Bad Blood $

Lift U an age to the
miserable -- a mo
ment to the
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V. M.
A. Building, Corner Sixteenth and Douglas
women to escape, trampling under foot
scores of children.
During Its
run to North
Brother Island the General- Blocum's
whistles kept blowing for assistance, but
before the whistles began to blow several
tugs, the captains of which had seen the
outbreak of the fire, started after the vessel, Joined by a yacht, while rowboats put
out from the shore. The number of these
craft constantly grew and not the least
dramatic Incidents of the catastrophe were
the efforts of the. people In these boata to
rescue those who had Jumped overboard
from the burning vessel. ;','
Men crowded t the rails, of the tugs and
caught up the drowning persons aa they
were borne by the current. There were
many thrilling rescues by this means.
North Brother Island, where the vessel
waa beached, contains a scarlet fever ward.
The patients, who witnessed the disaster,
were ordered Indoors and the doctors hastened to the rescue of those who had been
washed ashore, but some scores of persons
died while they were being attended to.
Captain VanSchalck and his two pilots,
Edward Van Wert and E. M. Weaver, have
been arrested.
rights! which came down with a 'crash' on
thipae below. It Is thought that most of
those Ort the hurricane deck' were burried.
As the Are increaaed the struggle,' to gain
k 4 point' of vantage' at the stern bee roe
frightful, worhen and children crowded
falhst the afterrall until It gave way and
hundreds were pushed off into the river.
After this there was a steady- - stream Of
persons who Jumped or were thrown Into
the water.
In the wake of the Slocum, as It'hurrled
upstream, was a line of little- blaob, .spots,
marking the heads and bodies of those who
had sought to ' escape
on the. ship by throwing .themselves, overboard.
Few of those saved by the small boats
had on life preservers. At no time during
the progress of the fire waa there any opportunity to either lower the lifeboats or
get the life preservers out from underneath the seats. This pehaps gives an
Idea of the rapidity with which the flames
swept the decks.
It was an experience harrowing and
and that any escaped alive seems
Barns to Water's Edge.
Through all the wild panic,, .during all
that Inferno, with fire . and smoke surrounding them the officers and men of the
doomed boat remained at their posts, but
they were powerless to avert the catastro-
The General Blocum left Third street,
Bast river, at 9:30 o'clock this morning,
having on board the Sunday achool excursion of St. Mark's German Lutheran
church, located In Sixth street Its destination was Locust Grove, one of the many
resorts on Long Island sound.
The excursion was In charge of Rev.
George C. Haas, pastor of the church. The
vessel waa commanded by William Van
Bchalk, one of the bent known excursion
boat captains in New York harbor.
He has commanded the General Slocum
for almost the entire time alnce It was
built. In 1891.
The steamer after leaving Its dock this
morning proceeded up the East river, all
three of ita decks being crowded with merrymakers. Bands played and' the great
aide wheeler was decorated with flags from
stem.,to stern.
The Slocum had reached a point near the
Sunken Meadows off One Hundred aqd
Thirty-fiftstreet, Manhattan, which-lat
the extreme eastern end of Randall's Island,
when fire, broke out in a lunchroom on the
forward deck. The blase was caused by
the overturning of a pot of grease. The
headway of the vessel and a high wind almost Instantly fanned the Insignificant
flame Into fury. Efforts were at once directed tQ subduing the fire, ' but they were
Pot of Grease Orertorned.
The steamer's whlsle was blowing for assistance and tugs and ether nearby craft
answered t otho call, before any of the
boards, could reach the burning steamer,
however, the fruiKio,, women and children
began to Jump overboard. The current waa
strong snd there are .many, whirlpool eln
the channel.-Thboats thar always abound
In the vicinity picked many persons from
the water, but these were only a small
were seen struggling
number of those,
in the swift current
riamra Cut Off Racape.
tin the Slocum the first sweep of the
flames cut off escape from the hurricane
deck, where a great many of the women
and children were crowded together, and
soon burned away the light wooden up- -
Bad Blood
V, Upturn.
The Slocum got within fifty feet of the
northwest point of North Brother Island
and there stopped in the shallow water.
It waa Just before the vessel, beached
that the hurricane deck, the supports of
which had burned away, fell with its load
of women and children, adding to the panic
and horror of those on the deck below.
Very soon after parts of the second and
third de"ks also caved In. But before this
happened the tug Walter Tracy had come
alongside the burning steamer and been
lashed to It. Many of .the passengers! were
taken oft by the crew of frne Trace y,- - which
remained alongside the steamer until the
tug's pilot house took Are.
