Stored Energy Hazard Hunt

Hazard hunt
Stored Energy Safety
The aim of a hazard hunt is to inspect all your facilities and locations for stored energy
hazards and to take action where control measures need to be improved.
All work sites should be inspected for potential stored energy hazards or unsafe practices
on a regular basis and should use this form to report any issues requiring attention.
The main consequences resulting from stored energy can be:
• Serious injury or fatality
• Major structural and equipment damage
• Release of hydrocarbons/fire and explosion/environmental damage
Hazard hunt
Stored Energy
Take a look around your work site to look for stored energy hazards; in particular, you
should look out for:
• What type of stored energy is present:
• Pressure systems and equipment – pneumatic (air), hydraulic or hydrocarbon
• Kinetic energy – movement
• Torque – rotating equipment, power tools
• Potential energy – wire ropes under tension; springs under compression; objects
at height – check for fixings and condition or corrosion
• Permit to Work – risk assessment, toolbox talk – check copy at job site and ensure
control measures are fully adopted
• Isolations – lock out, tag out system (LOTO) – check isolatons
• Temporary equipment – check compressor units, condition of hoses/couplings;
check pressure ratings are appropriate
• Any change in operations or equipment – has a management of change (MOC)
been done?
• Pre start up safety review completed before operations start
• Condition monitoring of equipment – what is in place?
If you notice any potential hazards, unsafe acts or the absence of suitable control
measures, you must take appropriate action to prevent the potential hazard from
being realised. This means you must intervene and, where possible, act to reduce the
hazard, followed up with a report of the absence of the control measures to the local
supervisor or manager.
Please complete this sheet during your hazard hunt to record any hazards that
require attention.
These are examples of stored energy hazards that can be present. If you find any
hazards requiring attention use this form to report them.
Check lock out/tag out applied
Damaged hose
Stripped threads on couplings
Some images are not from BG Operations or installations.
Potential dropped objects
Rotating equipment
Powered hand tools, guarding
Hazard hunt
Reporting Sheet
Team/Contractor name:
BG Group asset and work location:
Contact email or phone:
Describe the hazard:
Where was it found:
What should happen to make this safe and prevent it happening again?
Please complete this sheet and report it to your Supervisor.