Film Capacitors - Power Factor Correction - Grid Analysis Tool

EPCOS Product Brief 2011
Power Factor Correction
Grid Analysis Tool MC7000-3 for Three-Phase Measuring
The level of power quality can
sometimes only be proven
after severe failures in the
power supply – i.e. when it is
too late. EPCOS offers an
analyzing tool to avoid wrong
decisions for PFC solutions
right from the beginning. The
grid analysis tool MC7000-3
provides three-phase measuring, display and storage of
electric parameters in lowvoltage grids. It is housed in a
compact suitcase. The
attached Windows-based
software allows a user-friendly
visualization of all measured
values. This makes the device
unique compared to others
only providing text display. The
simultaneous graphical display
of various views in different
windows offers a fast and easy
evaluation of acquired data.
The mathematical evaluation of
values can be performed with
various calculation tools for the
compensation system. Based
on these results, a tailor-made
PFC solution or inspection of
an existing one is easily designed and optimized. The
collected data – available in
Excel-format – gives users
further processing options.
Grid Analysis Tool MC7000-3
The collection and storage of data is done with an SD
card included in the delivery (1 GB; usage of a 2 GB
SD card is possible). This allows an easy passing to
Windows PCs. Generally, all data are stored with an
ultra-short interval of 1 second only. Due to the SD
card, no additional read out of the memory storage is
necessary. Featuring an illuminated 128 x 64 graphic
LCD display and a large number of configuration
options for data collection, display and storage, the
innovative measuring and analyzing tool is extremely
flexible and simple to use in the field. Additionally, its
compact design and lightweight suitcase makes it
easy to transport. A further benefit for users is the
availability of not only English, but also German,
Spanish, Russian, and Turkish as menu languages.
Due to the plain language menu as well as the help
menu, the handling of the device is very comfortable
and clear.
• Measuring, display and storage of numerous
– Voltage (3-phase)
– Current (3-phase)
– Frequency (3-phase)
– Active power (3-phase)
– Reactive power (3-phase)
– Apparent power (3-phase)
– Power factor (3-phase)
– Active, reactive and apparent energy
– Voltage harmonics (up to 51 )
– Harmonics of current (up to 51 )
– TDH-V (3-phase)
– THD-I (3-phase)
• Comfortable programming of recording interval
and duration via timers
• Display and internal storage of maximum values
with time stamp
• Display of date and time
• Display of harmonics, bar diagram available
• Large number of display options, e.g. rotating
display and adjustment of font size
PC software included
• Windows-based software for evaluation of grid
• Administration of several projects possible
Graphical display
• Several pre-configured graphical displays of
standard values
• Graphical display of selected grid values, large
number of configuration options
• Comfortable editing of parameters and time interval
• Display as line graph or bar diagram
• Copy into clipboard and print function available
Mathematical evaluation of measured values
• Automatic calculation of required kvar (target-cos-ϕ
to be set by user)
• Evaluation of measured harmonics and
recommendation of detuning factor for a PFC
system of calculated size
• Influence of detuning on the harmonics for the
calculated detuning factor and system size is
Display of voltage in small and large size
Bar diagram of THD
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