The point where the Slocum beached was
Just , oft Lhe, scarlet . fever ward on North
Brother Island. The patients, who had
been outon the porches and lawns watching
the approach of the burning steamer, were
ordered indoors and the physicians on the
inland hastened to the assistance of those
who were being brought ashore through
the shallow water.. Many of those who
leaped from the Slocum were carried away
by the current even after she beached and
were drowned. ' .
Body After Body Washed Ashore,
.The scene-- , on - North Brother. IsUuvV as
described by
was a pitiful
one. Body after body waa washed ashore
or brought in by boata and added to the
long row on the beach. Fifty-thre- e
persons died .there while-- : the- doctors were attending them.
As the bodies of the living and the dead
were taken from the water, those alive
were taken to the hospital drt the Island
or sent across the river to hospitals In
Manhattan: Here ambulances from almost
all the hospitals in Greater New York and
every other sort of conveyance which could
be found were put Into service.
For hours the bodies of the burned" and
the drowned drifted ashore 'on the island
and between 131st and S8th streets, In
Manhattan. Some came ashore still alive.
Many of these died, while others will recover. It is doubtful. if some of the bodies
can ever be ldenttAd. Heads, legs and
arms are burned off' arid not a shred of
clothing Is left on them. What looked
like a big hntrhway, on which were Ave
or six bodies, was found floating in the
cove at Hunt's Point and towed carefully
alongside the Fidelity.
The wood was badly charred snd ' the
bodies seemed to stick to It.- Ths ollce-me- n
and ths crew of the Fidelity were
to release the bodies without further
mutilating them, and arrangements were
made to noise the hatchway with the bodies
on it to the deck of the Fidelity.
Craft Comes to Assist.
Among the boats that hurried to the auc-cof the stricken passengers were several
tugs of the New York Central & Hudson
River Railroad company, the auxiliary
ratbont.Easy Times, the Health department
tug Franklin Edson and the steamer
. These, approached. with ,
of roooats manned 'by willing hands and
rescued scores of people. The Franklin
T'dson went so close to the burning steamer
that he r own paint was scorebpd... The
crew oMhe tug, however, stuck braveiy to
their work and snatched many women and
children from a terrible death.. The Are
had possession of the boat, from stem to
stern by' the time' It was off One Hundred
and Thirty-eight- h
street. The Areboat
Mills was summoned from Its moorings at the foot of East Nlnety-nint- b
and was snort on tb,e scene, Its crew lending
valuable aid In saving life.
Tonight a surging crowd is held back by
police lines formed about the city morgue
at the foot of East Twenty-sixt- h
Zo-1'h- ar
The commencement exercises ot the
Bailed Heart school at Thirty-sixt- h
Hurt streets will be held Wednesday,
June 22
Councilman O'Brien bas secured the adoption by the council of a resolution directing the city electrician to require the
A Northwestern railway to place an
arc lamp at the Sherman avenue crossing
Just north of .the Ames avenue viaduct,
and to maintain the light without coat to
the city fur the safety and protection of
public travel.
Hill Improvement club,
ins 1'rospect
accomplished about, all the work
expected from
that could be reasonablyspring
and sum.
the organisation for the
liter, has dectilvd to adjourn Its meetings
until September. The club feels that
getting a lot of trees planted, the Thirty-thir- d
street pavement under headway and
a considerable number of streets graded,
sidewalks and croaawalks laid, that It has
dune fairly well and deserves a Teres The
club Intends to start in with IUUUA Vim
again attet ita summer recta.
Dsprirrd of
AkSarBa Contrsot Which
Othtf Cities Oet.
.San-ehaits- u,
Additions Provided for City's Protection la Ordinance Introduced
by Coancll,
Clears the sky when
Coffee, the slugger,
has been thrown out,
the food drink
Oet the little book. "The Road to
ysllvUle" lu each pkg.
Is intended for nothing
if not ah Omaha boomer, organised and
maintained for the essential purpose of
advertising and promoting the. commercial
Interests of Omaha; to take the lead In
fostering and upbuilding home industries,
discriminating against none, but favoring
all. What have we here? This prime minister of home Industry taking the initiative
in ignoring domestlo markets and patron
izing foreign trade. It la almost too incred
ible to believe. How long will It take
Omaha to attain that standard of commercial supremacy which Ita citizens have set
for It, If such methods as these are to obtain? 'Such a course might be pardonable
In a private Individual or'concern, but In apublic organization, the distinctive advocate
of clvlo success, It Is positively indefensi
ble. If Mr. Uhl's action could bs supported
by the argument that money Is saved or
better : work secured,' it would, of course,
be a weak plea, but might offer some
slight extenuation, but It cannot be thus
.(Continued from First Page.)
