Retroreflectometers Price List



Effective January 15, 2015

Item Description


Pavement marking retroreflectometer with integrated WAAS


Measures nighttime visibility of pavement markings.

Retrofit LTL-X with GPS

Item Number



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Unit includes users manual, quick-guide, carrying case with wheels, laboratory calibration standard, field calibration standard, printer paper, multilingual display, retractable handle, optional easy-mount wheels, battery, battery charger, data transfer cable, and WAAS GPS.

Add GPS to existing LTL-X without GPS



Item Description

12 VDC Converter

LTL-X Battery

DELTA Instrument

Annual Maintenance

Inspection Program

Item Number




LTL 2000Y

Unit Price

$ 96.80

$ 110.00




Converts 12V to 110 VAC, 140 watt.

Rechargeable 12V NiMH

Complete examination of your instrument and accessories, including testing, cleaning and calibration.



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