Prospectus - Trentham High School

PROSPECTUS 2015/2016
Students are admitted to Trentham High School, a Co-operative Trust Science College (11-16), by the Governing Body of the school. The school
endeavours to offer places for students in Trentham and the surrounding area. Priority will be given to children who attend one of Trentham High
School’s designated partner primary schools, namely Ash Green Primary School and Priory Church of England Primary School. The school
participates in the Local Authority coordinated scheme operated by Stoke-on-Trent City Council and all deadlines within that scheme should be
adhered to by applicants. The school’s full admissions policy is available from the school or via the website.
The aim of the curriculum at Trentham High School is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which engages student interest, maximizes
achievement and which meets all statutory requirements. Year groups are split into 2 populations.
In years 7,8 and 9, All students follow the National Curriculum which provides a broad and balanced education for every child. This includes English,
Mathematics, Science, Art & Design, Design & Innovation, Geography, Computing, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Dance & Drama, Physical
Education and Religious Education. In addition there are 6 ‘SPARK’ days during the year when students have the opportunity to develop other skills,
and knowledge including careers education. Students are taught in age related groupings with a mixture of set and mixed ability groups, depending
on the subject area. We are committed to embedding the development of literacy and numeracy skills into all aspects of school life.
In Years 10 and 11, all students continue to follow a broad and balanced compulsory National Curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, Religious
Education and Physical Education. Students are also guided in a choice from a wide selection of additional subjects including:
Art & Design
Design & Technology
Physical Education
Religious Education
Performing Arts
Health & Social care
Assessment and Reporting
Assessment at Trentham High School focuses on helping students to reach their potential. Opportunities for parents and teachers to discuss
students’ progress take a variety of forms, including reports and Parent Evenings, and occur at different times during a student’s five years at
Trentham. We aim to provide a regular review of progress and feedback to both students and parents. This allows us opportunities to identify and
celebrate success with our students and also to identify those who are not achieving as well as they could at an early stage. We can then put
strategies in place to support them with their learning.
Sex and Relationships Education
The biological aspects of human reproduction form part of the National Curriculum for Science. The more sensitive aspects of sex and
relationships education are covered within ‘SPARK’ days and Religious Education lessons with support from a team of school nurses.
This allows
staff to treat the physical and emotional aspects of personal relationships with sensitivity and lead students to consider moral standpoints. The
emphasis throughout the course is on students’ sense of respect for themselves and others. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from
all or part of sex education which falls outside the National Curriculum. Parents who wish to exercise this right are advised to contact the
Headteacher in the first instance.
Religious Education
Religious Education is taught as a separate subject in all Years. In addition there is a GCSE course available as an option for all students in Years 10
& 11. We follow the locally agreed syllabus, which does not assume religious commitment or seek to convert students to any particular point of view.
We respect the religions of many cultures and actively teach with a multi-faith approach. The school also conducts assemblies and has a “Theme for
the Week” which is broadly Christian in nature and cover a wide range of moral issues. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from
Religious Education and/or assemblies. However, we would ask you to examine the syllabus and discuss with us the implications of your child missing
such an important part of the curriculum before making this decision. Parents who wish to exercise this right are advised to contact the
Headteacher in the first instance.
The House System and Vertical Tutoring
We believe in creating small family units at Trentham High School. This structure forms the basis for our House System and permeates all aspects
of school life.
We have 5 Houses:
Salamander (Green), Phoenix (Red), Griffin (Blue), Dragon (Purple), Centaur (Orange)
Each House is led by an Achievement Manager. All students and staff are members of a House. This creates lively and energetic competition in
sport, the arts, core subjects, attendance and punctuality and academic achievement. Students at Trentham High School are all placed into House
Tutor Groups. A student in Year 7 will therefore be placed in a tutor group comprising of fellow Year 7 students and a number of Year 8, 9, 10 & 11
students – forming a vertical tutor group. This enables older students to support and ‘buddy’ Year 7 students in all aspects of school life,
contributing to our nurturing ethos.
Extra-Curricular Activities
There’s more to life at Trentham High School than just gaining qualifications. We want students to achieve their potential and flourish both
academically and personally. We therefore encourage all students to get involved and complement their academic studies by taking advantage of
the many opportunities that are available at Trentham.
Examples of Activities on offer include:
Badminton, Trampolining, Hockey, Gymnastics, Rugby, Swimming, Water Polo, Volleyball, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Art classes,
Performing Arts classes, Music Technology, Keyboard club, Singing group, Orchestra, Bands, Dance, Drama, Cooking and Science clubs.
Extended Learning
We believe that extended learning is a fundamental part of improving students’ results. It can include learning at home or enrichment/
extracurricular activities and is an essential part of a student’s education and helps to develop the attitudes and independent learning skills
necessary for successful lifelong learning. Extended learning will be set for all students on our learning platform, ‘Firefly’, and will be visible to both
students and parents. The amount and variety will vary according to age and ability. We ask for your support in checking that all homework is
completed properly and on time in order to encourage good study habits.