Gompers, President of Amerioan Federation of Labor, Washington, D. C. : We are
of the
Instructed by the executive board
representUnited Mine Workers of Illinois,
ing 60,000 tollers, to request you to call a
convention of all the labor organizations
affiliated with the American Federation of
Labor for the purpose of considering the
Colorado situation and taking such steps
as may be deemed necessary to curb unand
murderous, despotic, unamerlean
constitutional acts of the mllltary-ma- d
ficials of that unfortunate western, common
W. F. SMITH, vice
H. C. PERRY, President,
W. D. RYAN. Secretary.
BUTTE. Mont, June 15. President Roose
velt will be urged by 16,000 Butte miners to
Intorfere in the present deplorable state of
The Butte Minersaffairs in Colorado.
union Is- ths latest organization to ask the
nation's chief executive to act and his reply
anxiously awaited. A message was
drafted and by a unanimous vote waa or
dered sent to President Roosevelt without
"-r- t
The bathing beach has opened at Court- land Beach. Hundreds of bathers indulge
In the pleasing pastime dally.
Russia Uas
No News.
p. m.
No Information is obtainable here regarding the reported engagement between the
Russian Vladivostok squadron and a Japanese squadron In the Corean straits. But
it is aultely likely that a naval fight has
occurred or Is about to occur. Vice Ad16.-3-
miral Skrydloft has left Vladivostok with
the armored cruisers Oromobol, Rossla and
Ruiik and some torpedo craft
The bathing beach has opened at Court-lan- d
Beaoi. Hundreds of bathers indulge
In the pleasing pastime dally.
As a diversion from the close work of the
past few weeks, the class day exercises of
last week afforded a number of programs
of exceptional merit. Among these were
the closing exercises at Vinton school. Mrs.
Woodward principal and Miss Rosa, eighth
grade teacher. Thursday the members of
the eighth grade, assisted by Miss Frances
Roeder, Miss Kate Swartslander, Miss Ross
and Miss Aleen,. gave, a program to the
other membera ot the school. Rev. J. M,
Ross making the address of ths afternoon.
Following the program the pupils of the
seventh grade tendered the graduating
class a reception In the kindergarten room,
which waa effectively trimmed In red, refreshments and other pleasant features contributing to the afternoon. Friday morning,
at the close of the session, the members
of the eighth grade entertained the entire
school, holding a reception for an hour.
Out of respect for Miss Lillian Little-fiellate principal of Park school, no closing exercises were held at that building.
Park, however, has an honor roll of which
it is especially proud, twelve eighth grade
pupils who have not missed a day of school
during the last year. The list Includes:
Mlsces Bessie Townsend, Edith Lyon, Ruby
Firazler, Nellie Kearns, Blanche Bellls,
Mabel Vlerltng, Masters Earl Ayer, Elliott
Ollmore, Alan McDonald, Harry Cockrell,
Albert Cook and James Allan.
Germs of Catarrh
and Cares the Disease Money Back
If It Falls.
No other treatment for catarrhal troubles
la as pleasant and convenient to use as.
Hyomel. Simply put twenty Oops of Hyo- me,,n th Inhaler that comet with every out
fit and then breathe It for a few minutes four '
times a day, and It will cure the worst '
case of catarrh. In this way, one takes
into tho air passages ot the head, throat
and lungs lr that Is filled with bulfamlcr
healing and antiseptic fragrance. It goes tqi
the most remote parts of the air passages;
destroys all catarrhal germs, and enriches
nd purifies the blood with additional ozone.
The first days' use of Hyomel will show a
decided, improvement, and In a short time
there will be ao further trouble with
catarrh. Its good effects are quickly gained,
and the benefit is permanent.
You take no risk In buying iyomcl. Tha
complete outfit costs but one dollur, and,
if, after using, you can say that It did not
give satisfaction, Sherman St JJoConnell
Drug Co., corner lGth. and Dodge Sts.,
Omaha, will return your money, You have
the promise of one of the most reliable
drug firms In this section, that Jlyothet
will cost you absolutely nothing, .if you
can say, "It did not help." You are to, use
it entirely at their risk risk, with the understanding that your money will be returned
without, question or argument, if you ere
not satisfied with Hyomel.
Bimorei Tn, Pimylf ,Freclei,
nun, ana bkid
diseases, and tverr blsjnltu
on Deantr, aoI
mt detection. It
ta ttoed tli trlt
ot 66 yean, and It
to harmlels ws
taita It to be turt
properly mtdo.
