Big Data Distribution

Big Data
Introducing Attunity Maestro
Attunity Maestro is an enterprise workflow management and automation platform,
integrating mission-critical data processes into daily business activity. This highly-scalable
platform orchestrates and automates data transmission and deployment processes
of Big Data, applications, and large-file assets throughout global data centers. Attunity
Maestro is engineered for large and small enterprises alike; delivering speed, simplicity
and scalability to virtually any environment or IT processes that require information
availability. The solution also takes full advantage of Attunity’s data and file replication
platforms by integrating with existing data transmission and deployment processes.
• Orchestrate: Rapidly and easily manage large-scale data transmission processes.
Coordinate multiple Big Data deployments tasks and data processes.
• Automate: Control information flow services based on decision points and events
based on easy-to-use rules engines. Seamlessly accelerate data transmission across
distributed environments.
• Integrate: Incorporate existing data transmission and deployment processes. Manage
Attunity’s structured and unstructured data distribution and replication products.
Attunity Maestro Center manages Maestro Nodes across the enterprise, allowing control
and automation of processes throughout the IT landscape. Utilizing an easy-to-use
graphical user interface, Maestro coordinates enterprise workflows, thus enabling
organizations to easily initiate data movement instructions across various data centers.
Attunity Maestro also leverages its TurboStream DX data transfer engine to control
geographically-dispersed locations with ease. Further, the solution can be seamlessly
integrated with Active Directory to facilitate role-based access control.
Up and Running in No Time
Attunity Maestro’s simple drag-and-drop web interface lets companies effortlessly
design a topology of computers that can then be used as participants in file distribution
or database replication tasks. Whether an enterprise needs to distribute files to multiple
target machines or simply replicate databases from one machine to another, Attunity
Maestro enables users to easily define tasks and be up and running in minutes.
Free up IT resources by monitoring
the entire data distribution process
in one place
Reduce the cost of workflow
management through better
visibility and automation
Scale and control large distributed
Single view with central control
Enables higher efficiency, higher
Empower IT to serve Lines of
Business better with roles-based
access and visibility
Key Features:
Easily create, initiate, monitor
and centrally manage data
transmission processes
Manage data transmission
workflow processes with
decision engine that automates
logical actions
Automate tasks to accelerate data
distributions & process workflows
Streamline processes with the
graphical data distribution
process designer
Gain better compliance by
monitoring, recording and
reporting replication process
tasks and execution
Workflow Management & Automation
Common Use Cases
Attunity Maestro utilizes a highly intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface to
enable designing and monitoring of Big Data transmission processes as visual models.
The management console provides a straightforward way to compose, initiate and
monitor implementation of data transmissions and deployments. Using pick-and
place visual modules, Attunity Maestro defines logical transmission sequences on
the fly. With its extendable decision engine, it allows for users to design logic-based
actions, and create complex and interactive distribution topologies. Attunity Maestro
utilizes a comprehensive set of task features and stores long sets of workflow events
in its Monitoring Database. Using this database, it can implement Task Rollbacks to
ensure recoverability from errors. Processes can be distributed across geographicallydispersed locations. Further, it provides mail server notifications in order to provide
real-time updates to process completion or approval requirements.
Information Flow at Your Fingertips
Content Distribution Across Global
Big Data Consolidation for
Centralized Analytics
Application and Code Deployment
to Production Systems
Data Center Migrations and
Disaster Recovery and Business
IT Operations Management and
Risk Compliance
Using Attunity Maestro,
organizations can:
Manage transfers across multitiered topologies, leveraging
optimized networking
Address compliance requirements
to manage, monitor and audit all
data transfer processes
Manage a diverse set of business
and IT processes with one unified
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