Attitude to Learning
We believe that an orderly, disciplined and supportive environment provides the best conditions for all students to learn and achieve. The principles
of respect, self-discipline, tolerance of, and consideration for, others and property are vital if all students are to reach their potential. We expect
students to behave in a manner which facilitates the learning of both themselves and others. We also expect students to put in the maximum effort
to ensure that they produce work of the highest quality. We anticipate that parents will support us in our efforts to continuously improve standards
of behaviour and consequently learning. Students who are unable to meet the expected standards will be subject to a variety of sanctions. Parents
will be contacted at an early stage if difficulties arise. Bullying is not tolerated and firm action is taken in every case.
Mac’s Place
The Multi-Agency Centre (MAC) is a one-stop-shop where youngsters can access support from a range of agencies including Careers Service, Mental
Health Services, Youth Service, Health Services and Teenage Advice Service (Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Team), etc.
Interventions at Trentham take place both academically and pastorally; they involve students of all abilities. A number of strategies take place
over a sustained period of time, although some may be of short duration. As a rule there is a definite academic emphasis on the core subjects of
English, Mathematics and Science.
Additional Educational Needs
At Trentham High School, we are committed to offering inclusive support to ensure the best possible progress for all of our students whatever
their needs or abilities.
We actively promote a whole school approach to meeting special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in which all members of the school
community have an understanding of their role. We extend this support to all students who may at some point in their school career be facing
barriers to learning.
The school has an experienced and well-trained team of staff who offer a range of support both in class and in small group tutorials. The school
ensures that its staff continues to develop its knowledge, skill and understanding in the field of SEND through a continuous process of professional
development. The school has been awarded Dyslexia Friendly School level 2 status.
We have an excellent relationship with local primary schools and work closely with them to ensure that we are fully informed about individual
student needs prior to transition. External support services play an important part in helping the school identify, assess and make provision for
students with special educational needs. The principle of an active partnership with parents extends to all aspects of special educational needs.
Disability Provision
At Trentham High School we are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for:
¬ Students with disabilities in relation to education and associated services;
¬ Staff with disabilities in relation to employment rights, conditions and opportunities;
¬ All parents and members of the local community with disabilities in relation to additional services offered by or at our school.
Able, Aspirational and Ambitious Students
The school caters for the needs of the most able students, those with specific talents, e.g. in art, drama, music, or sport, and those who aspire to
high levels of achievement. Students are identified within departments and differentiated activities undertaken within the classroom. We aim to
provide opportunities for enrichment and extension activities.
School Standards
All students at Trentham are expected to wear full school uniform and to wear it smartly. This is the policy of the School Governors and is actively
supported by parents. We believe that school uniform helps to avoid discrimination and symbolises our commitment to high personal standards. We
want all our students to feel proud to wear their school uniform and to develop the confidence that comes with being smartly
turned out in dress that is suitable for the occasion.
School Uniform
Black Blazer (pre-embroidered with badge or can be purchased separately).
Black full length tailored trousers (no jeans, leggings, lycra trousers, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, etc.) to be worn with
plain white/grey or black socks.
White shirt (must be long enough to be tucked in. They must also button up to the neck).
Black sensible flat shoes
School tie (ties indicate the house to which your child has been allocated by means of a coloured stripe).
Plain black, V-neck jumper (optional). To be worn as well as a blazer, not instead of it. Cardigans must not be worn.
PE Uniform (Girls)
School rugby shirt/outdoor
Black skirt/badged shorts
Black sports socks
Black school hoodie
Plain black tracksuit bottoms
School polo shirt
Training shoes
Black/navy swimming costume
Shin pads/gum guard
PE Uniform (Boys)
School rugby shirt/outdoor
Black badged shorts
Black sports socks
Black school hoodie
Plain black tracksuit bottoms
School polo shirt
Training shoes
Black/blue swimming trunks
Shin pads/gum guard & Football boots
Lunchtime Arrangements
A cafeteria system operates with hot and cold food available in the Sky Lounge. The school promotes a healthy lifestyle and there is a wide choice
of healthy hot and cold food and a cashless biometric system. Students entitled to a free school meal have credit automatically charged to their
account. Students may prefer to bring their own sandwiches, but we would request that parents provide a healthy balance of food. All students
remain on the school premises throughout the lunch break. Parents are reminded that the school site is secure and is the safest place for their
child throughout the day. If students leave the site without permission, they can no longer be the school’s legal responsibility.
Regular and punctual attendance at school is a legal requirement. It is also absolutely vital if students are to make good progress towards their
educational potential. The performance of students whose attendance falls below 95% is seriously affected. We look to parents for their support
and constant reinforcement with their children to meet this requirement. Parents should send a letter addressed to the Attendance Officer for all
absences. Medical appointments should also be made outside school hours unless it is an emergency.
The school is not permitted to authorise absences for holidays in term time.
Charging Policy
The school offers a wide range of opportunities for students to broaden and enrich their educational experiences, some of which may involve
additional costs. Parents will be asked to contribute to optional trips out of school hours and for a voluntary contribution for visits undertaken in
school time.
Contacting School / Complaints Procedure
Parents who have questions about any aspect of school life are encouraged to contact the relevant person in the first instance, which would normally
be the Form Tutor. This can be done by letter or by contacting the school office. If this procedure does not settle the issue, parents should write
to the Headteacher, who will ensure the matter is investigated and dealt with. Parents also have a right to complain to the Chair of Governors, if
matters are still unresolved.