Aooept no counter
lira L.litA.
mm, pr.
felt ot
Btrrt Mid to a-
a Most Gratifying-- Dally, Attend
ance Bathing- - the Chief Sport Now.
Courtland Beach continues to draw large
crowds afternoon and evening due partially
to Russell's sensational dive,- which Is given.
afternoons at 5 and ' evenings at S, but
mainly to the delightful weather of the re
sort Yesterday twenty-fiv- e
made a rim to the beach, unloading a large
tfumber of people, mainly young women,
who indulged in a pleasant dip in the water
after spending the day boating, fishing and
picnicking, Fremont and the Black Hills
were represented by 150 people' who bad
come to Omaha on a shopping visit.
Nordln's brass band of forty pieces dis
courses splendid music both afternoon and
evening at the pavilion, while Booker's
Ladles' orchestra makes melodious muslo
in the cafe. The Washington Star quartet
sings on the platform. A veritable festival
of muslo is presented. Were It not for the
engagement of the band at the Auditorium
Courtland Beach would put in a bid for
musical patrons. In a week or so Prof.
Nordin will Inaugurate a series of band con
certs, one night playing rag time muslo,
other nights military, comle opera, musioal
comedy and the like. Mile. Sangre makes a
balloon ascension dally.
Your Summer
May be most agreebly spent
atthe delightful resorts jeached
by the
The Black Hills, the Iowa,
Wisconsin and Minnesota Lake
Regions and scores of other
pleasure grounds are reached
by the Chicago & Northwestern Railway with the finest train service.
Excellent service to St. Paul
and Minneapolis, giving ready
access to Lake Minnetonka,
White Bear Lake' and other
Northern summer resorts.
Fast daily trains make connection with all lines east of
Oeorae H. Thummel left yesterday for
Grand island.
Bishop Williams came In from the east
xuesaay evening.
Klnehart, the photographer, has returned
home from the east.
Mrs. George R. Cockrell left yesterday
for a visit to the Woria s lair and her old
home at Jerseyville, 111.
thA rnttloman from Central
City, made n donation of 30 to the Omaha
AuJltorlum yesterday.
a v Paarann of Haatincs. Neb., was
In the city Tuesday. He had disposed of
a carload of western horses, wmcn brougnt
the top prices at me eoum umana niurnoi
ueorge a. wey-W. J. Stocks ot Engmna,
It. K. (Juiininahum. A
of Kearney, A. H. Coleman of
Dller and George T. Wolf of Fremont are
at the Minora.
C. T. Browne, A. Eds Kelger, H. A. GarGeorge B, lilack of Hock
rison of Denver,
rtonestael. 11. X..
oMina a rv flhu-- ut W.
M. Balrd of
Iwle? bf Beatrice and
(Jothenberg are at the Paxton.
A. J. Baldwin of Stella. T. O. Hoxle of
of Pocatello.
Onalalla, Mrs. Mary Ocander
of Columbus. Frank
Idaho H. J. Aleaander
ui iiu
Clark of Valey and W. It. Locke of Stan
C.l1 P. W. V.
Special low rates are In effect from
during the summer.
Tickets and full Information on application.
Ticket Offices: H0M403 Farnam
pried you can get
"Who Can CureWeak Men?'1
It Is the simplest thing in the world to be
cured of nervous debility and lank of vital
power if only you have the pood sense to
iilace your case In .the right hand. In
II. C.
I)etroit there Is a
fenvnAp tiw nflmn. whnm wl know to haVS)
vitality and life it
a prescription that we sincerely believe will
cure any case of sexual weahuess, enlarge
ment of the prostate, losses, promelurny,
stricture, vital decline inability, ofetc
makes old men have the vigorous
and full of
and young men again
vitality ancTlite. It Is really a morveiaus cur
u you wouia
ail ages anayou
for weak men at prescription
have elm-pl- y
like to have this
to wrtte the dlsioverer rr. H. C. Ray-nMich.,
232 Luck
he will send it to you free of ckarge In a
perfectly plain sealed envelope. The
Is yours to keep and do with as
you please and there Is no charge whatever
of ell we are positive
attachedenra It.youBeat
so write at once to tha
i. uin
doctor, at the above
parents and admits boys of
1IllwlMtUl. .aar- -.
BLEKS, S.rlnt.nd..t. 1T Karl Bless,
Dee Bit
for annsiaral
IrrltailoM .t uluerattraS
M etrteiere.
m PMM.e Ceertaetee
a mA mum eMrlB.
iHlfVMlCMlMiCMCf. feat er totMBoos.
ay brasses'
seat la plala trmpvn
rpld, MT
Vf ej rM,
en, or t bolilee sa.Ti.
