purchase order flowdown supplier quality assurance provisions

The scope of the supplier’s efforts includes the following as defined in the purchase order:
• Manufacture (or as necessary) and deliver the quantities called for in the purchase order, in
accordance with the specifications and drawings listed.
• Articles defined in the purchase order are subject to the applicable supplier quality assurance
provisions contained herein.
• Loos & Co., Inc. will list top level drawings and specifications in the applicable purchase
order. It is the responsibility of the supplier to obtain all drawings and specifications as well as
secondary and general support specifications. Should you be unable to obtain these
documents, contact the materials manager/buyer.
• The supplier is required to comply with the most current revision (date) of the supplier quality
assurance provisions in effect at the time the purchase order is placed, for the life of the
purchase order, unless otherwise notified by the materials manager/buyer.
SQAP AC 21-20 (basis for SQAP is FAA Advisory Circular AC No. 21-20)
(Applies to suppliers of FAA-PMA components)The supplier is acting under Loos & Co., Inc. quality system and all corrective actions requested
by Loos & Co., Inc. are to be implemented. The following procedures are required:
a) Quality System with quality manual (or top-level document). The supplier will maintain a
Quality Assurance System in accordance with ISO 9001 (latest revision), or equivalent
SAE AS9100. Obsolete specifications such as MIL-Q-9858A will be considered acceptable. A
Quality Inspection System to obsolete specification MIL-I-45208 will also be considered
acceptable (but not preferred).
A copy of the supplier’s quality manual (or top-level document) is to be submitted for approval
by Loos & Co., Inc.
The supplier’s quality system is subject to surveillance by representatives of Loos & Co., Inc.
and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
b) Design Data, Configuration Control. The supplier will not implement any changes to
process, Loos & Co., Inc. drawings and/or specifications and/or materials without written
approval from Loos & Co., Inc.
c) Manufacturing Data. The supplier will maintain a batch or lot identification system that
distinguishes one lot from another by use of (as applicable); shop travelers, routers, etc.
d) Test and Inspections (Including Incoming) with records showing evidence of conformity.
The supplier will perform a First Article Inspection (FAI) to verify that the part conforms to the
approved data and any additional purchase order requirements, including, if necessary,
destructive testing. A FAI should be conducted for any new production line, changes to the
manufacturing/quality process such as drawing revision or delta change, or a new supplier.
SAE AS9102 is an acceptable format in the establishment of first article process and
e) Identification and Traceability. Material and processes used must be identified including
any outside processing and be traceable by record to the purchase order imposed drawings
and specifications. Records will be maintained.
Competence and Training. The supplier will maintain a system where personnel performing
work affecting conformity to product requirements will be competent on the basis of
appropriate education, training, skills and experience. Appropriate records will be maintained.
g) Calibration, traceable to a national standard. The supplier will maintain a calibration system
in compliance to either ANSI/NCSL Z540, ISO 10012, ISO/IEC17025. Obsolete specifications
such as MIL-STD-45662A will be considered acceptable.
h) Handling, Storage (Segregation), and Packing including shelf-life and scrap items. The
supplier will use good commercial practices for preservation and packaging of items supplied
to Loos & Co., Inc.
Limited-life materials will be identified by either 1) the date at which the useful life has begun
[DOM]; or, 2) the date the useful life will be expended [expiration date], and, have at least
75% of their shelf life remaining at time of Loos & Co., Inc. receipt.
Record Completion and Retention. Completed, legible documentation supporting the
requirements of the purchase order will be maintained on file for a minimum of ten (10) years.
This documentation will include, but not limited to, material certifications, manufacturing and
inspection reports, and test reports.
Nonconformities. The supplier is responsible for establishing controls to ensure that
products / services not conforming to the purchase order are identified, segregated,
dispositioned, and controlled to prevent inadvertent use.
k) Conformity Document. The supplier will provide a Manufacturer’s Certificate of
Conformance (C of C) document including any raw material or process certificates as
acceptable proof of conformity with each shipment. The C of C, signed by an authorized
individual, certifies that all product and/or services have met the requirements of the
purchase order, including drawings and specifications at the prescribed revision level of the
product and shall include:
• Company’s name and address
• Date of certification
• Loos & Co., Inc.’s purchase order number
• Loos & Co., Inc’s part number and revision (as it appears on the contract)
• Part description
• Quantity
• Applicable material and test specifications and revision identification
• Raw material heat lot number (if applicable)
• Reference to Test Reports for all raw material, traceable by heat number
• Identification of exceptions (these would include a deviation or waiver, if applicable)
• Signature and title
It is the supplier’s responsibility to review test reports and C of C’s of sub-tier purchased
material or services.
Provisions for Direct Delivery/Direct Shipment. not applicable
m) Assistance for Continued Airworthiness. The supplier will immediately notify Loos & Co.,
Inc. of nonconforming items that have left the supplier’s quality system, and, contain,
investigate for root cause and implement corrective action.
n) Sub-tier Suppliers. The supplier will flow down all applicable Quality clause/provision
requirements to their sub-tiers as specified in the Loos & Co., Inc. purchase order including
any identified key characteristics and Approved Supplier List use. Loos & Co., Inc. must be
notified of significant sub-tier supplier manufacturing problems.
The supplier and any sub-tier supplier will use Boeing-approved special processors,
manufacturers and their authorized distributors, and Boeing-approved sources of nondomestic raw materials, as required and listed in D1446, Boeing Approved Process Sources
document found at http://www.boeing.com/companyoffices/doing
o) Significant Change to the Quality/Inspection System. The supplier will notify Loos & Co.,
Inc. in writing of any adverse change in the status of their quality control system, including
any location or transfer of supplier manufacturing operations, which may affect the quality of
p) Failures, Malfunctions, and Defects. The supplier must provide a disclosure notification
letter to Loos & Co., Inc. in the event of any failure, malfunction or defect, which would affect
previously delivered products.
q) Access for the Production Approval Holder (PAH) and the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA). Loos & Co., Inc. (the production approval holder) reserves the right of
access for Loos & Co., Inc., Loos & Co., Inc’s customer/Government/Regulatory Authorities
(when accompanied by Loos & Co., Inc.) to all facilities and all applicable records involved in
the purchase order.
Language. All working documents such as the quality manual and technical/quality data
must be in the English language and retrievable in a form acceptable to the FAA.
s) Identification of Responsibilities. The supplier’s contract review personnel are responsible
for flowing this SQAP to and through the supplier’s organization.
Duration of the Supplier Arrangement. The purchase order and this SQAP.
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