What`s New on the BConstructive Website

Seasons greetings and best wishes from the BETA Group and the
BConstructive Team. Have a safe and relaxing Christmas and New Year.
Welcome to this special December issue of the BConstructive e-news
This issue is almost entirely focussed on the changes to the BConstructive qualifications, the resource and assessment
material together with the new information and initiatives – most of which are now available on the website and others
which will be phased in during 2010.
In this issue:
Latest Statistics on Website Registrations
What’s New on the BConstructive Website
Latest Statistics on Website Registrations
At the beginning of December the total number of registered schools and providers was:
Private Training Providers
What’s New on the BConstructive Website
Changes to the Resource and Assessment Material – Introduction
There have been two significant events which have provided the BETA Group with a unique opportunity to evaluate the
learning resources and assessment material provided on our dedicated website to support the delivery of the
BConstructive Programme.
The first was the series of BConstructive end-of-year-one review meetings held throughout the country late last year and
then earlier this year, the review by FITEC of the furniture unit standards.
These events together with the valuable contribution received from teachers, tutors, assessors and moderators who are
at the forefront of the programme, mean we were able to make changes to enhance the delivery, assessment and
moderation of this innovative programme.
Summary of Changes Resulting From the Review
The specific English and Mathematics requirements for both the Level 1 and 2 Qualifications have been removed.
The option to choose any standards from the English Written Language domain has been added to both qualifications.
The Level 1 qualification now allows learners to choose any standards from the Mathematics subfield.
All six unit standards from the Furniture Making domain (4 in Level 1 and 2 in Level 2) have been removed as they were
no longer considered suitable due to changes in levels, credits and competencies.
Two new unit standards (1 – hardware and fastenings; 2 – methods of jointing construction materials) have been added to
the Level one qualification and a third unit standard (3 – construction of a cupboard) has been added to both the Level 1
and 2 qualifications.
Sixteen new DKO unit standards covering specific construction industry knowledge have been added as an elective set to
the Level 2 qualification (of which a maximum of two can be selected if desired).
Full details of the changes to the qualifications and transition arrangements can be found by clicking on this link:
Assessor Observation Sheet (where applicable)
Assessment Schedule
A Teacher’s Guide to the BConstructive Programme
This is a new document which provides teachers with an overview of how to deliver the BConstructive programme.
Once you have logged onto the home page, you can access this document by clicking on either the Level 1 or 2 National
Certificate headings which are located in the left hand yellow panel. On the next page scroll down to “New for 2010” and
click on the “A Teacher’s Guide” link.
There are also two other important documents, located on page 1 of the Teacher’s Guide which provide more detailed
information on specific aspects of the BConstructive programme.
The BETA Guide to assessment and
Project Based Assessment.
While both of these documents should have a familiar feel to them (having been first published in the 2008 Review section
of the website), these have now been updated to embrace the 2010 programme, resource and assessment materials.
Resource Materials
Changes to the student resources have been completed and these new versions are now loaded on to the website. These
have been relatively minor however there were some resources where additional information was needed to meet the
requirements of the unit standard.
Teacher Information and Resources Document
In addition to individualised teaching tips, there are now a number of documents that together form the new Teacher
Information and Resources Document.
These are:
Student worksheets (where applicable)
Worksheet model answers (where applicable)
Oral questions and answers
Student/Assessor Assessment Record Sheet (where applicable)
We Welcome Your Comments
If you have any suggestions or comments on these changes to the BConstructive resource and assessment materials
please submit them by e-mail to [email protected]
For further information relating to the information in this newsletter or queries relating to the BConstructive programme,
please contact:
Les Wilson
Qualifications Project Manager.
[email protected]