"fitBS SIUfa!
seat a leases!
Seeks the patronage of dlHorliulnatlDk!
character only.
ladr of the htutton (a patient) i
"At yoa itaiei
win arm mtm, 1
rece m m iMO
'Gturluf"! Crtam'
as tha least harmful of all the ckln prenareUont.
For ei or au urnafitu and rtner oodt Dwierg
in tarn v. B.. t:tTitfua. .wi x.nropa.
hud. T. HOPKINS, Prep'r. 87 Brett Japti 8t, N. I
at any Bar or Restaurant?
When for the
For the accommodation of 1 ne Bee readers these patterns, which usually retail at
to W cents, will be furnished at a
nominal price, 10 cents, which covers all 10
In order, to get a pattern enclose
cents and address Pattaro V t, Bee,
Omaha, Nb
The eighth grade of Bancroft school,
under Miss Carrie Robertson, rendered the
following program Friday afternoon:
The Bell in the Valley
Piano solo
Bertha Malsslon
Clre i rain t buitinil aeM or Mir. ni iwu
Bessie Allen
Muse of Music
mt hur'e
the btrtle
Piano solo Flower 8ong....Odetta Jackson
Unit, rick brMH thtdae, taellcw ( )d fft,
Life of Wagner..,
Carl Epplen
chtitout kuet, tre produced otly by he
Eighth Grade
Piano solo Hornpipe Polka.... Jeanette Bell
Imperial Hair Regenerator
Composition of Wagner.. .....Edward Ryan
Double Quartette.. The Lord Is My Shepherd
d Heir Calories fo Gray or til Mch-- d
Emma Goertzen, Jessie Erwln, Lena Goert-seHilr. M.kee tke ktlr toft tnd forrietay.
fyoarhelrcolsrad free. Send
Allie Willis, Anna Bock, Llllle Hansen, Agnes Anderson, Odetta Jackson.
laserlal CstmWiXa
Pinno solo Mazurka. ...Helen Fredertckson Vtasraaaa sV
Kama; uo.. Otaaaa.
Guard Mount
Helen and
Violin solo Angel Serenade. ..Edward Ryan
Recitation Boldtei"s Fate. ... ..Mercy Miller
Dutch dance in costume....:
Marie Bnowden, Edward Ryan
..... .Eighth Grade
Hyomel Destroys
Healing Air
aminations and a general scattering for the
summer, of teachers snd pupils.
It Is
anticipated that a most satisfactory proportion of the eighth grade pupils will
make their grade and enter the high school
In September.
The class Is estimated at
between 700 and 760 pupils. There are, of
course, several schools that have eighth A
classes finishing their work this spring, and
these classes will, with the pupils who
fall to pass, be condensed In three or four
of the more centrally located buildings In
the fall until February, when they will
enter the high school. Mason, Comenlus,
Long snd Lake were the schools selected
last year and will probably be used again.
Fishing, bathing, boating and unexcelled
We. re accustomed to seeing plcnio grounds at Courtland Beach.
duolm. Jeweler.
Wsddlng Rings.
a few of us have teen, little girls wearing U-them.' but trila season the little man must
not only condescend to wear the same style
garment aa his little Bister's, but his bigger bister as well, for girls up to 10 years
Common Carbonated
of age have adopted this most practical
garment. They take 4he place of petticoats and acarrely a wash dress is seen
in tho- shops that has not the bloomers
with It.-- They are made of the same material as the dress, and besides being most
comfortable to wear, they are such a savIn the
ing in the family launder bill.
modol shown liere the bloomers sre In one
piece. They are of circular shaping, with
This Is a
no fullness about the waist.
feature worth considering, for at this age
children usually possess their share of
"pudglness," and then, too, with warm
weather coming on, any extra material
Many mothers make
should be avoided.
Spring, Ncuenaht.
bottied ONLY at
these little bloomers of striped or checked
gingham, but material of
Germany, and ONLY with its own
not the same quality, should be chosen
for girls.
child requires 1V yards of material, 36 inches wide.
and 10 years.
