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Frequently Asked Questions
LeanOhio: Transforming the Public Sector
What is the LeanOhio Boot Camp?
The LeanOhio Boot camp is a process improvement initiative, funded by the Local Government Efficiency
Program (LGEP) aimed at supporting the transformation of organizations within the public sector; the goal being
to create a culture of lean thinking, processes efficiency and customer focused missions.
What is Lean Six Sigma?
Lean Six Sigma is a systematic methodology to streamline process, reduce waste and deliver to the customer
what the customer wants when the customer wants it. The Lean methodology focuses on streamlining processes
and reducing waste including defects. The Six Sigma methodology utilizes information and statistical analysis to
measure and improve operational performance, practices and systems to decrease process variation and prevent
defects. The two complement each other and have overlapping synergies.
Do I qualify for a LGEP Scholarship?
$2,000 scholarships are available for employees of local government or other political subdivisions of the State of
Ohio to attend the five (5) day LeanOhio Boot Camp: LeanOhio Transforming the Public Sector training program.
How do I apply for the LGEP Scholarship?
To apply for a scholarship you must first create a LGIF (Local Government Innovation Fund) User Account-- Click
here to be redirected to the State of Ohio website to set up a user account.
Once you’ve completed your application for a user account, you will receive an email from Ohio DSA’s Nicole
Bent with your user name, password, and a link to complete the scholarship application. Instructions for
completing the application are available here.
You must present a copy of the approved scholarship voucher before you will be effectively enrolled in the course.
What if I don’t work for a political subdivision?
The LeanOhio Boot Camp is open to the public; for participants that are not eligible for LGEP funding you may
register online using a check or credit card (payment required at the time of registration) or you may contact our
enrollment center at 216-987-0233 and register by phone.
Are there grants available for organizations to implement process improvement
Yes, Up to $100,000 in grant funding is available for local governments to learn and use Lean Six Sigma to
implement innovative process improvement projects. Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis: March, June,
September and December.
Let our team of experts assist with:
Identifying potential LEAN projects
Preparing and submitting the LEANOhio Application
Provide consulting expertise and support needed to implement your LEAN Project
Contact : [email protected] or [email protected]
Is the LGEP scholarship available for any training course?
No, scholarships are only available to fund the LeanOhio Boot Camp; Corporate College is an authorized training
provider for the LeanOhio Boot Camp.
What if I do not successfully complete the course?
The LGEP scholarship requires that all participants successfully complete the course before releasing scholarship
funds; if you have been approved for a LGEP scholarship and do not successfully complete the class, the
participant will be fully responsible for the $2000 registration fee.
Who Should Attend?
Anyone interested in learning about and/or managing process improvement in a public-sector setting.
How many days is the course?
The course is comprised of 5 full days of in class training, typically scheduled within a two week period.
Do I receive a certificate upon successful completion of this program?
Corporate College is a division of Cuyahoga Community College, an accredited institution of higher education.
Upon successful completion of this course the participant will be awarded a LeanOhio: Transforming the Public
Sector Certificate and 4 CEU’s--Continuing Education Units. Participants receive 1 CEU for every 10 contact
What is a “Political Subdivision of the State of Ohio”?
For purposes of this program, "political subdivision" means a municipal corporation, township, county, school
district or other body corporate and politic responsible for governmental activities in a geographic area smaller
than that of the state, which includes, but is not limited to, the following entities: county government, a county
hospital commission, a board of hospital commissioners appointed for a municipal hospital, a board of hospital
trustees appointed for a municipal hospital, a regional planning commission, a county planning commission, a
joint planning council, an interstate regional planning commission, a port authority, a regional council established
by political subdivisions, an emergency planning district and a joint emergency planning district, a joint emergency
medical services district, a fire and ambulance district, a joint interstate emergency planning district, a county solid
waste management district and a joint solid waste management district, a community school, the county or
counties served by a community-based correctional facility and program or a district community-based
correctional facility and program, a community-based correctional facility and program or a district communitybased correctional facility and program and the facility governing board of a community-based correctional facility
and program or of a district community-based correctional facility and program. (Source:
Who do I contact for more information?
[email protected] 216-987-0233 Client Liaison
[email protected] 216-987-2927 Director
[email protected] 216-987-2857 Administrative Coordinator
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