Vocabulary to know (define in your own words): Chemical Energy

Chapter 9 Study Guide
Energy and Energy Resources
Physical Science
Vocabulary to know (define in your own words):
Chemical Energy
Electrical Energy
Energy Conservation
Fossil Fuel
Kinetic Energy
Law of Conservation of Energy
Light Energy
Mechanical Energy
Nonrenewable resource
Nuclear Energy
Potential Energy
Renewable Resource
Sound Energy
Thermal Energy
Answer each question as complete as possible.
1. What is energy and how do we, as humans, get energy?
2. How are energy and work related?
3. Explain the difference between potential and kinetic energy. Then describe an example of each.
4. What two factors determine gravitational potential energy?
5. Describe why chemical energy is a form of potential energy.
6. How are machines used in energy conversions?
7. Restate the Law of Conservation of Energy in your own words.
8. Name and describe different types of energy. List examples of each.
9. What is the main reason that objects stop moving? How is energy converted?
10. Identify nonrenewable resources. Then list 3 ways we can conserve them.
11. Explain the types of renewable energy resources and list 1 problem of each one as it relates to Michigan.
12. How are fossil fuels formed? Name 3 types of fossil fuels.
Math Focus
Be able to find/solve:
 KE
 PE
 Energy Conversions