Blsea- -I. 4, t. t, 7, S,
111 e tension that always attends the closing weeks of school Is somewhat relaxed
and Thursday will see the completion of ex-
New Are hydrants contiifue to be ordered
by the city council, and Tuesday night
an ordlnsnce was introduced providing for
nineteen more. At the same meeting ordinances were given Anal passage that
direct the water company to Install eleven
new hydrants. Fully a dozen have been
ordered previous to this and one or two
have been placed in pesitlon. ;
For several years no additional hydrants
could be secured because of the arbitrary
limitation of the water fund, although
there have been many requests from
various parts of the city here residents
believed they had 'Inadequate Are . protection. Recently City Attorney Wright gave
an opinion that with the abolition of the
water fund by the enactment of the bill
to acquire the water plant obstacles to,
these hydrants were removed and that
pending the municipalization, of the plant
as many hydrants could be ordered aa desired. The water company entered a feeble
demurrer, but consented tu a friendly suit
in court whereby It is mandamused to put
the hydrants In as. directed by the mayor
and council.
The new hydrants that have been authorised by the council are to be at the following locations: On California street 600 feet
east of Fortieth; Evans, 00 feet east of
Sherman avenue; Plnknsy, 400 feet east of
Sherman avenue; Fowler avenue, 175 feet
west of Twenty-sevent- h
street; Pratt, 400
Thirty-eight- h
feet east of Twenty-seventand Chicago, Thirty-eight- h
and Davenport,
Thirty-eight- h
avenue and Chicago, Thirty-eight- h
4tt feet
and Dodge, Twenty-eightICQ feet
north of Plnkney; Twenty-eight-
16th and Douglas Sts.
Proprietors of Omaha printing houses, of
which there are no less than ten large ones
ire indlgrant over the action of the board
ot governors ot
in giving to a
Milwaukee house the Job of getting out
the lithograph hanger for the fall festlvl
ties. 'The work will oome to between $600
and $700, and the local prlntera regard it as
a direct Injustice not even to have had the
privilege of bidding for It. Never before,
according to the local concerns, has this
work been done outside of Omaha. One
has done the work
six times.
'And," said J. S. Redfield, sepretary of
that company, "on an aggregate of $2,440
for these sis jobs we realised less than 10
per cent profit.
But it Is not for the
money consideration entirely that we are
opposed to. this work going out of Omaha.
The printers of this city cannot afford to
have such work taken to other cities. Ws
are perfectly able and competent to do It
I suppose $600,000 Is a conservative estimate
to place upon the value of the combined
printing equipment of about ten of the
best concerns In Omaha, and they pay an
aggregate of probably $2(0,000 or more a
year in wages. They are constantly spend
ing money for the improvement of their
equipment and for the population of the
city have the very best service in the
country. It is amazing that they should
be arbitrarily refused this work.
are among the most aggressive and pro
gressive advertisers Omaha has.
Blame Mel V hi.
"Mr. Mel Uhl, manager of the Dally
News, Is secretary of the board of gov
ernors and chalrmarKof the printing committee, and In this capacity has control of
the letting of contracts. We charge hint
with the responsibility, for Mr. Uhl exacted
of the governors the concession of sending
this work where he pleased and told them
they had to support him in the matter,
which they did.
'When we learned of the intention of
sending this, work out of Omaha I wrote
Mr. Uhl for our company and also wrote
the governors, asking for the privilege of
submitting bids, but this was not allowed
me. We offered to do the work for nothing
rather than sea it taken out of the city.
but they said they didn't want anything
for notlilng. I was advised that the board
had confirmed the action of Mr. Uhl in
sending the work abroad. The Invitations
were sent to St Louis houses, so it seems
arrangements are made to shut out Omaha
prlntera altogether why J certainly cannot
Becker's- - famous
Con r Hand Beach. -
City Savings Bank,
OMesf and Strongest Sitings Btnk In tht
thL Manager of Dally
and Say They Were
Denied Privilege
Blame Mel
saved are dollars earned. Dollars invested at 4 per cent
soon earn more dollars. We pay 4 per cent on all deposits.
it. f. Am
north of Tlnkney.
The loaatlcns embraced 4n the nw--erdnance Just Introduced. tire has follows: .
Forty-flrand Chleage,- Burdette between
Ousts JoVbirj. Say Bi tots lion of Brldf Sherman avenue 'ami Eighteenth, Twenty- and Sarafourth and Fort, Twenty-thir- d
Arbitrary Lo6kr tmmiusau
toga, Twenty-fourt- h
and JUiflmore avenue.
