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Mikasa MVA 300ATTR Attack Trainer Volleybal
Maat:Kleur: Geel blauw
Voorraad: Niet leverbaar Levertijd: 15+ dagen
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"MVA300ATTR "The Attack Trainer" is the perfect training aid to work on your
approach, jump and spike mechanics. The ball is made exactly like the MVA200 Beijing
Olympic Ball the only difference is the Attack Trainer has tethers on both sides of the ball
allowing it to be tied up or held while struck. The Attack Trainer eliminates unnecessary
time shagging balls and acts as a perfect set everytime."
- Attack Trainer
- Develops Proper Approach And Spike Mechanics
- Micro-Fiber Cover With Dimpled Surface
- Laminate Tethers And Elastic Cords
- Eliminates Wasted Time Shagging
Size: Size 5 - Official