Applicant`s name, address, phone, fax, e

Appendix B
Rocky Point Bird Observatory
Data Use Request
Applicant's name, address, phone, fax, e-mail:
Institutional Affiliation:
Description of data requested:
1. Season(s)
2. Year(s)
3. Species
4. Data fields
5. Format (e.g. spreadsheet, delimited text file)
These data will be used for the following purposes:
Research: (Specify nature of research and other contributors. Attach a separate sheet if needed.)
Topic/title of article:
Intended publication outlet:
Anticipated publication date:
What proportion of the data set will the Rocky Point Bird Observatory data represent?
When is the data required?
I have read and agree to comply with the conditions described in the Rocky Point Bird
Observatory Data Release Policy and Procedures.
Applicant's Signature:
Mail to the following address:
Rocky Point Bird Observatory
#170-1851H Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 2C1