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cat # 1200W-SWAN Linear Amplifier
Swan 1200-W linear amplifier. 600W
PEP output 80-10M. Uses 4, 6LQ6
/6JE6 tubes (included) in the finals.
Cosmetics are a 99%+. The 1200W
was designed to work with 100 watt
There is a standard jack that will allow
keying from almost any transceiver. I
am using this amplifier mostly on 75M,
40M and 10 meters. It is in very good
A printed Manual and
schematic is included with this SWAN
1200-W. 120 Volt AC Power supply
built in.
Used, works perfect 299.95
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs
cat# SA-2040 2000 Watts continuous
output, all modes, HF 1.8 > 30 MHz
No band switch as this high-tech antenna tuner
utilizes a true, continuous rotary silver flashed
inductor, coupled with the 3-digit turns counter,
makes tuning an ease, and makes it easy to return
to the same band or frequency at a later time.
In addition, the rotary inductor enables you to
operate the MARS frequencies, and those bands in
between the HAM bands. A large, internal multicore BALUN satisfies the transceiver to antenna
impedance performance. High-power components,
and up-to-date technologies, make this the Heart
and Soul of the HEATH model SA-2040
everything you look for in a high-powered, high-Q
rotary inductor is far ahead of its time.
Used, works perfect
Shipping Weight: 12.8lbs
cat# MFJ-941D
The MFJ-941D gives you a 300 watt antenna
tuner that covers everything from 1.8-30 MHz.
The meter shows SWR, forward and reflected
power -- all at the push of a button. It reads
forward/reflected power in 300/50 and 30/5 watt
The antenna switch that lets you select two coax
lines, random wire/balanced line or dummy load
(direct or through). Efficient airwound inductor
gives lower losses and more power out. Has 4:1
BALUN, and high voltage variable capacitors.
Aluminum cabinet has a durable Lexan front panel
matches your rig perfectly and fits right into your
station. It measures just 11 x 3 x 7 inches.
Used, some scratches, works perfect Shipping
Weight: 3.3lbs 99.95
cat# 1620TTM
Microphone with touch-pad.
New, in original carton. Wiring Diagram Included..
Ericsson/GE P/N 91B527G Hand Mic with DTMF pad,
and RJ45 connector. Mic is NEW in the box..
Remove the RJ45 Modular connector and install the
connector of choice. May be wired for most Ham Radios with
appropriate connector to match radio mic input. No
Up/Dn buttons.
cat# MFJ-949D 300 watts, 1.8-30 MHz
Tunes out SWR on dipoles, verticals, inverted
vees, random wires, beams, mobile whips,
shortwave receiving antennas.... Nearly anything!
Use coax, random wire or balanced lines. Has
heavy duty 4:1 balun.
Shipping Wt: 1 lbs
The Ten-Tec model 291 is a "T" network tuner rated
for 200 watts. Two series capacitors and a shunt
inductor are used to transform the complex
impedance at the feedline of the antenna to 50 ohms
for the transmitter. No SWR meter.
Features of this meter include 3 power scales
for 10, 100, or 1000 watts, and individual
calibrated VSWR and Modulation meters.
PDC 550. 53.95
Shipping Wt 2 lbs CAT#
Order OnLine:
The two capacitors used in the 291 are 1000 volt 50250 pF variables connected in series with a 47 tap
rotary inductor (0.5-24 uh) shunted to ground. This
tuner can be used with a single 50 ohm coax input
and output, or has a wing-nut lug for use with endfed long-wire antennas. Used, in perfect working condition,
3.5 lb,
Custom Inductor Switch The inductor switch is
the most likely component to burn up in any
antenna tuner. MFJs inductor switch in the MFJ949E was custom designed to withstand the
extremely high RF voltages and currents that are
developed in your tuner.
8 Position Antenna Switch Lets you select two
coax fed antennas, random wire/balanced line or
built-in dummy load through your MFJ-949E or
direct to your transceiver. Has MFJs full size 3
inch lighted Cross Needle Meter. Used, in perfect
working condition, few minor scratches.
4.5 lbs.