Fundamentals of Physics: Problem Set #6

Physics 213
Fall (12) 2015
Fundamentals of Physics: Problem Set #6
Angular Momentum and Newton's Laws
  
 [dL]  
L = r × p ; L = Iω ; Linitial = L final ; τ =
 external
= MaCM ; FAonB = – FBonA
Due: Wednesday Oct. 7 in class
1) This week's lab is on momentum conservation (a topic you are all quite expert at by now). You will
write a paper for this experiment that is due in class on Monday, Oct. 19. Instructions for this
assignment are given in your lab manual. (There is no lab the week of Oct. 12-16).
2) No class next Friday due to fall weekend. There will be a physics study session on Tuesday evening.
Reading assignment: for Monday, C14, N1 (Conservation of angular momentum & Newton's laws)
for Wednesday, N2 (Vector calculus and describing motion)
Problem assignment:
(WARNING - The problem numbering scheme in the text can be a bit confusing, so ALWAYS
double check the problem numbers to make sure you don't work the wrong problems!)
C13-B.9 (torque on a bowling ball)
C13-S.2 (angular momentum of a line drive)
C13-S.7 (spinning a spool)
C14-S.2 (playground physics)
C14-R.2 (pool-side physics ... make measurements on yourself!)
N1-B.7 (free-body diagram for a flying plane)
N1-S.3 (pushing a box)
N1-S.4 (pushing a person)
Bonus: C14-R.1 (Star Wars physics ... try it, it's fun)