EncNF-177 VA Max Mtg IRRRL Screens

Encompass Newsflash #177
Topic: VA Max Mtg IRRRL Screens
VA Max Mtg IRRRL Screen has been created to calculate the maximum loan amount for VA IRRRL’s.
Underwriters will have to input the payoff amount on line 1 and the “Closing Costs and Prepaids” on line 8
CAIVRS will automatically flow to this screen from the bottom of the VA Management Tracking Tab.
The form can be printed using the print button that appears on the top right hand corner of the form.
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“Closing Costs and Prepaids” (line 8) is the sum of e. + f. + h. + $200 minus the sum of lender credit and
“CC paid by Broker, Lender, Oth.” on 1003 Page 3. Line 8 of the VA Max Mtg IRRRL Screen can be edited
by Underwriters if they need to change the figures.
Page 3 of the 1003:
If you would like assistance, please email [email protected] or call 714-831-4334.
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