Partial Client List *Stage / Installations *Corporate Productions

*Stage / Installations
*Corporate Productions
*Motion Pictures / Television
After more than 25 years in the industry, we’re very proud of our blemish free safety
record, and equally proud of the fact that our business continues to expand based
solely on repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients and word of mouth.
Vegas Rigg is a theatrical rigging consulting
company. We specialize in corporate
theatrical production. We design and
engineer truss, motor, and control systems
as well as special effects associated with
stage installations, film or television
production, and live sporting events. We
take the project from inception to
completion, including on site supervision for
installation, operation, and dismantling.
We spec and design attachment
mechanisms, as well as lifting devices,
when conventional equipment and materials
do not satisfy the needs of the project.
Because of the diversity of both the
productions and the venues we have
become involved with, we interface with
building operations personnel to determine
the most safe and structurally suitable
method for attachment and lifting of all show
elements for any given production. As a
r e s u l t , Ve g a s R i g g h a s l o n g t e r m
relationships with in house engineering
staffs throughout the country, and are
occasionally consulted by them on projects
unassociated with Vegas Rigg. We also
work closely with chosen structural
engineering firms to review load distribution
and calculations, as well as methods by
which we make attachments for
Vegas Rigg will provide rigging equipment for any project, taking
advantage of relationships with vendors throughout the country to
provide the best, safest equipment available. Because of our ongoing
relationships with these vendors, we can offer very competitive pricing
on equipment necessary for any project, and pass the savings on to our
Partial Client List
McDonalds We've been doing all the
worldwide owner operator events, and the
manager's meetings for the past several
years, with special guests : Sir Elton John,
Rod Stewart, and more!
State Farm Insurance The largest most
elaborate "Broadway Style" event in the
industry. We have been consulting since
Mercedes New product reveals and press
conferences in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los
Angeles, etc., most recently with James
Taylor as the special guest.
Lowes Annual National Sales Meetings with
special guest stars : Tim McGraw, Faith Hill,
Maroon 5, Bare Naked Ladies, and more!
IBM We do many events and shows for
several divisions of IBM, including: Pulse,
Impact, Edge, IOD (information on demand),
and BOI (Best of IBM, in locations around the
Google Just rigged their 2013 party event in
Las Vegas, with special guest Bruno Mars!
Other Clients Microsoft, T-Mobile, Avon,
Cadillac, Cisco, Deloitte, Heineken, HP,
Chipotle, Dell, Sony, Kia, Nissan, Hyundai,
and Samsung
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