Lerlmore avenue, 4O0 feet east of Twenty-fourtMeredith avenue, 4rt) feet east of
Twenty-fourtWirt, 400 feet west of Twenty-fourth;
Wirt, 800 feet west ef Twenty-fourthXotlflea at Last Menate After Coancll
Wirt, 1.2TO feefcrweet of Twenty-fcurth- ;
Thirty-secon- d
.'. Blnffs
and Webster, Twen
.Has. Had Tlsaa to Jj reTwenty-eighth
seat All Its Arguavenue and Spauldlng, ,T'enty?ninth and
W feet south of
Spauldlng, Twenty-fourt'
lot , George Forbes1 subdivision; Twenty- seventh and Meredith avenue, Twenty
Euclid Martin, E. E. Bruce, C. H. Pickand Meredith avenue. Eleventh and
ens and W. 8. Wright, Who went to Chicago eighth Forty-fourth
ajid Dodge.
the first of the week as a committee from Clark,
the Commercial club to attend the meeting
of traffic managers of western trunk lines, CANNOiNS
have returned and report that at present
the outlook for preventing a restoration of
the old bridge arbitrary of 6 cents per
(Continued from First Page.)
hundred on shipments of class freight
from Omaha Into Iowa Is quite discour- fore they could reach the Shelter of their
aging. They say that unless something
la done and done at once the arbitrary Is
The Russians claim that ths Japanese
very likely to be restored to the great detri- lost ten men to their one In this pre
ment of the Jobbing interests of Omaha.
liminary engagement. When the Japanese
It was learned by the committee that the warships commenced the bombardment of
Council Bluffs Commercial club has had the the Russian trenches from Kin ChoU bay
matter up with the western trunk lines shot and shell fell among the Russians
for the last six months and that three like hall and It was impossible for them to
meetings have been held with the Iowa hold their position. It had been the Inten
representatives In attendance, and that sion of the Russians to evacuate Kin ChoU,
during all these meetings and the lengthy but the Japanese attacked them before
consideration of the question the railroads they had time to move out.
have not considered their Interests In this
Everything was ready to retire, how
city of enough importance to even notify ever, and the Russians returned to Port
the Jobbers here what was going on until Arthur by train, leaving behind them only
last Friday, after, It Is believed, the matter some old Chinese guns, the breech locks of
had been definitely settled . and It was whloh had Oeen destroyed: The Japanese
agreed to restore the arbitrary.
artillery fire was well directed, but the
Russians suffered more from the fire of
Poll Every Possible Wire.
The Council Bluffs club has not gone nt the Japanese of the gunboats.
When the Russian merchant from whom
in a haphncard way, but has
employed eminent legal counsel In the per these details were obtained left Port Ar
son of Congressman Smith of Council Bluffs thur the Japanese' wee Within twelve
and has called to Its assistance the Iowa miles of that- place. The Russians have
railroad commission, which It is said has trenches and 'earthworks at Intervals' of
exerted every influence to secure the two miles throughout this distance.
The Japanese fleet is "no longer able to
restoration of the arbitrary. April'-- the
legal representative of the club appeared support the army theWaer along the
before a meeting of the railroad men In river being too shallow' to 'permit the vea-seChicago and delivered an address Covering
to approach. Port 'Arthur is well
There are 8,000 head of cattle
thirteen pages, closely typewritten, as an
argument why the arbitrary ' should be there, and the Arm of which' this merchant
restored. At other times meetings have s a member has J list turned over to the
been held and all the evidence which could authorities 03,000 poll rids of salt beef.
be collected to help out the Council Bluffs Other Arms also have supplied the authorside of the case has been submitted for ities at Port Arthur with' provisions.
This merchant estimates the number of
the consideration of the railroads. During
all these meetings Omaha has not had, an men at Port Arthur at 54,000. This exceeds
opportunity to present any evidence to the Chinese estimates by 20,000.
support the arguments of the jobbers of
this city as to why the arbitrary should ARMIES APPROACIIIKQ IN FORCE
not be restored, but has been in the dark,
Omaha merchants not- even knowing that Proapects Bright for Fight Between
Karokl and Konropatkln Forces.
any movement- waa in progress by the
Coucll Bluffs people, except such Information as came to them in a roundabout way. TERS IN THE FIELD (Via FUSAN),
When the matter had practically been June 15. It was announced here today that
settled a meeting was called in Chicago the enemy in front of the Japanese second
Tuesday, it Is thought, for the purpose of army is Increasing and the two forces are
officially reatorlng the arbitrary.
At. the coming closer together, , A battle la exlast moment notice was sent to the Omaha pected.
There has been no Aghtlng lh front of
Commercial club that representatives
might be present at the meeting If the club the first Japanese army .since June 12,
so desired.
When ths Omaha delegation when two companies, of Russians were
with a loss of
arrived It was admitted to the meeting driven from Wu Tal - Ho,
and requested to present its aide of the twenty men.
