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House rules

1. Security

The house door must be closed each evening at 9:00 p.m.

Residents returning home later than this must lock the door again with their key.

2. Quiet, tidiness, conduct

Tenants are prohibited from:

- Disturbing the peace at night and on Sundays

- Setting loudspeakers above normal level

- Playing music before 8:00 a.m. and after 8:00 p.m.

- Taking a bath after 10:00 p.m. and before 6:00 p.m.

- Operating washing machines, dryers or tumblers before 7:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.m.

- Washing laundry on Sundays

- Drying washing on Sundays, apart from in the dryer room

- Washing and drying laundry in their apartment

- Hanging washing on balconies or in windows so that it is visible from outside

- Storing malodorous or hazardous substances

Leaving objects, rubbish, cigarette stubs etc. on landings, corridors, staircases, entrances or in the annexes

- Making any changes of any kind to the building or to fixtures without the written consent of the landlord

- Throwing sweepings, kitchen waste or similar down the toilet or down other drains

- Placing objects on windowsills and balcony rails, apart from flowers in secured containers

- Beating or shaking out carpets, door stops, mops etc. on the staircase, out of windows or on balconies

- Leaving rubbish bins in front of the building or in the corridor

3. Care of apartment and its fixtures


Ventilate briefly but very thoroughly. The best way is by creating a draught. 1 to 5 minutes is sufficient, depending on the temperature outside. Ventilating for a long time cools the apartment down unnecessarily. Ventilate the kitchen more thoroughly than other rooms. Ventilation of new buildings – whether or not they are lived in – is particularly important.

Furniture should not be placed right against the wall. A distance of 3 - 5 cm must be observed to avoid damage from damp. During the colder months when the heating is on, all the rooms should be ventilated briefly with a draught approximately every 2 hours during the day. During the summer months, it is taken as read that windows will be kept open all the time when the weather is dry.

Parts coated with oil paint

should only be cleaned with a damp, clean cloth without using soap. The chrome steel cover in the kitchen must be wiped down with soapy water after use, rinsed with warm water and then thoroughly dried. Get rid of marks with an appropriate detergent for chrome. The use of steel wool or other scourers is strictly prohibited. Baths, toilets etc. must not be treated with inappropriate acidic detergents.

Care of floors:

Never use naphtha, petrol, turpentine, sodium carbonate or acidic agents. Treat wooden parquet floor with steel wool and wax thoroughly. Linoleum, plastic floorings: wipe with a soft broom and mop up with a damp cloth if necessary (if there is lots of dirt, use a small amount of lukewarm soapy water); then wax gently with a good white floor polish and polish. Clinker brick, stone floors: clean with water containing soft soap and wax with a good floor polish.

Indentations from furniture

can be prevented by placing sufficiently large mats underneath the furniture.


of floors must only be done with the consent of the landlord and only by calling in the services of an expert. The tenant is liable for all damage to floors, particularly from stiletto heels.

Sun blinds

do not protect against rain or other weathers and should only be used when the weather is sunny and dry. Never roll them up damp.

Floor and ceiling heating:

If either of these types of heating is installed, any damage to floors and ceilings (banging in nails, drilling holes etc.) must be avoided. The tenant is liable for all consequences from any damage to the installed pipe system.


The hallway, cellar stairs, cellar entrances and landings must be kept clear at all times. No objects should be deposited in front of the apartment doors on the staircase. It is the responsibility of the tenant to remove any special


he or she has created, e.g. as a result of transporting materials.

When cleaning, moving in or out, transporting materials etc., the utmost consideration should be taken of the other residents in the building. The tenant is liable for any damage.


Use of the lift

is subject to the instructions posted in the lift cabin; in particular, the use of the lift to transport goods and materials that could damage the cabin is prohibited.



cold weather

, windows in the kitchen, toilets, laundry room and cellar must be closed at night.


Washing and drying facilities

are placed at the disposal of the tenants on a rota basis in accordance with the laundry room rules. These must be strictly observed in the interests of ensuring smooth adherence to the laundry room rota. Laundry and drying rooms and the facilities in these rooms must be cleaned thoroughly by each tenant after use. Damage caused by inappropriate use of the washing and drying facilities will be repaired at the expense of the tenant concerned. Each tenant entering the laundry room must make sure that everything is in order and report any existing damage upon his or her arrival to the caretaker or landlord; otherwise he or she will be liable for the damage.


If a caretaker is not responsible for

cleaning the staircase

, the following regulation applies: the tenants on the ground floor take it in turns to clean the hallway and the entrance to the building, including any entrance doors; the tenants on the upper floors clean the stairs to their apartment including the windows on the staircase and the banisters. Absence is not a reason for relinquishing cleaning duties.


Tenants are obliged to make the work of the


as easy as possible and to make their own work contribute to a pleasant atmosphere in the building. Instructions from the caretaker must be strictly observed.


These house rules form an integral part of the tenancy agreement.

The owner of the building or the property management team reserves the right in individual cases to hold the tenant liable for damage caused by failure to observe these instructions.

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