Welcome to for OCR GCE Physics A

Welcome to
for OCR GCE Physics A
MasteringPhysics™ is a powerful online homework, tutorial and assessment system. Inside
MasteringPhysics you will find an extensive library of physics problems matched to the OCR GCE Physics A
specification by an experienced examiner. MasteringPhysics has been used around the world for many years.
It has proved particularly popular in the United States, both for students studying college-level physics and
for their instructors.
• Easily set up online assignments that help students achieve exam success. Assignments can be given as
homework or as quizzes throughout the course.
• Hints and wrong-answer responses for problems can help students gain confidence and improve their
understanding as they complete assignments.
• The gradebook lets you quickly identify which problem your students found most difficult, view detailed
information about their work, export their marks and more.
MasteringPhysics displays statistics for physics problems based on actual usage data derived from
hundreds of thousands of students who have worked them. This usage data can help you predict
how difficult your students may find a particular problem, and how long it may take them to answer.
MasteringPhysics provides instructors with the following usage statistics for each assignable problem in
OCR GCE Physics A:
• Difficulty
• Duration
• The percentage of students who answered correctly, or who ran out of answer attempts or gave up.
• The average number of wrong answers per student and the average number of hints requested
per student.
Physics problems in MasteringPhysics can be assigned by many different instructors teaching varied courses.
Students range in age and location. Many of them will not be taking GCE qualifications. However, all of
the students are studying the same physics problems, and all of the problems have been specially selected to
be appropriate to GCE students’ level of knowledge.
For more information on using MasteringPhysics for the UK curriculum, visit the Heinemann-OCR web page at:
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be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means without prior written permission of the publisher.
Printed in England.
To get your students started with MasteringPhysics, follow the instructions in this booklet.
1. Use an instructor access code (provided) to create your instructor account.
2. Create an online course in MasteringPhysics and set up assignments in it, including copying
assignments provided for use with the OCR GCE Physics A specification.
3. Give each student the Course ID for your course and a tear-out sheet from this booklet.
For sales inquiries or additional codes: Please contact customer services using the information on the back
cover of this booklet.
Use this code to register. See registration instructions on the next page.
Once you use a teacher code to register, access to MathXL is granted
for five years. (Student codes grant access for one year.)
Use this code to register. See registration instructions on the next page.
Once you use a teacher code to register, access to MathXL is granted
for five years. (Student codes grant access for one year.)
Register, Create a Course, and Set Up Assignments
These instructions are valid at time of printing. For the latest instructions: Consult resources available from
www.masteringphysics.com or refer to the online Help.
Step 1: Register and Log in to MasteringPhysics
1. Go to www.masteringphysics.com and click the New Instructors button.
2. Click Yes to indicate that you have an access code, which
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter some basic information.
• The Login Name and Password you specify in this process are what you will use to log in to
• When asked to provide your school name: Choose Other from the bottom of the list if you don’t see
your secondary school listed.
4. When you complete the registration process, click Log In Now from the Confirmation & Summary page to
be logged in automatically (this time only).
To log in from now on: Go to www.masteringphysics.com and enter the login name and password you
chose during your registration.
Step 2: Create a Course
1. Log in to MasteringPhysics, if you haven’t already.
Go to www.masteringphysics.com and log in using your login name and password from registration.
2. The first time you log in, you will be prompted to create a course.
To create additional courses later: Instead of step 2 above, click My Courses at the top of the page, then
select Create a new course from the menu.
3. Specify basic settings for the course. - Accept or edit the Course ID (see note below), select OCR GCE
Physics A as your textbook, adjust the Course Title if needed, set the Time Zone and Course Expiration
date (required), and provide a Contact Email (optional) for receiving student feedback about assignment
questions. Consider changing Allow Students to Enroll to No until you have prepared your course and are
ready for students to view it.
About Course IDs: Once you save this page, you cannot return to change the Course ID or textbook for this
course. (You can, however, edit other information on this page later.) If you plan to have students complete
assignments in MasteringPhysics, you will need to give this Course ID to students. The Course ID enables
students to enroll in this particular course so they can complete the online assignments you have set up.
4. Click Create Course.
Once the course is created, the Course Home page for this course will come into view.
Step 3: Set up Assignments in the Course
Once you have created a course in MasteringPhysics, you can add assignments for your students.
1. Go to the assignment list for your course.
From the Courses page, choose Assignments from the Course Actions menu in the row for the course.
2. Examine the Introduction to MasteringPhysics assignment.
This assignment is automatically provided whenever you create a new course. It explains to students how
to answer and submit different kinds of questions (numerical problems, ranking or sorting tasks, drawing
vectors, etc.).
To view, try out, or see the solutions to questions in this assignment:
Choose View As Student from the Assignment Actions menu, then click any of its item links.
From here, you can try to answer the questions as a student might. To view solutions or to restart your
work, choose the appropriate option from the Manage this Item menu.
Click Return to Introduction to MasteringPhysics near the top of the page to return to the list of
items in this assignment.
When finished examining the introductory assignment: Click Assignments.
3. Copy one or more assignments into your course.
To view and copy provided assignments for OCR GCE Physics A:
From the Assignments page, choose SharedOCRPhysics from the Copy Pre-Built Assignment From:
menu, and click Go.
Click an assignment link to view its contents. When finished, click Back to Copy List from the
page bottom.
Click Copy for the assignments you want to include in your MasteringPhysics course.
4. [Optional] Create a new assignment that contains publisher-provided questions.
To create an assignment:
Assignments > Create New Assignment > Enter the requested information and choose to add content
items to the assignment.
To add publisher-provided items to the assignment:
Filter your view of assignable OCR GCE Physics A items:
Choose a Module and one or more types of Publisher Items.
Click any Title link to open the item in the preview window.
From here, you can try to answer the questions as a student might. To view solutions or to restart your
work, choose the appropriate option from the Manage this Item menu.
u Click Assign Item.
To continue previewing and assigning publisher items:
Click Next Item and Previous Item from the current preview window, or return to the list of items in
the MasteringPhysics window and click another title.
To edit publisher items or to import or create your own assignable items (“My Items”):
Refer to the Help for instructions.
To add announcements for the currently selected course:
Click the Home tab (top right) and then click the Edit button.
For more information or assistance:
• Online Help: Click Help at the upper right. (You must be logged in to MasteringPhysics.)
• Support website for teachers and students: www.masteringphysics.com/support
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