
10. Compared to fuses, circuit breakers have the ability to open and close repeatedly, whereas a fuse
opens the circuit one time and must be ________.
11. As breaker contacts open an electrical _______can be created
12. Reclosers automatically opening and reclosing of power circuits. Reclosers are typically set to trip
and reclose two or three times before a ________ condition occurs.
13. Disconnect switches provide _______ openings for maintenance personnel (an OSHA requirement
for safety against accidental energization).
14. Arcing rods are sacrificed to reduce _______switch contacts.
15. The newer lightning arresters use gapless metal oxide semiconductor materials
16. Motors are typically inductive loads. Capacitors are used to________ out the lagging current effects
from motors and transformers.
17. Real Power (P) does the ________ in the load: motor, lights.
18. Reactive Power (Q) power flows but does ________work
19. CT’s and PT’s cables from the outside yard equipment terminate in the ____________ cabinets or
relay panels.
20. Predictive maintenance can identify potentially serious problems