The Russians have, reoccupled Tong Yang
case, only about ten minutes time being
given to prepare an argument. The Omahi Pu, on the Liao Yang toad; SImingtsu, on
men refused to go Into the matter unless the Lien Shang Kwahg road,, and
oh the Hai Qheng rpad, with small
they' Were allowed aome little time to pre'
V ..'i,Ui,!
pare their case, and finally the railroad forces.
representatives agreed to allow them ten
daya In which to get their evidence in RUSSIANS
One Escape (ronv Vladivostok Fleet,
, Very Flimsy Argument.
bat Others' MV Be
members of the committee I TOIQ:,.'JuWp'llS!0fy.
It said
that the
'nHe transports,,
bound from
for the Council Bluffs merchants are vary
Jtuaslan warships ' this
fllmsyv end -- hefore a fair Jury it woe Id
be a very easy matter to show that they morning outside th Wrmtts 'cf Corea, The
fjred eighteen, shots at the Japaare' not founded on fact. Proceedings "of Russians"
ships... One transport aseaped. .The
the Interstate Commerce commission of ten nese
years ago have been dug up and offered in fate of the other two is not known. It Is
;' Sasebo1 'ttyat
'payl engageevidence to support the Council Bluffs ar.' .
gument, and, as conditions have changed ment is injnrvlnent
materially since then, it
said, these j .
' Rnsslana 60 - South.
arguments would not hold good In any
TIEN TSIN, June 15. It has been learned
sense at this time.
that 40,000 Rusr
A meeting of the executive committee here'frorn'i'RuselaivsOur'ce
of the Commercial club will be held to- aians passed, TashJ; Caao'. .Chad,., twenty
of New Chwang, iast'Monday
morrow to discuss'the situation and devise ImUes'sonth
U 'i : supposed . ,tht this
ways and means to fight the restoration feomg eoiith,
js going to thA relief of Port Arthur.
of what Is termed an unfair charge agalrjst force
Omaha shipments entering Iowa. A plan
for carrying on the campaign , probably
will be outlined at this meeting and legal
talent to look after Omaha's Interests ifl
be employed. Owing to the complications
which enter Into the case, it la said, that
will be very difficult to And a lawyer who
can sufficiently familiarise himself with the
Conditions' within the short time allowed
for the preparation of the case to make a
good showing before the meeting.
It is the opinion of the members of the
committee that every Omaha citizen should
arouse himself to the gravity of the situasr.
tion and lend all assistance possible In
fighting the unfair motives of those behind the movement.
iMeMia..r.-- .
Into an Inferno of Fire.
Pimples, rashes, eczema,
boils, headache, nervousness,
debility these are some of
the results of impure blood.
Medical authorities agree
that impure blood can. be
made pure and rich. Your
doctor will tell you about
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. An&tt'wa.
Bad blood follow constipation, and
constipation follows a sluggish liver.
Ayer'g Pill are liver pills. They produce nttura) daly, movements la
' natural way.
ter-rlb'- e,
The blase spread aft with almost lightning rapidity. Captain Van Schalk in the
pilot house had been Informed of the outbreak of the fire and, realizing the danger
to hundreds of excursionists, decided to
send his vessel to shore at One' Hundred
and Thrrty-fourt- h
street. " At this point
there ase a number of lumber yards and
several huge oil tanks and the captain was
warned that to attempt to land at this point
would endanger the property and further
Imperil the scores of. people who had already been frightened into a. state, of almoat
uncontrollable excitement.
Changing the big eteamer'a
elltrhtly he headed it for North Brother
Island, half a mile away. By this time the
flames were rushing by leaps and bounds
from the forward part of the ship aft.
The great open decks, built for excursionists,, with little obstruction from bow to
stern, offered a clear sweep for the fire. As
the Slocum dashed forward the Dames
caught stanchion and ca.hln woodwork,, eating and tearing their way across the vessel. ' The excursionists, but a few moments
before in the full enjoyment of an Ideal
summer's day on Long Island sound, were
drthren to the after pnrt of the steamer to
escape the heat, flumes and smoke that
were constantly incernslng. Policemen and
deck hands aboard the boat struggled hard
to quk't the panic, but their efforts were
In vain. The wild disorder increased as
frantic mothers sought to rind their children, who had been at play about the
Tour money can be withdrawn at a moment's notice, but until It la apent or
It la earning Interest for you.
U U I U J Burgess, Mgrs.
Slock Co.
Tha Ferris lance
of Week
PICK t'lOKlUI In ,
aaa taa LADY
Hunday I'nlll Thursday
I0o, loo, Sbo.
frloea any
seat luo.