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160 Watt/Second Monolite
Model RS-SB160
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• Caution •
• Even unplugged, the unit maintains considerable
internal voltage. There are no user serviceable parts
inside. Do not disassemble! Refer to authorized service
center for any repairs.
• Do not exceed 75 Watts modeling lamp. The excess
heat can damage the unit.
• Do not use a snoot with these units. The heat can
damage the flash housing.
• Do not touch the bulb when it is hot!
• When not in use, disconnect from the power supply
• Avoid sudden impacts as this can damage the flash
tube and/or modeling lamp!
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RPS Studio
The RPS RS-SB160 Monolite is the latest technological
design in high power professional monolites. Built for rugged
reliability and great quality. All of the settings are controlled
on the back of the unit.
Preparing Your Flash for Use
1) Carefully remove the flash unit from the box. The unit is
supplied with a modeling lamp, power cord, flash tube
(installed), reflector, and synch cord.
2) Mount the flash unit on an appropriate light stand and
adjust the angle to suit.
3) Install the modeling light by carefully inserting it into the
receptacle. CAUTION: Do not touch the lamp with your bare
hands. Oil residue from your fingers can cause the surface
of the lamp to heat unevenly and explode.
4) Before plugging the power cord into the wall socket, be
certain that the power switch is set to the off “O" position.
NOTE: This unit is designed to work on 110-120 Volts 60 HZ
AC current.
5) Turn the power switch to the on “—" position. Check the
settings on the following page.
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Setting the Flash Unit’s Controls
Tilt Adjustment Allows you to tilt the flash unit
Umbrella Socket Place the umbrella shaft in this socket
Fuse Cover Protective Fuse.
Modeling Light/Power Switch
Middle Position: “ O ” Flash Power & Modeling Light is Off.
Up Position: “ = " Modeling Light & Flash Power is On.
Down Position: “ — " Flash Power On, Modeling Light is Off.
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Test To fire the flash without taking a picture, push the
flash button.
Power Adjustment Knob This controls the power ratio,
adjustable from full power, down to 1/8 power. If the
modeling lamp is turned on, the modeling lamp will also
adjust in brightness. NOTE: When adjusting the power from
full power to a lower setting, press the test button to release
the power in the capacitor.
Photo Cell This Photo Cell allows the flash to fire.
Ready Light This light will glow green when the unit is
charging. When the unit is ready to fire, the light will glow
Photo Cell/Sound Control
Middle Position: “ O ” Sound and Photo Cell is Off.
Down Position: “ — " Photo Cell On, Sound is On.
Up Position: “ = " Sound is Off, Photo Cell On, fires on he
second flash and ignores the “preflash” used by some digital
3.5mm Synch Cord Input A synch cord is provided with
your flash unit. The input is a 3.5mm mini plug.
Power Cord Input Power cord input. Uses 110-120 V 60
HZ AC Power.
Mounting Knob Mount the light onto a light stand.
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Flash Output
We recommend testing the monolites in advance to
determine the results that produce the effect which you find
most appealing.
Technical Data
Maximum Output Power
Maximum Guide Number
100% Recycling Time
Power Adjustment
Modeling Lamp
Color Temperature
Triggering Methods
Triggering Voltage
Synch Distance
Voltage Range
Flash Tube
160 Watt/Seconds
130 (ISO 100/ft)
3-5 seconds
1/8th to Full Power
JCD 120V 75Watts
— On/Off Switch
— Tracking
Daylight 5500° Kelvin
+/- 100° Kelvin
- Synch Cord
- Test Button
- Internal Photo Cell
up to 36 ft
110-120 V AC
User Replaceable
1.5 lbs
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Optional Accessories
• Softbox
Get softer, more even illumination with
one of these soft boxes from RPS
Studio. Fits directly onto the front of the
strobe. Easy to use and set up.
Available in square, rectangular, or
octagonal shapes in a wide range of
sizes. Perfect for portraits and highly
reflective surfaces.
• Umbrellas
Soft bounce lighting is the key to wider,
softer illumination. Fills in shadows,
eliminates harsh reflections. Available
in sizes from 24 inches to 43 inches
diameter, in white, gold, and silver.
Mounts directly to the flash mounting
bracket supplied with your monolite.
• Light Stands
We offer over 20 different light stands
in a variety of heights and for a variety
of purposes. Includes a 5/8" mounting
stud so you can mount your flash unit
directly on the top of the stand.
For more information on these and
other accessories check our website;
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1 Year Limited Warranty.
Dot Line Corp. warrants that if the accompanying product proves to be
defective to the original purchaser in material or workmanship within 1
year from the original retail purchase, Dot Line Corp. will, at its option,
either repair or replace same without charge (but no cash refund will be
What you must do to enforce the warranty: You must deliver, mail or
ship the product together with the original bill of sale, to:
Dot Line Corp. 9420 Eton Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone 1-800-423-2624 Fax 818-700-9797.
Limitation of Liability and Remedies: This warranty is void if any
defects are caused by abuse, misuse, negligence or unauthorized
repairs. All liability for incidental or consequential damages is specifically
excluded. The company shall have no liability for any damages due to
lost profits, loss of use or anticipated benefits, or other incidental,
consequential, special or punitive damages arising from the use of, or
inability to use, this product, whether arising out of contract, negligence,
tort, or under any warranty, even if the company has been advised of the
possibility of such damages. The Company’s liability for damages in no
event shall exceed the amount paid for the product. The Company
neither assumes nor authorizes anyone to assume for it any other
Some states do not allow for the exclusion of incidental or consequential
damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty
gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary
from state to state.
These Instructions are for RS-SB160 monolites. Pictures may vary.
Specifications are subject to change. Printed March 2008.
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