Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc. MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT

Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc.
(Please read carefully before signing. Memberships cannot be accepted without your signed agreement to these terms)
I hereby agree to the following terms, conditions, financial responsibilities, and other obligations set forth below as a condition of my (or my child’s)
membership in Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc. (“CFSC”).
I agree to familiarize myself with, and abide by, all rules and policies of CFSC, including the Club’s Bylaws and “Rules and Ice Conduct”
Membership dues are non-refundable once the membership has been approved.
All accounts with Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc. and/or Nashoba Valley Olympia (“NVO”) must be current. Ice will not be booked for skaters
with past-due accounts with CFSC or NVO.
Contracted ice must be paid for in advance, using one of the three prepayment options outlined in the Ice Payment Contract. Walk on ice must be
paid for at the time it is used. Accounts must be paid within 7 days of the due date according to the prepayment option you choose, in order to
remain a member in “good standing” and to avoid the loss of ice privileges. If your total ice booking is less than $100, full payment is
required at time of booking. Accounts over 7 days in arrears will be assessed finance charge of 1.5% percent per month (18% per year),
and members will be liable for all costs of collection of unpaid dues and fees, including court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees. Members
will be charged $25 for all returned checks.
CFSC has a limited switch policy that allows a skater to change his/her ice time when necessary. Abuses of the switch policy may result in loss of
privileges to use this policy. If you do not switch your ice time, you are obligated to pay for that ice time.
Medical credit will be given only in the event of injury or illness resulting in the skater missing at least five consecutive days of contracted ice. A
doctor’s note is required in order to receive a medical credit.
Each skater is allowed one-week vacation per club season (September through June). Vacation credit must be requested in advance, in writing.
Skaters competing in a USFSA qualifying competition are eligible to receive credit for ice sessions missed for the duration of the competition
only. Qualifying competition credit must be requested in advance, in writing.
If, during this period, you must give up your contracted ice, a letter must be submitted to the CFSC President explaining the reasons why you are
unable to use your contracted ice, and requesting to be excused from your financial obligations. The request will be considered by the Board of
Directors, and if approved, you will be responsible to pay for your contracted ice for the next 30 days from the date your letter was received. If your
request is denied, you will be responsible for the remainder of your dues and other financial commitments to CFSC for the season.
I have read the above and understand all terms and conditions of this contract, including my financial obligations to Colonial Figure Skating
Club, Inc., and will abide by them as stated above. I have read and will follow the RULES AND ICE CONDUCT of CFSC. YES_____
I give permission for all photographs, videos, and other forms of media identifying and portraying the above skater to be used by CFSC for
marketing purposes, and for my name, address and phone number to be published in the CFSC Directory.
YES____ NO_____
I give permission for Tylenol/Motrin (or generic version) to be administered to my child, when necessary. YES_____NO_____
Agreement: I hereby agree to familiarize myself with, and follow, all rules, regulations and policies of the Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc.,
which are available in the Club Office. I understand that any violation of any rule, regulation or policy of CFSC, including late or unpaid dues or
fees, may result in a loss of my skating or membership privileges. If unable to reach a parent or guardian of a minor, CFSC is granted
permission to administer or obtain emergency medical treatment.
Assumption Of Risk and Waiver of Liability: I am aware that figure skating is a dangerous sport, and that my (or my child’s) participation in skating or
training activities is at my (or my child’s) sole risk. I hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Colonial Figure Skating Club, Inc., Nashoba
Valley Olympia, Inc., and Olympus Realty Trust, and all of their directors, officers, agents, insurers, attorneys and employees, from any and all claims,
demands, losses, damages or injury, whatsoever, of any kind or nature, that I may sustain as a result of my (or my child’s) participation or activities with
Member Name (Please Print): ______________________________________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: _________________________
(Parent or Guardian if under 18)
Emergency Contact (1): ______________________________________Phone #: (_______) ____________________
Emergency Contact (2): ______________________________________Phone #: (_______) ____________________
REV 5/2/12