Electrical Branch Circuits

Building Guide ILLOWA Chapter of ICC Single Family Residential Electrical Branch Circuits Electrical Branch Circuits REQUIREMENTS For Existing Homes 1. GFCI receptacles at front and rear of house. 2. GFCI receptacles above kitchen counters. 3. GFCI protected outlets in all Bathroom(s). 4. Exterior lighting at front and rear of house. 5. Provide grounded or GFCI protected laundry outlet. 6. Battery powered smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to meet current International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) locations. (120v interconnected battery backup are preferred.) Additions /Remodels 1. All electrical wiring and devices to be installed according to Current IRC/NEC codes. DISCLAIMER: ILLOWA Chapter of the ICC has created this handout to assist with plans submittal under the 2008 National Electrical Code, and it is not intended to cover all circumstances. Please check with the Department of Building Safety for additional requirements. 10-14-09V1 BC