7093 Design learning sessions for adults

ATTL4 – 1 version 1
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NZQA proposed unit standard
Plan to deliver learning sessions for adults
People credited with this unit standard are able to define
learning outcomes and select content in order to plan learning
sessions for delivery to adults.
Adult Education and Training > Delivery of Adult Education and
Available grade
Entry information
Recommended skills
and knowledge
Unit ATTL4 – 2, Demonstrate knowledge of adult learning.
Explanatory notes
Evidence of planning three different learning sessions is required for this unit
standard. Each learning session must be at least 30 minutes teaching or training
time in duration.
This unit standard has been developed for programmes leading to the New Zealand
Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching (Level 4) [Ref: 2746].
This standard underpins Unit ATTL4 – 3_19444, Prepare to and deliver learning
sessions for adults.
For the purposes of this unit standard, candidates may either create new or adapt
existing plans and resources to meet learner needs.
Candidates must act professionally, ethically, and with cultural sensitivity during
assessment against this standard. This will include compliance with relevant
legislation and organisational requirements. Legislation may include Health and
Safety at Work Act 2015, the Privacy Act 1993, the Human Rights Act 1993,
Copyright Act 1994, and the Vulnerable Children Act 2014.
Learning session is defined as a learning or training event that can be part of a
course or programme, but that has its own internal coherence in terms of outcomes
and subject matter coverage, and is sufficiently discrete to be able to stand on its
NZQA National Qualifications Services
SSB Code 130301
 New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2016
ATTL4 – 1 version 1
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NZQA proposed unit standard
Stakeholders refer to the tutor/trainer, learners, provider, and/or client
Learner needs include those related to building language, literacy and numeracy.
Candidate is the person who is being assessed against this standard.
Learner is the person who, in turn, is taught/trained by the candidate.
Outcomes and evidence requirements
Outcome 1
Define learning outcomes for adult learning sessions.
Evidence requirements
Learning outcomes are defined in accordance with stakeholders’ needs.
Observable and measurable statements of performance, which are achievable
within the specified timeframes of the learning sessions, are defined in the
learning outcomes.
Anticipated learning needs of the learners are identified in accordance with
demands of the learning sessions.
Outcome 2
Select learning session content.
Evidence requirements
Selection of learning session content is matched to defined learning outcomes,
level(s) of learner competency, learner needs, and available time and
The selected content for each session is sequenced to facilitate the
achievement of learning outcomes.
Outcome 3
Plan delivery processes of learning sessions.
Evidence requirements
The anticipated learner needs are accommodated in the planned delivery
Planned delivery processes lead to contextualised learning and the
achievement of learning outcomes.
Assessment activities are selected that measure learners' performance against
learning outcomes.
includes – formative assessment, learner reflection;
NZQA National Qualifications Services
SSB Code 130301
 New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2016
ATTL4 – 1 version 1
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NZQA proposed unit standard
may include – summative assessment, literacy and numeracy
diagnostic tool.
Availability of resources that match the intended delivery processes and
assessment methods are confirmed.
physical and financial resources, tutor/trainer capability.
Plan includes provision for learners to reflect on their learning experience in
accordance with the learning outcomes.
reflection may include but is not limited to practising, giving and
receiving feedback.
Review of learning sessions is planned and documented to meet stakeholder
and any evaluation requirements.
self-review, stakeholder feedback.
Replacement information
This unit standard replaced unit standard 7093.
Planned review date
31 December 2021
Status information and last date for assessment for superseded versions
Version Date
Last Date for Assessment
Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) reference
This CMR can be accessed at http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/framework/search/index.do.
Please note
Providers must be granted consent to assess against standards (accredited) by NZQA,
before they can report credits from assessment against unit standards or deliver courses
of study leading to that assessment.
Industry Training Organisations must be granted consent to assess against standards by
NZQA before they can register credits from assessment against unit standards.
Providers and Industry Training Organisations, which have been granted consent and
which are assessing against unit standards must engage with the moderation system that
applies to those standards.
Requirements for consent to assess and an outline of the moderation system that applies
to this standard are outlined in the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR). The
CMR also includes useful information about special requirements for organisations wishing
to develop education and training programmes, such as minimum qualifications for tutors
and assessors, and special resource requirements.
NZQA National Qualifications Services
SSB Code 130301
 New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2016
NZQA proposed unit standard
ATTL4 – 1 version 1
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Comments on this unit standard
Please contact NZQA National Qualifications Services [email protected] if you wish to
suggest changes to the content of this unit standard.
NZQA National Qualifications Services
SSB Code 130301
 New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2016
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