Fill Lite 200

Fill Lite 200
Fill-Lite 200 is a portable model, excellent for film shoots, HD video, or still
photography. It starts with a single square light source on a yoke, and
incorporates all electronics onboard. These include options such as manual
dimming, daisy chaining to link fixtures, battery or universal power, DMX 512
for studio, and an iPAD app for wireless operation. The Fill-Lite 200 utilizes a
“combo” light stand pin for baby or junior applications. The LED’s are
selected for color and performance consistency making this light the softest,
most natural light source on the market today.
Features include:
Clean design
Wrap around soft light
Amazingly thin profile when mounted
All-in-one fixture. No setup, just plug it in!
Very low power requirement
No heat from fixture. Excellent on talent, tabletop, or tight sets
Control panel mounted on yoke for easy operation
Fill-Lite 200
Color temperature
24″ x 27″ x 1/2″
3500k CRI = 90+ or 5500k CRI = 87+
Single unit w/baby female receiver
Manual dimmer
Daisy chain control
Universal power AC 90-260v – 50/60hz